Italy: Imam of Milan Demands Legalization of Polygamy

No, I’m not kidding.


Here it is, with thanks to Jihad Watch Deutschland:

*In German:
Italien: Legalisierung der Vielehe gefordert

Mohamed Baha’ el-Din Ghrewati, langjähriger Imam von Mailand, hat öffentlich die Anerkennung der Vielehe (Polygamie) gefordert. Nur so könne die Diskriminierung muslimischer Frauen beendet und Rechtssicherheit für sie geschaffen werden.
Souad Sbai, eine Muslimin, die in der “Consulta” (einem Beratungsgremium von Muslimen) die italienische Regierung berät, zeigte sich wenig erfreut über den Vorstoß. (Quelle: adnkronos 22. Januar 2007)
akte islam

In English: Mohammed Baha’ al-Din Ghrewati, long time imam of Milan, demanded publicly upon the Italian government to recognize Polygamy, since legalization was the only way to save Muslims from the legal minefield they find themselves in. Souad Sabai, chairwomen of an advisory body for Muslim women did not receive the Imam’s demands favorably….
Souad Sbai


Rome, 22 Jan. (AKI) – Souad Sbai, a leading member of Italy’s government-appointed body on Muslim affairs, the Consulta, slammed on Monday a controversial appeal launched the previous day by a representative of Italy’s largest Islamic group to make polygamy legal. “I am worried and concerned about the plea made last night,” said Sbai of the call made to the government on state television by Mohamed Baha’ el-Din Ghrewati, a former imam in Milan with the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), to legalise a practice today banned in Italy so as to ensure, he said, that the rights of women living in polygamous families are protected.

“I am concerned that it is possible to make through a national broadcaster the apology of this practice as happened yesterday,” said Sbai, who also heads the national association representing Moroccan women in Italy.

Sbai also said she means to place polygamy at the top of the agenda of an upcoming meeting of the Consulta.

Earlier this month Italy’s main paper Corriere della Sera published a front page article in which a woman accused the leader of UCOII Hamza Piccardo of having married her as his second wife in a religious ceremony at a mosque in the northern city of Verona.

Though a Muslim religious ceremony would not be recognised in Italy without a civil wedding, Corriere’s report sparked a controversy as UCOII and other Muslim groups had publicly condemned poligamy.

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6 thoughts on “Italy: Imam of Milan Demands Legalization of Polygamy”

  1. I still don’t understand why they even allow moslems into Italy and the Rest of Europe. WHAT FOR??!!

    We have no need for these scum.

  2. Demands, always demands. These idiots REALLY do think that wherever they are they are in the ummah.

    Italy should demand that this idiot leave the country-and take as many of his co-cultists as he wants with him.

  3. Sheik,
    OT tried your email – no luck:(
    I found this:

    As for the above story it is all explained in Fallaci’s book.
    I hope the Italians don’t fall for this. It would be a very dangerous precedent for the entire west, even though we know many of them are polygamists already. Official recognition has got to be stopped!

    Can you imagine them all going on welfare officially? Then they would never consider leaving.

  4. Actually, there are many in Europe who live with 3 wifes, some with 4. There is one imam of Lyon who (not sure if he was deported or not) who had nearly 20 kids, and all paid for by the welfare system…

    These are the ‘good’ muslims who follow the Koran and who came to the lands of the infidels to conquer. Remember: Everything belongs to Allah and his soldiers, even the wifes of the infidels are war-booty…

  5. As time goes on and we read more and more about these Islamic demands, I have to ask when will our leaders wake up and realize we are in the fight of our lives? That may sound dramatic, but it’s true.

    Why do we have to change how things are done in our countries; be it England, Italy, Germany, America or Australia, etc.? Who do they think they are?

    Unfortunately they think they are Allah’s (The Moon God. check it out if you don’t believe it. Goes back to Arab paganisim prior to Mohammed’s so-called journey of enlightenment) messengers and army. They are hell bent on a worldwide caliphate, and won’t stop until they achieve it!

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