Murat Kurnatz & the Al Qaeda War Manual

The recently released Gitmo inmate Murat Kurnatz claims ‘torture’- by German Anti-Terror units.

On 24 August 2006, the 24 year old Murat Kurnaz was released from the base. He claimed to have been exposed to water torture, sexual harassment and ‘desecration of Islam’ while staying on Guantanamo.

A German court is currently investigating his claims.

Needless to mention that the usual suspects from Amnesia Intentional, the Greens and the commies are backing him for whatever it takes. The SPIEGEL, a popular left wing German magazine (low on facts, high on innuendo) allows a highly suspect Turkish agent, Cem Özdemir, to present Kurnatz as ‘totally innocent’-, in typical Muhammedan fashion Ozdemir presents a heart wrenching, whiny perspective on Murat’s ordeal.

Ozdemir is a member of the European Parliament, heaven knows how he got there. Has anyone ever asked questions how and why Turkish Muhammedan agents get to hold positions in the EU parliament?)


A Visit with a Man Wrongly Detained at Guantanamo

By Cem Özdemir

Murat Kurnaz was detained in the United States detention camp at Guantánamo, Cuba, for almost five years and released three weeks ago. Cem Özdemir, a member of the European Parliament, visited Kurnaz at his home in Bremen and reports back about a German man of Turkish origin who appears to be anything but a fanatic.

A what? ‘German man of Turkish origin?’ Kurnaz is a Turk with an expired German residence permit. Why don’t you tell the truth, Oezdemir?

AP / Radio Bremen TV
Twenty-four-year-old Murat Kurnaz spent five years as a detainee in the US military camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. He was wrongly identified as an accomplice of the Taliban and recently released.


He was released for lack of evidence, nothing else. They didn’t catch him with a Kalashnikov like Hicks, that’s true…

fatihakin-732908.jpg* Oezdemir is good friends with this ‘German-Turkish-moviemaker by the name of Fatih Akin. Please note the swastika on his T-shirt: The ‘S’ is replaced by a swastika. He considers Bush’ politics along the same lines as the Nazi’s…

* All this and more from a Jew-hating Turk…

How does one talk about the emotions stirred up by a meeting with someone who has spent five years of his life in a detention camp, living in scandalous and ignoble conditions? How does one express one’s sense of what that person must have experienced? The man in question is now 24 years old. During a period of almost five years — a period during which I married, became a father and was elected into the European Parliament — this man was effectively stripped of his rights and had to live in complete isolation, in conditions that have driven other detainees to commit suicide.

* No doubt your heart bleeds for imprisoned AQ operatives, Oezdemir….

Murat Kurnaz once had a “normal” life too. He wanted to start a family in Germany, along with his Turkish fiancé. He had completed his apprenticeship as a shipbuilder. He played guitar in his free time and liked sports — like many other people his age. Then he travelled to Pakistan in the fall of 2001, apparently in order to devote time to his religious faith and expand his knowledge about Islam by visiting religious schools. He was “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” is what insiders in Washington say — (ozdemir doesn’t tell us who these ‘insiders’ are) sometimes cynically, sometimes laconically. They know Kurnaz was innocent when he was apprehended and detained. (Really? Who said that?)The United States — and Germany — discovered quite quickly that the accusations against Kurnaz were groundless. And yet he was not released.

*Guess they didn’t ‘discover quite so quickly’ that the accusations were groundless, that’s why they kept him.

But he doesn’t correspond with my idea of a fanatic or even a martyr: He doesn’t seem like someone who poses a threat either to me as a person with a Muslim background or to my Jewish and Christian friends.


(Oezdemir doesn’t tell us that the Koran forbids friendship with Jews or Christians. I dare you Oezzie: Name one Jew who is your ‘friend!’)


Must a 24-year-old who speaks in the calm and collected manner of a religious elder and sports a mighty beard be immediately perceived as a religious fundamentalist or something even worse than that?


Any Muhammedan running around Pakistan in search of religion is most likely “worse than that”…


Perhaps Kurnaz’s search for self-fulfilment has simply led him to be fascinated by the mystical elements of Islam. I know people who read Hermann Hesse’s novel “Siddhartha” and then began searching for the truth in India, the country whose culture Hesse’s novel portrays.


Good on you, Oezdemir: You sure have a hide to peddle BS like that. A Jihad warrior in search of the ‘real Islam’ is ‘no different’ from Hermann Hesse’s Siddartha- The mind boggles. But unfortunately there are enough moonbats who buy it…

Read it all…

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  1. I am a German and I am offended even more that an islamic Turk is allowed into German political institutions and now European ones who really answer only to themselves!

    This pernicious oezdemir.. and now this little kuraz. He’s a Turk and NOT a German. He is islamic – NOT a European!!

    What if I were in office in turkey??!!!

    Close the Gates of Europe NOW!!!!

  2. Please help spread the word, anitalla!

    Many things you can do: Translate the article, spread it among your German friends, raise awareness, get the ball rolling…

  3. Poor poor guy. Doesn’t the fool realize that you’re judged by the company that you keep? You play with turds nd you’re bound to get stinky.

  4. Yep.
    Time for all Good Germans to get up in arms about this Invasion by your enemies.

    Islam was a mighty help to Hitler.

    Germany is fast going under the Jackboot again.

    Stand up for your people!
    Stand up for your freedom!

    Outlaw Islam.
    Deport all Muslims.

    Write by hand to all your politicans.
    One handwritten letter is calculated by government staticians as worth 100 people who did not write!!

    100 handwritten letters equals the threat to lose 1,000 votes.

    Write now!

  5. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  6. Well, great. Just because the guy isn’t all that kosher, it doesnt make it any better to keep him without any evidence for 5 years. guilty unless proven innocent? I mean, no matter whats wrong with that giant dwarf – its no way of handling things going locking people away for years and afterwards say: oh well, guess theres nothing wrong with him after all.
    the only way to fight people who disrespect human rights is not by doing the same thing.

  7. well I find this primitive kind of discussion. each of you childs act like protectors of the master race, I can say as berliner, not as a german.
    you have the better bombs, the better infrastructure and the better psykology for mass manipulation.
    You must try to live in peace with arabic, asian, african and latin world, thats what you never could and bomb since ever. everyone can see the way you rise your enemys, it’s in your hands but you lose, make it worse, since ever.
    you should fall on your knees and beg forgiveness for hundreds of years of destruction and war industries. go to chavez, ahmadjinejad, go to the iraq people, libya, vietnam, your own indigenas, ask the people from dresden, hiroshima, hanoy, managua and kabul and there will be a lot of people who will say “okay” to stop the madness. ask the mothers, ask every mad veteran but you! will never stop! you will never open hearts and get rid of your master mind! nobody needs you.

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