Perverting Aussie Beach Culture

SYDNEY (AFP) – What do you get when you cross Australian beach culture with a desire to remain clothed in a way acceptable to Muslim women? If you’re designer Aheda Zanetti, you get what she says is the world’s first two-piece Islamic swimsuit, the burkini.

While other Islamic swimsuits exist, Zanetti says her light-weight, head-to-ankle costumes are the first to be streamlined down to a two-piece suit incorporating a head covering. With Australian beaches full of girls in skimpy bikinis and revealing one-pieces, there was a “hole in the market that needed to be filled” for more modest beachwear, she said.

“A lot of girls were missing out, a lot of women were missing out, on a lot of sporting activities, including swimming,” Zanetti told AFP from the clutter of her southwestern Sydney shopfront. “There was nothing really suitable for them to wear if they wanted to participate in sport. And if they did participate in sports with a veil, or whatever they wanted to wear, there really wasn’t something suitable. The fabric was not right, the construction wasn’t right.”

Blah blah, babble babble…….

4 thoughts on “Perverting Aussie Beach Culture”

  1. looks a bit like a stinger suit. Certainly will please the Cancer council of Australia. Maybe the muslims are smarter than we think .

  2. I wonder if Aheda Zanetti is aware of the Wobbegong shark’s sexual proclivities?

    Fully covered?
    Women’s hormones diffusing into the sea-water sending out attractive Come-Hithers…

    My, my, my!

    The idiocy of Islam in Australia will never cease.
    Expect a rash of D-Q headlines:

    “Abu Sayeed decapitates all 25 of his daughters for having sex with male sharks whilst swimming at Cronulla Beach.”

    “My family’s honour had been sullied! Allah himself is my witness. I am a Good Mujahideen.”

    “Cronulla Beach’s new Muslim Life-Savers refuse to rescue Muslim women as they are being Raped-in-the-Sea by sharks!! ”

    Aussie surfers, who would normally have risked their lives to save anyone, said:

    “After much consultantion with The Community of Islam and many State government-funded Focus Groups, Sheik Hilaly al-Tojo al-Speers al-Arafat has informed us that Shark-Rape is not permissable under Sharia Law. Therefore it does not exist. Any fully-covered womens caught screamming for help in The Sea are simply Shark-Bait. Inshalah!”

    Just add salt to taste…

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