Pakistan Safe Haven for Taliban

Quetta is a resting spot, recruiting ground and meeting point for the militia, officials say.

By Laura King
Times Staff Writer

December 21, 2006

QUETTA, PAKISTAN — At a time when the Taliban is making its strongest push in years to regain influence and territory across the border in Afghanistan, this mountain-ringed provincial capital has become an increasingly brazen hub of activity by the Islamist militia.

Quetta serves as a place of rest and refuge for Taliban fighters between battles, a funneling point for cash and armaments, a fertile recruiting ground and a sometime meeting point for the group’s fugitive leaders, say aid workers, local officials, diplomats and others.

“Everybody is here,” said Mahmood Khan Achakzai, a Quetta-based member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, describing the routine comings and goings of senior Taliban commanders in Quetta, the capital of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan….

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One thought on “Pakistan Safe Haven for Taliban”

  1. that’s funny….. Pakistan has weapons of mass destruction ( nuclear ),
    is harbouring known terror cells and yet we illegally invade Iraq which had no weapons of mass destruction and was the most liberal of all islamic nations in the middle east. Sounds like George W just revenge on Saddam because they tried to kill his daddy.
    As a result it looks like we will end up with the most militant islamic state in the world in Iraq – a breeding ground for terrorists as well as a civil war.
    Who is to blame ? the West of course for their illegal invasion. And you ask “why do they hate us ?”.

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