The Plucky Little King of Jordan:’Israel not as strong as we thought…’

Anybody surprised? The plucky little king, so civilized, so westernized, so eloquent and sophisticated, an ally of the United States, sounding so, so… so very ordinary, almost as vulgar as any Arab from Islamistan…

Almost like your every day jihad-Arab! Just like your Hezbollah spokesman! Almost like Ahmed-in-jihad in Iran!

Comon’ now, that can’t be true! You’re having me on! That nice little king?

Really: One could almost become Islamophobic!

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Jordan’s King: Israel not as strong as we thought

And he promises that the two-state solution will solve everything. This was, of course, the original plan in 1948, and it didn’t satisfy the Muslims then; I doubt it will now. “King Abdullah: Israel not as strong as we thought,” from Ynet News, with thanks to Sr. Soph:

Jordan’s King Abdullah said during an interview with Tokyo-based newspaper The Daily Yomiuri that “The (Lebanon ) war last summer showed that Israel is not as strong as we had previously thought, and, justifiably or not, the perception in the Middle East is that Israel lost.”
Abdullah, who is currently visiting Japan, added that “More and more countries in the region will now believe that the only way to get
Israel to listen is through force and not negotiations. Israel will have to take a significant step in the right direction that will lead to calm in the region.”

The Jordanian king stressed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains the main source of Mideast tension. “Until we deal with this issue, which can be easily resolved, the Middle East will be forever cursed, as will the entire Muslim world,” he said.

Abdallah said that in light of the current situation Israel must decide whether or not it wishes to remain isolated.

“The Arab countries are very interested in moving the peace process along, and this conveys a message to the Israelis: If we advance the peace process and implement a two-state solution, all the Arab and Muslim countries will agree to establish (diplomatic) relations with Israel,” he said.

Abdullah also asked a pointed question:

“The next step is to get to the streets, the schools, the homes. This is not a process that could take place over night. In certain places this process could take 15-20 years, but eventually the moderate majority must decide – does it want to sit quietly, or does it plan to act against the horrible crimes committed in the name of religion?”