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Wakademic Wanker from Yale: "Printing the Muhammad Cartoons Would Mean Blood on my Hands"

How can these people live with themselves? Why don’t they just commit harakiri over their guilt trips?

Spencer: Yale University Press Bows Before Jihadist Intimidation

Spencer: Adopting the world view of the enemy. In “Cartoon Jihad Continues” in Human Events today, I explain how Yale University Press has unwittingly taken on the jihadist world view.

Christopher Hitchens: Stop Fearing (and Coddling) Islam

  • Hitchens: Yale Surrenders Why did Yale University Press remove images of Mohammed from a book about the Danish cartoons?

The Yale Press Plot Thickens to Glop


Roger Kimball has the skinny at PJM regarding Yale’s squeamish removal of any and all illustrations of the MoToons in a book about the ‘Toons. How dumb is that?

The book in question is by Jytte Klausen, and the title is The Cartoons That Shook the World without the shaking ’toons, mind you. And no images of Mohammed, either. Maybe Jesus with a beanie? Saint Peter juggling rocks?

Mr. Kimball quotes The New York Times: read more from GoV

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Yale and the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy


Stand for free speech

Yale & the Danish Cartoons: The Plot Thickens

Pajamas Media/Andrew Bolt

So why did Yale University refuse to publish not only the Danish cartoons, but famous historial images of Muhammad, even when Muslim scholars gave it the go-ahead?

The suspicion was at first the normal one – that the university was simply too scared to stand up for free speech. ButRoger Kimball digs deeper and smells money….

When the Danish cartoons were first published I was completely delighted, and then was just flummoxed when nearly all of a cowardly free press failed to publish the cartoons in a show of support for a) freedom of speech and expression, and b) support and protect the cartoon authors.

The oil-slick princes  of Arabia must be wondering  if there is anything petrodollars can’t buy in a country whose president bowed to a Moslem king as one of his first acts in office:

Follow the money:

…energetic investigative reporters are looking into Yale’s financial relationships with some of the spots where Linda Lorimer, Vice President and Secretary of the University, told Professor Klausen she has often traveled recently: Saudi Arabia, for example. Quite soon, I suspect, we will know why the Yale administration insisted that the Yale University Press dim the lux and veritas when it came to Professor Klausen’s book.

A book about Mohammed cartoons without the cartoons. What does that make us?

Would it surprise you if  Yale is planning to remove the hebrew lettering from its seal because it could be perceived as offensive?

Yale: a book about cartoons without cartoons

Wakademia Sux


Andrew Bolt:

Yale University, through sheer fear, decides to follow the rulings of the most censorious Muslim fanatics rather than defend the spirit of free inquiry that was once a glory of Western civilisation:

So Yale University and Yale University Press consulted two dozen authorities, including diplomats and experts on Islam and counterterrorism, and the recommendation was unanimous: The book, “The Cartoons That Shook the World,” should not include the 12 Danish drawings that originally appeared in September 2005. What’s more, they suggested that the Yale press also refrain from publishing any other illustrations of the prophet that were to be included, specifically, a drawing for a children’s book; an Ottoman print; and a sketch by the 19th-century artist Gustave Doré of Muhammad being tormented in Hell, an episode from Dante’s “Inferno” that has been depicted by Botticelli, Blake, Rodin and Dalí.

The book’s author, Jytte Klausen, a Danish-born professor of politics at Brandeis University, in Waltham, Mass., reluctantly accepted Yale University Press’s decision not to publish the cartoons. But she was disturbed by the withdrawal of the other representations of Muhammad. All of those images are widely available, Ms. Klausen said by telephone, adding that “Muslim friends, leaders and activists thought that the incident was misunderstood, so the cartoons needed to be reprinted so we could have a discussion about it.”


Mohammed drawing now a commercial success

Yep. Take this, you bastards!

Considered blasphemous by Muslims, one of the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed cartoons is a hit with collectors

Copenhagen Post

Kurt Westergaard’s controversial drawing of Islamic prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban is proving to be big business for printers, art galleries and – not least – Westergaard himself.

Skanderborg’s Galleri Draupner, which will soon be exhibiting several works by Westergaard, indicated it has sold numerous autographed prints of Westergaard’s illustration.

B.T. newspaper reports that the gallery has asked famed auction house Sotheby’s in London to fix a selling price for the original drawing, which Westergaard is considering selling. A top American collector has appraised the illustration’s value at $150,000.

A Baltic-based printing company is also profiting from the work. It has sold 870 copies of the 1,000 copied and sells for $250 each.

The Jyllands-Posten Mohammed drawings were first printed in September 2005. The move touched off numerous violent protests worldwide from offended Muslims and resulted in extensive damage to several Danish embassies.

The Crux of the Bisquit

Dhimmitude at Yale University Press: Muhammad cartoons self-censored from book about Muhammad cartoons

How to strike fear into the heart of Yale University Press

The absurdity of cringing dhimmitude and Fear of Offending Muslims reaches its apotheosis.

“Yale Press Bans Images of Muhammad in New Book,” by Patricia Cohen for the New York Times, August 12 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

It’s not all that surprising that Yale University Press would be wary of reprinting notoriously controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a forthcoming book. After all, when the 12 caricatures were first published by a Danish newspaper a few years ago and reprinted by other European publications, Muslims all over the world angrily protested, calling the images — which included one in which Muhammad wore a turban in the shape of a bomb — blasphemous. In the Middle East and Africa some rioted, burning and vandalizing embassies; others demanded a boycott of Danish goods; a few nations recalled their ambassadors from Denmark. In the end at least 200 people were killed.

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Dr. Peter Sookhdeo: Take your BS Declaration and shove it!

Hat tip ZIP

Get your 7th Century cult out of Yale!

The Christian Post

Yale: No place for headbangers!

Ministry Finds Fault with Yale Christian-Muslim Declaration

* Influential Evangelicals Withdraw from Christian-Muslim Statement

A ministry that works with the persecuted church found parts of a declaration recently adopted by Christian and Muslim leaders troubling because it did not emphasize the differences between the two religions enough and gave too much credit to Islam.

A ministry that works with the persecuted church found parts of a declaration recently adopted by Christian and Muslim leaders troubling because it did not emphasize the differences between the two religions enough and gave too much credit to Islam.

Barnabas Fund’s international director, Dr. Peter Sookhdeo, a former Muslim, says the inclusion of the Qur’anic commandment to speak to Christian and Jews (Q 3:64) in the opening passage of the “Final Declaration of the Yale Common Word Conference, July 2008” actually calls for the conversion of Christians and Jews to Islam . (Continue reading 2nd page)


US: Muslims go apeshit when told to piss off and shove the sharia

Dhimmi Christians  fall all over themselves in appeasement….

Religious leaders angered by anti-Muslim comments


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