(One Of) The Godfathers of Jihad in Australia

by Sheik Yer’mami

It doesn’t take much to connect the dots: When you hear about an ‘Australian Muslim’ being killed, other Muslims with Aussie passports arrested in Somalia (or Kenia) chances are, that they have been inspired and incited by Khalid Sheik Yasin, a fast-talking American Negro convert to Islam, with a henna dyed beard, who is well known as a ‘firebrand cleric’…

(Hmm, are there any others? I’m still looking for that ‘moderate Muslim’…)

Khalid Sheik Yasin, who somehow got into Australia, (Muhammedans usually have few problems overcoming immigration hurdles, simply by marrying another Muhammedans daughter) but in this particular case, the guy is such a crook and a fraud that even his co-religionists like the Melbourne lawyer Waleed Aly don’t take him seriously, but stop short of denouncing him. On this website we are building a link called ‘enemy agents’-, a useful link on which we will list one by one the most subversive infil-traitors. We will provide the evidence why these creeps should be interned, stripped of citizenship and deported.

In the case of the American ex-con Khalid Sheik Yasin that shouldn’t be hard: Check out his website glorifying jihad, his hate-speeches on you-tube are nothing but incitement, and as far as I know we still have laws against that here in Australia.

Fiat Justicia, et pereat mundis!



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One thought on “(One Of) The Godfathers of Jihad in Australia”

  1. Deporting this scum would be a good idea. However, please don’t send him back here to the US-send him somewhere more fitting.

    Like maybe the Gobi Desert.

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