"No profiling, please! We're Muslim…" (or else..)

Muslim Civil Group Blasts NYPD `Terrorism’ Report


NEW YORK (RNS) A New York City Police Department report that characterizes young Muslim men as susceptible to Islamic extremism and “jihadization” is biased and unfair, a Muslim civil rights group said Thursday (Nov. 20).

The Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition, created last year in response to a NYPD analysis of terrorism plots, said it has already met with Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly several times to protest the 90-page report, “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat.”

Although the NYPD report states “there is no useful profile” of a potential terrorist, it notes that most of the plotters of 11 global cases over the past six years — including the 9/11 attacks — were Muslim men under the age of 35.

“While the report is not intended to profile Muslims or Islam, the report does exactly that,” said Naoma Nagahawatte, New York City office director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, during the Thursday protest on the steps of City Hall.

European Muslim plotters, who face different socioeconomic barriers and are considered more vulnerable to extremist beliefs, should not be lumped together with Americans, the coalition members agree.

Kelly could not be reached for comment. When the study was released last year, he said it aimed to help law enforcement officials stay ahead of terror plots, by identifying risk factors and symptoms of radicalization.

In calling for a complete revision of the report, which has also been referenced by other police departments and the Senate Homeland Security Committee, the coalition advises law enforcement agencies to increase partnerships with Muslim groups and develop programs to educate police officers and Muslims about each other.

“Through a more cooperative strategy,” the report said, “we can be safe while free.”

The Muslims’ critique is endorsed by civil liberties advocates, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and the Sikh Coalition, whose members also experienced anti-Muslim discrimination and hate crimes in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks because of their traditional turbans and beards.

By Nicole Neroulias

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  1. The FACT that Muslims are involved in Terrorist activities world wide on a day to day basis is just NOT to be taken in to account at all EVER I mean Buddhist Grannies are just as likely to be a suicide bombers as a 25 year old Muslims aren’t they???? ( note not Muslim Fanatics as there is NO such thing as a Moderate Muslim a so called Moderate Muslim is one who does NOT follow true Islam and is therefore not a Muslim)The Police and Government Agencies are required by the ‘Yuman Rites Act’ to go around with one hand tied behind their backs and and a blindfold on when it comes to Islam, right wingers, Israel and the Jews on the other hand that’s another story.
    What are you a RACIST??? Sorry what RACE is Islam again?

  2. I had a lot of visits to Illustrated PIG from members of the NYPD, Due to an article I had about the police officer Phil Cardillo

    “It was a bogus cry for help that would spark the slaying of a patrol cop and mark a period of political strife pitting City Hall against rank-and-file cops for years.” The call for help was received by police operators on the fourth floor of police headquarters, April 14, 1972. “I am Detective Thomas of the 28th Precinct”, he said. “There is a patrolman in trouble on the second floor of the mosque,” the caller said breathlessly before hanging up.

    It was at 11:41 on that hazy morning that Patrolman Phil Cardillo was driving a patrol car along Manhattan Avenue near West 112th Street, with his partner, Patrolman Vito Navarra, in the recorders seat beside him. Within minutes they were heading to the scene of the 10-13 call.

    As reported in the Daily News, they heard a commotion on the second floor and made their way up the stairs – only to be jumped by militant Muslims who beat and stomped the two uniformed officers.

    Two other cops, Victor Padilla and Ivan Negron, responded. Once inside, they were outnumbered and attacked.

    In the confusion, two of the cops’ guns were snatched as attackers yelled, “Die, pig!”
    Before the day was over, Cardillo was shot point-blank in the chest and would later die. Five other cops were gravely wounded.

    The scene immediately erupted, as responding officers were forced out of the building, the crime scene compromised, and suspects that were being held were ordered released by police brass on the scene.

    Thirty-two years later, the slaying of Cardillo is still unsolved.

    It has noted, that the police commissioner chose not to respond to the scene. His deputy commissioner of community affairs, Ben Ward, did respond and, after meeting with Minister Farrakhan and Congressman Rangel, ordered that the suspects being held b y the police be released. In a pact that Ward worked out with Farrakhan and Rangel, those that were being held would surrender to the stationhouse on their own the next day!

    Benjamin Ward, who later became the NYPD’s first black commissioner. As the deputy commissioner of community affairs, he ordered white cops to leave the mosque – without securing a crime scene and without Cardillo’s body.

    Ward was criticized for appeasing Farrakhan, who would go on to lead the Nation of Islam.

    They are still waiting for that surrender to take place today

  3. Farrakhan is a true wolf in sheep clothing.
    But these things are happening in Europe too, Muslims can get away with so much, but let somebody else do something to a Muslim and all hell breaks alose.
    How the Netherlands is in uproar over Morocco youths, who are disturbing the peace.
    Look what happened in Paris, same thing.
    It is utterly disgusting.

  4. The truth is that Islam is really trying to stir up a hornets nest. They will be the ones who get stung because they do not understand what really makes western society tick. It has been said many times, “KEEP HONKING WE ARE JUST RELOADING”!

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