The Islamization of France

The French intifadah continues:


I have had well educated young Frenchmen scoff at me when pointing out that there are 750 ‘no-go-zones’ in the land of ‘Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’- I have seen the ever increasing numbers of Mohammedans in even the smallest villages in Alsace Lorraine where I used to live. I drove through parts of Paris that looked scarier than the souks in Africa, where stopping the car might have put me in physical danger. I’ve seen many burning car’s during the French ‘intifadah’ in Strassbourg, and the ‘disenfranchised youth’s’ run through the streets smashing shopfronts shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar..’

The corrupt French government of Jaques Chirac and his georgeous dressman Dominique de Villepin has lost all legitimacy. They have sold out to the Mohammedan invasion and failed their people entirely. They are unable and unwilling to protect the citizens of France. What will the people of France do to to reverse the predicament they see themselves in?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

France As a “Muslim Power”

Here’s a review by Daniel Johnson of a new book by David Pryce-Jones: Betrayal: France, the Arabs, and the Jews. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

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3 thoughts on “The Islamization of France”

  1. Chirac and his bunch of idiots are without doubt the inheritors of Pierre Laval’s shameful legacy from WW2. I see little difference in the two so- called governments. The French should be ashamed of themselves with Chirac-they actually voted the traitorous pig into office while Laval was somewhat foisted upon Vichy France. Regardless of how they got into office both “leaders’ have screwed the French people over by surrendering to the enemy and by doing the bidding of the enemy.

    It’s highly ironic that Alsace-Lorraine is now in the hands of the enemy-fourth time now in 135 years-three times to the Germans,once to the Islamaniacs. Now not even the Germans would want the place, being “Frenchified” to the point of being overrun themselves by the same enemy.

  2. Bipolars always stuff ’emselves when they’re hyper.

    The French are very good at Revolutions.
    Napoleon came from out of nowhere.
    Charlemagne did just fine.

    French people are little too flirtatious and a little too fickle from my viewpoint, but I still eat Haricot Bean Soup every now and then.

    Did you know my Mother named me after General de Gaulle?
    Non? Mais oui!

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