Senator's call to profile angers 'Muslim Mafia'

CAIR wants lawmaker to meet with Islamic leaders to explain

No explanations necessary:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Oklahoma chapter is calling on Sen. James Inhofe, R.-Okla., to meet with Muslim leaders to discuss his statement during a congressional hearing in favor of using religion and ethnicity as factors in profiling airline passengers. More from WND

Sen. James Inhofe should  tell Fibbi Hooper this:

CAIR and other Muslim groups “worse than useless” in fighting …

and of course this:

Surprise! — the local Muslims are angry about the FBI’s use of informants. Apparently no one is allowed to know what is going on inside the mosques, and we are all supposed to take it on trust that inside them they are preaching love for non-Muslims, peaceful coexistence with them as equals on an indefinite basis, equality of rights for women, the importance of the Constitution’s non-establishment of a state religion, and the virtues of a non-Sharia state.

“Deadly FBI raid in Dearborn prompts concern over informants: Muslims, civil rights advocates decry tactic,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, January 17    FBI raid on Detroit mosque leads local Muslims to redouble efforts to cooperate with authorities — no, wait…/JW

In other news:

‘Muslim Brothers gain influence in Europe’

The political and religious organisation of the Muslim brotherhood is becoming increasingly powerful in Europe. It also has a double agenda. That is the view of Harvard researcher Lorenzo Vidino in his book the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and North America that is about to be published. He thinks that European policy-makers are being taken for a ride by the Brothers.

In the Netherlands, the Moroccan-Dutch politician Yahya Bouyafa was recently the subject of a scandal. He was accused of secretly being a member of the controversial Muslim Brotherhood. Mr Bouyafa, however, denied this. More from Radio Netherlands>>

Muslim arrested at Canadian border for lying about aiding Hamas, but Tariq Ramadan welcomed back in

Not your ordinary Hamas supporter:

Now wait a minute. Mohamad Mustapha Ali Masfaka is indicted for lying about his ties to a charity that aided Hamas. Yet Tariq Ramadan gave money to a charity that aided Hamas, and he has been granted a special “exemption” to enter the country after being barred for five years. Of course, Mohamad Mustapha Ali Masfaka is probably not a soothingly deceptive voice of Islamic moderation, or a vocal and high-profile critic of the Bush Administration.

“Man hid link to Hamas funding, U.S. charges Detroit,” by Cecil Angel for the Detroit Free Press, January 23/JW

"No profiling, please! We're Muslim…" (or else..)

Muslim Civil Group Blasts NYPD `Terrorism’ Report


NEW YORK (RNS) A New York City Police Department report that characterizes young Muslim men as susceptible to Islamic extremism and “jihadization” is biased and unfair, a Muslim civil rights group said Thursday (Nov. 20).

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FBI discovers profiling. Nutroots go apes#*t…


New FBI protocols feed profiling fear

Justice Department officials say new FBI protocols only give agents the same tools to fight terrorism that they already have to combat crime. But civil libertarians argue the guidelines give the bureau unprecedented authority to investigate anyone it wants.

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