The Road To Guantanamo

A regular reader on Jihad Watch ‘Ala sux’ posted this comment:

I just finished watching the DVD “Road to Guantanamo” and it’s a propaganda film created by the Muslims in Britian that were guilty
for going to Afghanistan for Jihad to protect the Taliban.

What was amazing was the mind set of the Muslims making the film , it starts out by infering they are following the calls by a Imam at a Mosque to defend their Brothers being attacked by the USA and other crusaders , so at first I see the group of men as innocent boys going to a wedding in Pakistan and make a free will choice to join the Talibans Jihad once they arrive in Pakistan.

But by the end of it you see them denying they supported the Taliban and later repeated that in Gitmo Bay , then the film shows the men being presented with their criminal records from the UK and photos of them in the crowds for Osama speeches prior to 2001’s 9/11 attack.

So basically they don’t see their criminal records in the UK as relevant to establish
the mood for their belief that they are innocent victims of the Gitmo Bay detentions , but the film later shows them embracing the concept of Jihad to fight in Afghanistan and protect Osama so they actually cross into Afgn and get caught in the net after a severe bombing mission on a safe-zone that was no longer safe.

The Jihad-umentary had new clips from Al-Jezeera and the BBC which was cut and edited into the film sets of Afgan and Cuba with Marines and all the cages and defacing of Qurans, the credits show the Iran was a partner
and the Film Co. was named after the area of England where these men came from.

It’s pure propaganda to incite hatred to the west and fabricates abuse while blending Location sets and actors with video clips from TV news stories with a overt bias against the west , so after the film I had little sympathy for these hoodlums from the UK that had criminal records and chose to join the Taliban and when sent to Gitmo Bay we see the criminal past that they hid and then the Jihad mission they now deny.

A liar and weasel by any other name is still a weasel and Jihadists.

Posted by: ala-sux at December 22, 2006 08:58 PM

Sheik yer’mami sez:

Now google the official web-pages advertising this schlock and they would have you believe that some ‘innocent’ kids just went to Pakistan for a wedding (Doesn’t anyone remember those Mohammedan recruiters on English streetcorners, promising 72 virgins in paradise for those willing to fight in ‘the way of Allah’-, who loudly proclaimed the British passport is ‘meaningless’ since all their loyalties lie with the ummah, the Islamic nation, and that they would go to Afghanistan ‘to kill Americans and British soldiers’…?)

Reminds me of this ‘Australian’-Muslim weasel Mamduh Habib (Plase check out Sheik yer’mami’s song ‘Taliban’ and a cartoon-character look-alike on this web-site) who claimed he was in Pakistan ‘to look for a good Muslim school for his kids’- needless to add: All of them, once released from Gitmo, claim they were ‘tortured and their Koran desecrated…’ something they are obliged to say, because they are trained that way and its straight out of the Al Quaeda playbook…

It is hard to understand that such cheap and vile propaganda is widely disseminated, and the looney left in the west gobbles it up, hook line & sinker.
We are at war, and enemy propaganda helps the enemy to kill our soldiers.
Why are our PC infected authorities not onto it? Why is this filthy flick not taken off the market and those who distributed it indicted for subversion?

These questions must be asked, loudly!

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  1. Gitmo needs to be expanded and filled to capacity. Staff the place with some retired KGB types who know how to extract info. As for that DVD being allowed on the market it’s no surprise in this day and age. If Michael Moore’s crap can be sold then this crap’s OK too I guess. What a cray world this has become.

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