By Sheik Yer’mami

Traveling in Europe in Winter one can hardly avoid getting an unhealthy dose of CNN. This perceived ‘news’-channel produces a veritable mess of advertising, weather, sports and outright distortion of reality. There’s little in the way of information and lots of anti-war propaganda. It is a ‘news’-channel that excels in self-aggrandizement, bombastic sound-bites, irritating, annoying amounts of sound-pollution and little, if any value, when it comes to news. Lately it has become increasingly fashionable to employ Britons (perhaps the management of CNN perceives the British accent to be fashionable and exotic rather than boring American, or the anti-war bias of these presenters is more in line with their own way of thinking) Either way, one cannot miss the blatant, open resentment towards the US-administration and the despicable pandering to Muslim groups and subversives of all couleur. CNN shamelessly promotes Islam, the Hajj, sends a Muhammedan reporter (Zain Verjee) to Mecca to present a false picture of Islam to the world and shows the world how important it is for Muslims to stone Satan, who is, as always, G.W. Bush, etc. etc.

This war is lost due to the anti-war propaganda of people who push a shallow, irresponsible agenda. The troops don’t deserve that. Nobody does. Sabotage of the war-effort is also a form of treason and there are laws against it. America has a surplus of lawyers, surely some of them would be able to make a case against CNN for the most flagrant abuse of privilege ever seen in modern history?

One needs a strong stomach these days. Thank G-d for the internet and strong alcoholic beverages.


  1. the war is lost because history shows that the agressor rarely wins.
    America was the agressor in Vietnam and lost badly. Germany was the agressor in Europe and lost very badly. The Russians lost in Afghanistan ,
    the Japanese lost in Asia etc etc. The US does not even know why they are there. They thought they were looking for WMDs and when they couldnt find any they decided to pretend to bring democracy to an Arabic tribal society. It’s just too funny. All they have succeeded in doing so far is turning Saddam into a hero in the eyes of most of the Arab world. Thank God for the ABC and CNN for telling it how it is. Just thought I would remind you that US deaths have now reached 3010 in Iraq and with 20 000 more on the way this number looks like increasing dramatically. in the world of George W ” Bring it on ” …..

  2. What can one expect from the Crappy News Network since it was founded by well known goofball Ted Turner? He’s the guy who gave a billion dollars to the Urine Nations and once called Christianity a religion for losers. Let him say that about Islam and I might change my mind!

  3. do I suspect Yankee bashing from ISLAMFORLOSERS ? Turner is the epitome of the American business man and the UN is based in NY and pretty much entirely funded by the Yanks ? leave the Yanks alone will you …

  4. I really enjoy watching the Hajj on TV.
    Perfect bomb target.

    All very circular.

  5. CNN has been doing its undermining for a very long time. I believe its a concerted effort with a proper goal in mind. Remember Jane Fonda? Look no further than its coverage of the present Cuban dictatorship, or of the contra war to liberate Nicaragua from the Marxist. They never fail to be wrong. Dont forget to keep an eye on Jim Cafferty and his brilliantly unbiased commentary.

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