Bahrain: Bomb factory discovered in mosque

From our ‘what is a mosque’ series:

Bahrain: Bomb factory discovered in mosque

Calm down, you greasy Islamophobe. Your church has a bomb-making factory on the premises, doesn’t it?

In recent years we have seen mosques used to preach hatred; to spread exhortations to terrorist activity; to house a bomb factory; to store weapons; to disseminate messages from bin Laden; to demand (in the U.S.) that non-Muslims conform to Islamic dietary restrictions; to fire on American troops; to fire upon Indian troops; to train jihadists; and more.

“Bahrain says it uncovered weapons cache inside unlicensed mosque,” from Al Arabiya, October 24 (thanks to JW):

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Resistance in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Islam ‘advocates beheadings, forced conversions and paedophilia’, Murfreesboro Islamic Center opponent tells court

Day five of a hearing into whether to stop construction of an approved Islamic Center of Murfreesboro mosque continued with the opponents’ attorney trying to paint the project as a doorway to Islamic domination and tyrannical Shariah law in the United States. Attorney Joe Brandon Jr. called several witnesses on Thursday who tried to connect the Islamic Center to terrorism and plots to overthrow democracy. (The Tennessean, 22 October 2010)

WSMV Nashville reports the following exchange between Brandon and Randy Groce, an investigator with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department:

“Is Islam a religion?” Brandon said.

“In my opinion, yes,” said Groce. “They have a belief in a deity, an afterlife.”

“You say an afterlife. Is this the same afterlife that, like, when you yell, ‘Allah akbar,’ and blow up several people, and you get several virgins – is that the afterlife you’re talking about?” said Brandon.

Mosque opponents target Shari’a law at hearing while linking the mosque to terrorist groups.

Frank Gaffney comes out in front here, Anderson Cooper  is annoying, acts stoopid and keeps interrupting. Former Paki ambassador  Akbar Ahmed does his Islamic duty and supports the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood. Dirty little Ahmed lies and claims there is no sharia in Pakiland. Of course he cannot and will not denounce the headbangers from Al Azahr who  are behind the Murefreesborgh mosque. He  doesn’t  even know what “promoting sharia means”.   In this article here he tells us that resisting Ground Zero mosque and the mushrooming spread  of mosques  in the US causes resentment for which we are to blame and that we need to treat the Taliban with respect…”

Murfreesboro, TN mosque opponents take the battle to court (Barenaked has the story)

Here is Robert Spencer’s encounter with the old snake-oil salesman:  Akbar Ahmed and me

Akbar Ahmed is so full of shiite you start to believe he’s made of it:

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What is a Mosque?

Play it again, Sam:

Ex-Islamic Cleric Sam Samoun explains: what is a mosque?

We previously posted extensively on this, here

Islam  is a political system. When Islam came out from Arabia, it did not go out with missionaries peacefully talking to their neighbors and saying “here is what our prophet Mohamed has come with and so on and so forth. No. There were hordes of assassins who marched into the surrounding world and subjugated them by force.

Islam is a political system. Wherever there is a Muslim community there will be  sharia. And wherever there is a sharia there is an Islamification of the territory and ultimately of that nation.

Vijay Kumar: The Muslim mosque: A state within a state

“Vijay Kumar is a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress from Tennessee’s 5th District. A native of Hyderabad, India, Mr. Kumar lived in Iran during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, when he came to the United States. A naturalized American citizen, Mr. Kumar has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for 24 years. He has been married to his wife, Robin, a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, for 27 years, and they have three children, two of whom are adopted.” In “The Muslim mosque: A state within a state” at Atlas Shrugs, July 9, he explains the political significance of the Islamic mosque:


It was an ancient temple that had been shared by polytheists, Christians, Jews, and Hindus, honoring 360 different deities. In 630 A.D. the Kaaba was captured by Islam in its military invasion and conquest of Mecca.On the day of its capture, Muhammad delivered an address at the Kaaba in military dress and helmet, according to Ayatullah Ja’far Subhani in his book, “The Message”:

“Bear in mind that every claim of privilege, whether that of blood or property is abolished . . . I reject all claims relating to life and property and all imaginary honors of the past, and declare them to be baseless . . . A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim and all the Muslims are brothers of one another and constitute one hand as against the non-Muslims. The blood of every one of them is equal to that of others and even the smallest among them can make a promise on behalf of others.” –Muhammad

Muhammad’s address at the Kaaba overthrew the Meccan government and declared all of Islam, anywhere in the world, to be a political and military state against all non-Muslims, regardless of the non-Muslims’ political, geographical, or national origins.

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him.” –Quran 3:85

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Ground Zero & "The Image of Islam"

The 9/11 Mosque’s Peace Charade

By Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

A massive fifteen-story mosque and Islamic Center going up in what was once the shadow of the World Trade Center claims to offer “the opposite statement to what happened on 9/11.” The Center organizers, the America Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), have worked hard in the media to portray themselves as Islamic moderates working for peace on the exact spot where their belligerent coreligionists perpetrated murder and mayhem in the name of their religion. But the words and deeds of the leader of the effort, the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, suggests a more ominous reality: Abdul Rauf is a master of deceptive, Orwellian use of language, manifesting a deep contempt for non-Muslims and full accord with the supremacist goals of the 9/11 hijackers. More>>>

The Imam Abdul Rauf is on record saying “I don’t believe in religious dialogue”. He also doesn’t like the concept of freedom of speech. Yet, when confronted by irate citizens, he presents himself as a longtime interfaith-snake oil salesman. Abdul Rauf talks one way to the kuffars on  television and quite another when he is not building shrines to the hijackers of 911. Check out what Robert  Spencer wrote about him in 2004. His wife and coconspirator Daisy Khan wonders why Americans object to the Islamization of America and a mega mosque on Ground Zero, when we (and our children) will all be Muslims anyhow. Daisy Khan told us that the Islamic Center would help non-Muslims to integrate. Interesting word choice. Not help Muslims to integrate into the American secular fabric, but to help non-Muslims to integrate into…a Sharia state.  Daisy also doesn’t care much for America’s laws, because she openly promotes polygamy and covers up for those who engage in it…

In short, the Islamo-propagandists talk out of two sides of their mouths. The same Abdul Rauf who espoused the spread of Sharia law on Arabic websites  said the opposite in the pages of the Daily News.  He is the man New York City authorities are about to allow to build a mosque on Ground Zero.

The Ground Zero Mosque Developer: Muslim Brotherhood Roots, Radical Dreams

Everything there is to know about Faisal Abdul Rauf, the wolf in sheep’s clothing behind the planned lower Manhattan mega-mosque.  Alyssa A. Lappen/ Pajamas Media

SIOA Freedom Rally against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero — the highlight video!

For videos of individual speeches, go here. Thanks to JW

Cordoba House, Ground Zero and “Overcoming the Fear of Islam”

Mehnaz M. Afridi wants to paint a pussy on your cheek:

“Where are the ‘moderate’ Muslims?” Well, here they are. Let’s not let the fears of a handful of people become the resistance to an entire community.

The resistance to building the Cordoba House demonstrates the need for such a centre, which can educate and inform Americans about Islam and show that Muslims are partners in building a prosperous and peaceful America, says Afridi. (It turns out Mehnaz is a well trained Islamo-agit-prop)

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The Massachusetts Mega Mosque

Just a reminder:

As a little history lesson to folks out there, Islam has a long and bloody past of building their mosques over the holy places of other religions as a symbol of the Muslim religions dominance over another.  Ayasofya Mosque was built in the former Hagia Sophia basilica in Istanbul… Al-Aqsa Mosque was built on the top of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem… Umayyad Mosque was built in Damascus right on top of where the Church of St. John the Baptist once stood.  I think you get the picture. These are just a few examples, there are thousands more. Islam is not just replacement theory; it is eradicating reality along with everything that came before it and everything that stands in its way.

Muslim Immigrants are making Germany ‘dumber’, according to Thilo Sarazzin,  board member of the country’s central bank.

You don’t need to be intelligent to be Islamic:

The negative effect of Islam itself on IQ I speficied elsewhere with reference to a French scholar:

“The deadening influence of Islam is well demonstrated by the way in which the Musulman comports himself at different stages of his life. In his early childhood, when the religion has not as yet impregnated his brain, he shows a very lively intelligence and remarkably open mind, accessible to ideas of every kind; but, in proportion as he grows up, and as, through the system of his education, Islam lays hold of him and envelops him, his brain seems to shut up, his judgment to become atrophied, and his intelligence to be stricken by paralysis and irremediable degeneration.”

(Quoted from “Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman”, authored by Andre Servier, 1923).

Ex-Islamic Cleric Sam Samoun explains: what is a mosque?

A Wake up call for the interfaith dialoguers:

Muslim Leader Raises Eyebrows At Brighton Mosque

He called for action and asked the Muslims gathered for his sermon to “grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun and the sword. Don’t be afraid to step out into this world and do your job.”

Massachusetts: Governor and the Muslim Brotherhood-linked mega mosque (video)

Thanks to Creeping Sharia

Here’s Pat Condell on the 9/11 mosque

The insane mental gymnastics of Zakir Naik