Hanson considers return to politics

Note the dirty little smear from the ratbag  journo who won’t even sign a name to this article from “Adelaide Now”- thanks to Mullah:

Update: found out who wrote it: a Kate Dennehy from the Sydney Moonbat Herald. She is mostly bothered with “evangelical religious pamphlets” in schools (no problem with Islam, of course) and the safety of Migaloo in “war zones…”

PAULINE Hanson has abandoned plans to move to Britain, after discovering it’s not the racially pure utopia she was hoping for.

Now, I can’t speak for Pauline Hanson but does anyone in his right mind believe that she was looking for a “racially pure utopia?

After returning a fortnight ago from an extended holiday in Europe, the former One Nation leader has told The Sun-Herald she’s back in Australia for good and considering yet another return to politics.

“I love England but so many people want to leave there because it’s overrun with immigrants and refugees,” Ms Hanson said.

Meanwhile, in Lakemba:

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Does Australia's Gold Coast Need an Imam?

Melissa Townsend from the Gold Coast News believes Pauline Hanson is more of a worry than the invading Mohammedans.

H/T Mullah

‘WE don’t want her here’.

That was the frank statement by the Gold Coast’s Islamic leader, Imam Imraan Husain, in response to revelations that Pauline Hanson was considering running for Gold Coast mayor.

The head of the Islamic Society of the Gold Coast said if the controversial former One Nation MP ran for the position and won, it would spell disaster for the city.

Imraan Husain & his dirty book

Earlier this year Ms Hanson came under fire for stipulating she would not sell her Coleyville home to a Muslim, but Imam Husain said no Muslim would want to buy her property anyway.

“We don’t want cloudy weather here on the Gold Coast, we want a clear forecast and sunshine all the time… she’s a storm,” he said.

A rather odd remark, that. Hanson a storm?   Recently a high ranking  imam  personally  disabused me that “nobody can stop Islam, Islam is like a tsunami…”

“We want level-headed people here, people who will promote our multiculturalism, people who will give everyone a fair go and people who will promote tolerance for diversity.

Islam is the replacement ideology for multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity.

“We want people to live in harmony and be happy, and I’m sure the Gold Coast would prefer people such as our current mayor, who has been very good to Muslims.

With Islam comes harmony & happiness?  Millions of victims of Mohammedan terrorism around the world beg to differ….. just a few examples, here:

“We needed a cemetery and an Islamic school in Carrara, and the council was very good to us.”

More than 20,000 Middle-Eastern people visited the Gold Coast in the year ending March 2010, but Imam Husain said they could be put off if Ms Hanson became mayor.

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese used to visit the Gold Gold coast,  spending  a lot more than the Mohammedans ever will.  They never asked for a Japanese cemetary or  a Japanese school. Any idea why they now stay away?

“They enjoy our beautiful facilities here, and of course our mayor has been very accommodating to these tourists,” he said.

“These people are good spenders, but if they know of someone who is not so kind to them and has this biased attitude towards Muslims, then obviously they are going to look for some other destination.

“Emotionally, some people may say ‘that’s good, we don’t need these Muslims’, but practically it’s not good for the Gold Coast.”

Mariam Najibah, who is the head teacher at the Australian International Islamic College at Carrara, said it was a ‘free country’ and Ms Hanson could run if she liked.

“I wouldn’t vote for her because she doesn’t represent the whole community because of her biases,” she said.

Hanson Bashing is Cool

The Australian/Lanai Vasek

Pauline Hanson won’t sell home to a Muslim

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is back in the headlines after saying she will not sell her house to a Muslim.

  • AN IPSWICH Islamic leader has dismissed Pauline Hanson’s anti-Muslim comments as a blatant publicity stunt to sell her Coleyville home.   Islamic Society of Ipswich vice president Jemele Deen said Ms Hanson was desperate to cash in and sell the $2.15 million property. More

Once Again, the Lame Stream Media beats up the pariah they love to hate. The comments reflect the ignorance of  many Australians re  Islam….

FORMER One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, has issued a warning to any Muslims or overseas Asians that may be looking to purchase her home: don’t even bother.

The controversial Ms Hanson, famed for her anti-immigration policies and mistrust of multiculturalism, made the statements in an interview with the Seven Network’s Sunrise this morning.

The 55-year-old gave the program a tour of her multi-million dollar home at Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, which she is currently trying to sell and spoke candidly about her plans for the future.

GALLERY: Hanson’s house for sale

But while her property is on the market, Ms Hanson made it clear not everyone was welcome to make an offer.

“I have no intentions of selling my home to a Muslim,” she told Sunrise.

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Australia: Pauline Hanson Again Bombarded With KRudd

   * She prevails, but she doesn’t get elected…


Hanson’s ex-boyfriend sells raunchy pics

So what?

Andrew Bolt:

I don’t think this breach of Pauline Hanson’s privacy – and this disgraceful betrayal by a former lover – will cost her a single vote. The worse that Hanson is treated, the more her support rises. And fair enough. The flogging of Hanson has always been the real insight she’s offered into politics in this country.