Hanson considers return to politics

Note the dirty little smear from the ratbag  journo who won’t even sign a name to this article from “Adelaide Now”- thanks to Mullah:

Update: found out who wrote it: a Kate Dennehy from the Sydney Moonbat Herald. She is mostly bothered with “evangelical religious pamphlets” in schools (no problem with Islam, of course) and the safety of Migaloo in “war zones…”

PAULINE Hanson has abandoned plans to move to Britain, after discovering it’s not the racially pure utopia she was hoping for.

Now, I can’t speak for Pauline Hanson but does anyone in his right mind believe that she was looking for a “racially pure utopia?

After returning a fortnight ago from an extended holiday in Europe, the former One Nation leader has told The Sun-Herald she’s back in Australia for good and considering yet another return to politics.

“I love England but so many people want to leave there because it’s overrun with immigrants and refugees,” Ms Hanson said.

Meanwhile, in Lakemba:

“France is becoming filled with Muslims and the French and English are losing their way of life because they’re controlled by foreigners in the European Union.

“Problems are worse over there than they are in Australia and Australia is still the best place in the world to live, but the same sorts of awful things are happening here too. Residents of Commonwealth countries who want to live here are discriminated against in favour of others.

Ms Hanson, 56, spent two months touring countries including England, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania and France.

In February, Ms Hanson told Woman’s Day magazine she was selling her home and property at Coleyville, south-west of Brisbane, and moving to Britain, partly because she was disappointed by the way Australia had changed.

Ms Hanson told The Sun-Herald she wouldn’t rule out a return to politics.

“I still haven’t got politics out of my system,” she said.

“I get asked constantly, ‘Are you going back into politics?’ – even by people who recognised me overseas.”

It was “difficult to say” whether she would sell her Coleyville house, but she said she would move “very soon, possibly interstate”.

5 thoughts on “Hanson considers return to politics”

  1. Pauline Hanson has lost ALL credibility with any Conservative Right thinker. How she got as far as she did is a miracle.

    Having said that, i believe that it is to Australia’s eternal shame that she was tried and imprisoned in what was nothing more than a UN Sponsored Socialist Star Chamber.
    She spoke the truth on so many issues, however she just lost the plot.

    I wish her well and as an Australian apologise to her for what my then and now corrupted, once great Nation did to her.
    Please Pauline retire forever or start reading about the events of then and now, eg. England has been long lost to the enemies you claim to want to escape from by leaving Australia.
    God Bless you Pauline you did what you could when you could and you awoke many Australians to the honesty of your message, either wise up or get out of the way.

  2. Pauline Hanson must have heard about the big increases in Politicians wages announced today. A low on the ladder gets an increase from 130 thousand dollars to around 185 thousand dollars. The “Yes Ministers” get a lot more in keeping with increases.
    No word yet on helping pensioners and single parents and one pay packet families on fixed incomes on how to “pay off” their electricity bill. They are pigs at the trough! The needy are kept down by the gready!

  3. I have always believed that if Pauline had had an education and had an understanding of her own language and the benefit of a formal education, she could have wiped the floor of Australian Politics. She truly expressed the feelings of the Australian public, but she missed the real villian – Islam.
    No politician since Peter Lalor had been gaoled but Pauline Hanson. This was wrong. Tony Abott has a lot to answer for together with his cronies. He is another in a long line of opportunistic people running this country. Apart from the Priesthood, what is his background? Does anyone know?

  4. Australia needs Pauline Hansen as never before. She was a Lady before her time. She will be the only one to stand up to these low life politicians and muslim scum who are degrading our lifestyle to please and appease every muslim lowlife who enters our beautiful country by boat as illegals. Time to stop the rot and kick the scum out, garbage bags and all. Pigs fat should be poured on every demonic sanctuary known as a mosque.

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