This guy has been followed by a ‘moon-shadow’…

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam

In this New York Times write-up of Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam, aka Yusuf, you’ll find no mention of his donations to Hamas, his association with the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, or his support for the Islamic death sentence for author Salman Rushdie: The Return of a Man Once Called Cat. (Hat tip: David.)

It’s as if his past has been wiped out of existence. Instead, we get this:

Mr. Islam is a British citizen and has spoken repeatedly against terrorism.

One thought on “This guy has been followed by a ‘moon-shadow’…”

  1. i am a formal u.s. army j.r.o.t.c. and i think that this man should never caused this thing in the first place the united states is a friendly place and peaceful i think he should get what he deserves for destroying u.s. property on u.s. soil and Osama bin laden will be next but we will continue the search until he is brought to justice and for all that was U.S. formal president George w . bushes idea was to finish what we had started and finish the job so we all can live in peace

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