BLiar Defiant On Islamic Invasion

Daily Mail

Blair defends opening the door to mass migration and says it had a very “positive impact” on Britain

Former PM said it was ‘right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together.

Trouble is, there’s very little mixing going on and the country slides ever deeper into dhimmitude and debt. 

And his horrible wife lectures Brits on what’s right about Islam:

'It's been a very positive thing': Tony Blair has defended Labour's mass immigration policy, saying it made the country stronger
It’s been a very positive thing’: Tony Blair has defended Labour’s mass immigration policy, saying it made the country “stronger”.No nation in world history has ever become stronger by allowing large numbers of hostile Mohammedans settling behind, what they perceive to be, enemy lines. Tony BLiar is an enemy and a traitor to his country, his fellow men, his culture and civilization.

Tony Blair has defended Labour’s controversial mass immigration policy by claiming that Britain cannot succeed unless it opens its borders to more people from different backgrounds.

Succeed in what?? In  Socialist Engineering?

The former prime minister said it was ‘right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together.

Mr Blair added that migrants had made Britain ‘stronger’ and said those calling for greater curbs on foreigners entering the country were wrong.

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Moonbat Tony BLiar Promotes Islam in Beijing with Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa Ceric

From the Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report:

Bosnian Grand Mufti Speaks Guest Of Tony Blair Foundation In Beijing

File photo from a meeting back in 2007 when BLiar hosted a breakfast meeting with distinguished scholars and religious  Islamic leaders.

BLiar: I ask people in the country and wider to listen to them. They are the authentic voices of Islam,” he said.   “The voices of extremism are no more representative of Islam than the use in times gone by of torture to force conversion to Christianity represented the teachings of Christ.”  (Al Beep)

Many people believe BLiar is an intelligent man. In that case we must assume that he knows with whom he associates:

Mustafa Ceric makes no bones about the fact that Muslims must obey shariah law. “The Islamic convenant, the shari’ah, is perpetual, it is not negotiable and it is not terminable,” he writes. According to him, “a European Muslim imamate” should be established “as a way of institutionalising Islam in Europe”. (By ‘imamate’ he means the application of shariah law in practice.) (source)

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation has announced that Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa Ceric was one of the speakers invited to the 2010 Beijing Forum. According to the report:

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UK: Replacing The Natives With A Mohammedan Proletariat, Part 2578


‘Dishonest’ Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK

Daily Mail

Jack Straw and Tony Blair ‘dishonestly’ concealed a plan to allow in more immigrants and make Britain more multi-cultural because they feared a public backlash if it was made public, it has been claimed.

The allegation was made after a former Labour adviser said  the Government opened up UK borders partly to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.

Andrew Neather, who worked for Mr Straw when he was Home Secretary, and as a speech writer for Mr Blair, claimed a secret Government report in 2000 called for mass immigration to change Britain’s cultural make-up forever.

wallyUK posted this:

An interesting case of Islamisisation in the UK, from a poster in Melanie Philips blog, describing her local Jobcentre (where the unemployed go to find jobs and apply for financial assistance) which has a Muslim manager. She doesn’t identify the place but it seems authentic:

Poster on Mel’s blog (under discussion on ‘election in lemming land’)

“Helena Jofan
April 29th, 2010 10:24am

I went the job center after I was made redundant I went there to collect my jobseekers allowance and look for a job, everybody in there is a muslim, they have two entrance doors one is for the men one for the women, before I had a good job I am middle class white I didn’t know there was places like this in the country, one time the manager a muslim told us we have to sit separate rooms if you are men one room if you are women different room, I basically drop out I didn’t feel comfortable going there I stay home with out a benefit, but this is weird which country I am in? Britain or Saudi Arabia? I don’t know, yesterday I watch Gordon Brown’s comment about immigration he didn’t like it, the labour don’t like this kind of questions it upsets them, they don’t know what to do because they bring to the country so many immigrants who believe sharia law.”

It’s highly unlikely that the civil servants up the hierarchy wouldn’t know that this was going on.


Tony BLiar calls on world to wage war on "militant Islam"-

* I think I must be chokin’ on something… this from the same empty suit who claims “I read the Koran, the Islamic manual for permanent warfare against unbelievers, every day…”

tony-blair-1-web Empty suit on the Discovery Channel…

* Muhammad cartoons editor: There’s a problem with Muslims in Europe

Tony BLiar: “It is time to wrench ourselves out of a state of denial. There is one major factor in common. In each conflict there are those…who argue that they are fighting in the true name of Islam.”

Tony Blair is still dogmatically convinced that the Islamic jihadists are hijacking and twisting the true, peaceful Islam, and he shows no awareness of the classic theological and legal teachings that they can and do draw upon to justify their actions and make recruits among their fellow Muslims, but what he says here about the need to combat the ideology, and the ideological kinship among disparate jihad groups, is spot on.

Not that there aren’t other major problems with what he says here — see below.

“Tony Blair calls on world to wage war on militant Islam,” by Ruth Gledhill for the Times Online, April 23 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

[…] In an address last night to a forum on religion and politics in Chicago, Mr Blair said that the world today faced a struggle posed by “an extreme and misguided form of Islam”, which threatened the majority of Muslims as well as non-Muslims.“Our job is simple: it is to support and partner those Muslims who believe deeply in Islam but also who believe in peaceful co-existence, in taking on and defeating the extremists who don’t.” […]

* Cool, Tony! Muslims who believe in peaceful coexistence with unbelievers? Show me yours, I’ll show you mine. Deal?


Sanctimonious, self-serving, high handed: Adam Boulton’s  view of the Blairs

Tony Blair with Cherie Blair visiting the terracotta warriors in Xian Shaanxi Province, China.

The Blair rich project: Globetrotters Tony and Cherie during a visit to China last year

Last year, veteran political journalist Adam Boulton published the definitive account of Tony Blair’s administration.

Here, in a new chapter from his acclaimed book, Boulton examines how Blair has made his £15million fortune, manoeuvred himself on to the international stage and has even paved the way for a possible return to politics as ‘President of Europe’.

Read more:

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