UK: Replacing The Natives With A Mohammedan Proletariat, Part 2578


‘Dishonest’ Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK

Daily Mail

Jack Straw and Tony Blair ‘dishonestly’ concealed a plan to allow in more immigrants and make Britain more multi-cultural because they feared a public backlash if it was made public, it has been claimed.

The allegation was made after a former Labour adviser said  the Government opened up UK borders partly to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.

Andrew Neather, who worked for Mr Straw when he was Home Secretary, and as a speech writer for Mr Blair, claimed a secret Government report in 2000 called for mass immigration to change Britain’s cultural make-up forever.

wallyUK posted this:

An interesting case of Islamisisation in the UK, from a poster in Melanie Philips blog, describing her local Jobcentre (where the unemployed go to find jobs and apply for financial assistance) which has a Muslim manager. She doesn’t identify the place but it seems authentic:

Poster on Mel’s blog (under discussion on ‘election in lemming land’)

“Helena Jofan
April 29th, 2010 10:24am

I went the job center after I was made redundant I went there to collect my jobseekers allowance and look for a job, everybody in there is a muslim, they have two entrance doors one is for the men one for the women, before I had a good job I am middle class white I didn’t know there was places like this in the country, one time the manager a muslim told us we have to sit separate rooms if you are men one room if you are women different room, I basically drop out I didn’t feel comfortable going there I stay home with out a benefit, but this is weird which country I am in? Britain or Saudi Arabia? I don’t know, yesterday I watch Gordon Brown’s comment about immigration he didn’t like it, the labour don’t like this kind of questions it upsets them, they don’t know what to do because they bring to the country so many immigrants who believe sharia law.”

It’s highly unlikely that the civil servants up the hierarchy wouldn’t know that this was going on.


Jack Straw bends over, spreads, grovels, sux, pretends to love burqa….

From the Bunglawussi/Engage  mob:

The man who claimed ” The English Are Not Worth Saving as A Race” and the “alternative  would be too horrible to contemplate” (re Mohammedan non-assimilation) is the worst example of what a single cretin can do to destroy a country. Jack “the burqa” Straw is  a spineless, despicable traitor. If the Brits had any sense of self-preservation they would have  roasted this   worthless POS  long ago.

But no, the Brits are  civilized. They don’t do self preservation. They commit  collective suicide.

Jack Straw apologises for 2006 ‘veil’ comments

As the burqa debate raged in France this weekend, with the imposition of the first instant fine to a woman found wearing the burqa in a public place in Nantes, here in the UK former Justice Minister, Jack Straw, publicly apologised for having sparked controversy in October 2006 over making public his views that he would prefer Muslim women not to wear a face veil – or niqab – when visiting his MP’s surgery.

At a pre-election hustings event organised in Blackburn yesterday (Sunday 25th April) by ENGAGE, Jack Straw, addressing a packed hall of local Muslim residents, expressed his regret at having caused a negative media storm which he acknowledged may have adversely impacted on the Muslim community.

He said: “To be blunt, if I had realised the scale of publicity that they [his comments] received in October 2006, I wouldn’t have made them and I am sorry that it has caused problems  and I offer that apology.

“Can I just say, this is about an issue of communication (you understand). I wasn’t raising it to say it [the burqa] should be banned – quite the opposite. Let me say, I’m not responsible for those in France or Germany or in this country pursuing this. That is their business. I am fundamentally opposed to what they are doing.

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UK: Everything For Sale. Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon were 'stupid' to be caught in sting, Jack Straw says

The hubris! Does Jack Straw, this totally corrupt Labour hack, believe he is too smart to get caught?

Stephen Byers, Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt were “stupid” to be caught offering to influence Government policy for money, Jack Straw has said.

(L-R): MPs Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon

The Justice Secretary said the three Labour MPs have damaged the reputation of the Labour Party, but he insisted that no serving member of the Government was implicated.

The three former Labour cabinet ministers have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over allegations they tried to sway policy decisions by lobbying the Government.  More from the Telegraph, UK

David Miliband: Israeli cloning of British passports was ‘intolerable’

Once again, Miliband proves that he is indeed the dumbest Jew in England….

The British government is to formally accuse Israel of being behind the liquidation of Hamas murderer and arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by a team of liquidators traveling on ‘cloned’ British passports

MP quizzed by police after saying ‘wearing burkha was like having paper bag over your head’

I guess we all know that Britain’s police is in the bag….

Sharia Law Harms Muslim Women

Why is the West open to a discriminatory system that women’s rights activists in the Muslim world are working so hard against?

SHARIA law for Australia is being mooted again. The Australian Muslim Mission and Islamic Friendship Association of Australia are advocating its introduction, especially in relation to family and inheritance, as these would be “an advantage” for women whose civil divorce is not recognised in Muslim countries.

(The Australian)

Jack 'resistance-is-useless' Straw: I was against it before I was for it….

Asian Image, 9 February 2010

Banning burka would waste police time

Remember: this is the guy who also believes “The English as a race are not worth saving!” –

Banning women from wearing the burka on the streets of Britain would be a waste of police time, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said today.

He told MPs he did not think police should be instructed to remove the garments from women who wore them for “religious or cultural reasons”. Mr Straw, who has in the past raised concerns about Muslim women wearing the veil, said he would “strongly recommend against a change in the law”.

At Commons question time he said: “All of us may have views about the wearing of the burka, but I do not believe that this is a matter which should be the subject of the criminal law in which we were expecting the police to remove these items of apparel from women who choose for religious or cultural reasons to wear them. That should have no part of the system of law in the United Kingdom.”

Flashback: “Arrest Jack Straw” – Jihad Watch

Note the fury and intrasingence. These women are not interested in the community harmonyor mature debate for which Jack Straw called. They are only interested in his surrender to their principles.

The above was written on October 22, 2006 . It is now obvious that Jack Straw never had any principles. His surrender is complete.

How the British Establishment and Al BeBeeCeera Failed to Demonize Nick Griffin & the BNP


Ever since Griffins BBC appearance the far left slime bombers go apeshit. Quite obviously, its them who fail in the marketplace of ideas. Its his critics who fail to debate.  Even more so, these smear merchants fail to see that vilifying Griffin and the BNP  is a discredit to themselves.

B409737D-03F4-B5D0-565DA453BAE7F092 Nick Griffin

Andrew Bolt:

It’s the Hanson phenomenon, only far more serious, and shows the danger of attempts to ban the BNP leader from speaking on the BBC:

One statistic above all stands out from the YouGov opinion poll commissioned by the Telegraph. And it’s not that 22 per cent of respondents would consider voting for the BNP, amazing though that is. It’s that a majority of voters, while they may despise the BNP, think it “has a point”:

More than half of those questioned said they agreed with the BNP, or thought that it “had a point” in wishing to “speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people … which successive governments have done far too little to protect.” This included 43 per cent who said that, while they shared some of its concerns, they had “no sympathy for the party itself”.

I have some sympathy with the “but would you give a platform to Adolf Hitler” argument. But the BNP politicians, although unpleasant, are not the Nazis, and if half the voters think that at least this one party raises an important issue, then banning it from debates can only entrench doubt in democracy, or at least cyncism towards the existing political and media establishment.

If the BNP are as dumb and wicked as claimed, then open debates will eventually destroy it. Using violence, abuse, censorship and even the law to instead bully it into silence will only make more people determined to defend it – if only to defend their own right to be heard. That was the lesson of Hansonism.

Here’s how BNP leader Nick Griffin actually went on the BBC: Video here

Matthew Engel complains that the gang-up was exactly not what was needed. I agree, especially given what these polls say. Argument, not abuse, is the most effective antidote. I’m with Rod Liddle: don’t panic or rage, just talk.

Sheik Yer’mami noticed that “Baroness Warsi” managed to slime Griffin with some imaginary Nazi associations. But truth was never part of the Mohammedan agenda… Traditionally, the Mohammedans sided with the Nazis then and glorify Hitler even now. Its a pity that Griffin himself took the bait of “racism” instead of attacking Mohammedanism as such.

Quote of the day: “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler…”

We reported earlier today:

BNP’s Griffin on Question Time: “We are the aborigines here”

Nick Griffin of the British National Party to Jack “the burqa” Straw, the spineless Nullabor blowboy  who fathered  ” the alternative would be too horrible to contemplate” quote. (in regards to the Mohammedan invasion, meaning hope beats reality, just in case the Islamic invaders don’t  settle in and become civilized…) Indeed, Jack, the man of Straw, always his fathers son, turned ash gray when Griffin called him out on the coward he is: “my father served in the RAF during the Second World War – yours spent it in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler…”


Of course, the papers are full of it today, but a truthful account is hard to come by:

Who is the biggest whore in Blackburn?

Emir of Qatar’s £1.5m gift to mosque ‘won votes for Jack Straw’

News_626664aEmir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani


Jack Straw helped to secure a £1.5m donation from the Emir of Qatar to a mosque in his Blackburn constituency.

The justice secretary’s help in fixing the gift was used by the Labour party to woo the Muslim vote, it was claimed this weekend.

MPs, security experts and moderate Islamic leaders said Straw’s role raised serious concerns about the way some foreign states were trying to sway the religious views of British Muslims.


Straw wrote a letter of introduction to help his friend and political ally Lord Patel of Blackburn persuade the emir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani, to part with £1.5m.

* Lord Patel was director of the East Lancashire Training Enterprise Council, and Enterprise plc. He is a former President of Lancashire Council of Mosques, Vice-President of the Blackburn Community Relations Council, counsellor to the Muslim Council of Britain and chairman of the British Hajj Commission

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Sanity Lost

“Nazi Israel:” Obama’s Official Web Site Equates Israel to Nazi Germany

“The majority of the Israeli policies are the exact copies of the Nazi policies”
by Bill Levinson


Barack Obama’s official Web site, over which Barack Obama’s organization exercises editorial control, carries an entry that equates Israelis to Nazis and their treatment of Palestinians to the Holocaust. Emily and her fellow moderators at Obama for America apparently did not consider an entry that compares Israeli Jews to Nazis as “disrespectful to our other users and detract from a welcoming community where all people can engage in positive discourse.” Here is the material that Obama for America approved for posting.

    Nazi Israel … Indeed

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Report: Israel Knows Exactly Where Shalit Is


A report in the London-based Arabic daily ash-Sharq al-Awsat, quoting Israeli officials, says that the IDF knows “exactly” where kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit is being held, and that the location is under constant Israeli surveillance. Hamas is aware that Israel knows where Shalit is being held, the report said, quoting an Israeli source.

The reason Israel has withheld from rescuing Shalit, the report said, is because of a fear that Hamas will kill the soldier if Israel attempts to rescue him. The site where Shalit is being held is surrounded by explosives, which will be set off remotely if IDF soldiers get too close, the source said, citing the murder of another IDF captive, Nachson Wachsman, who was killed when Israeli soldiers tried to rescue him in 1994.

Jack Straw ‘too close’ to pro-Hamas faction

Straw ‘too close’ to pro-Hamas faction
Times Online – David Leppard, Kevin Dowling

Times Online – David Leppard, Kevin Dowling / Jack Straw, a Hamas boy?

You Can’t Say That

At the UN, the Obama administration backs limits on free speech.

by Anne Bayefsky

Minority Leader Boehner: Obama ‘Subverts’ Constitution
House Minority Leader John Boehner is accusing President Obama of subverting and circumventing the Constitution by appointing so-called czars who are not subject to Senate confirmation or scrutiny.
Read the Full Story — Go Here Now


The Essence of Geert Wilders speech:

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Look who listens to advice from the MCB

Britain’s most powerful lawyers

Just in case you’re wondering who is behind this social engineering of the justice system, don’t look any further than the usual suspects: Jack Straw & Company will ensure that Islamic terrorists will be released as soon as possible, because keeping them in jail “could inflame the situation”…

Beyond belief! And here was I thinking that the justice system was there to punish crime,and therefore to reduce it, whilst our judiciary think punishment increases the likelihood of crime. Get me out of here!



Other (bad) news:

Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw admits Government caved in to Libya

The trouble with men like Straw, Bliar and Brownnose is that they’re in charge but not responsible. One can only hope that when the collective anger  boils over,  that these cretins will be brought to justice:

Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw 'allowed Megrahi free because of oil negotiations'The release of Megrahi, who is suffering from prostate cancer, on compassionate grounds and his return to Libya provoked a storm  of international condemnation.Photo: Reuters

The Justice Secretary said that he originally wanted Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi omitted from the agreement, but then relented, deciding the bomber should be eligible.

He said that the Libyans deserved “something” in return for giving up their nuclear weapons programme, but vehemently denied striking a “backdoor deal” over Megrahi.

* Want some good news for a change?

THE Taliban chief who threatened to slaughter Prince Harry has been assassinated by special forces soldiers.

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