They Just Keep Coming

More Africans Risking Deadly Passage to Europe

More refugees from Africa successfully made their way to Spain’s Canary Islands in August than during all of 2005. Thousands are believed to have died making the journey and Europe is expanding its efforts to combat illegal immigration.

Refugees off the coast of Gran Canaria island, in Spain’s Canary Islands

Europeans can fly to the Canary Islands or southern Italy on package holiday deals for as little as a fewl hundred euros. Human traffickers also make similar deals available to illegal African immigrants seeking a better life in the European Union. For €600 ($768), a smuggler will take you to the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla along Morocco’s coast. And for €700, they’ll take you as far as Spain’s Canary Islands. Those wanting to go to highly desirable Italy can make the journey from West Africa through Libya and then across the Mediterranean for a steep €2,000. Unfortunately, many never arrive at their destination after drowning en route during the dangerous trip.
Earlier this month, 50 people died when their boat failed to complete the journey across the Mediterranean to the Italian island of Lampedusa. In Spain, 490 deaths have been confirmed since the beginning of the year — a figure that only represents bodies that have been pulled out of the water. The Red Cross and its Muslim sister organization, the Red Crescent, estimate there have been as many as 3,000 deaths.

Still, a startling number of immigrants have made it to Europe this year — in Lampedusa alone, 10,414 refugees from Africa have landed during the first six months of 2006. More than 18,000 refugees — mostly Africans not carrying any documents — have arrived at the Canary Islands, three times the number for the previous year. Of that number, 5,000 arrived in August alone according to the regional government. The Canary Islands are a favored destination for the migrants because they are located only 112 kilometers from the African coastline.

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10 thoughts on “They Just Keep Coming”

  1. Good thing there’s such a great entity as the EU, looking out for Europe’s interests.


  2. Sheik.
    I calls it as I sees it.

    Herewith and hereby, do I declare my enmity to all (sic) who continue to aid and abet the infiltation of Christian Lands by Mohamedan soldiers and spies by constantly and consistently referring to the fucking arseholes as Refugees, Immigrants,and Ayslum-seekers.

    They are your Death.
    Behold them!

    If they move: kill them.

  3. Mother, stop calling for ‘killing’ people, that doesn’t help our cause and discredits this site.

    We want immigration to stop, we want zero tolerance for Muhammedan hate-crime and mass deportations. No Mullahs, no imams, no mufti: zilch!
    We want to close the mosques and the madrassahs and finally a re-education program for all Muahmmedans who agree to abide by the laws of a secular society.

  4. War is War, my Friend.

    I appreciate your magnificent Christian Compassion.
    I fully undersatand your Tender Heart.

    However, as a Field Marshal, I would be remiss in my legal duty not to call my troops to arms….

    Military Law is Military Law.
    I am foresworn, my Friend.
    I have taken an Holy Oath.

    I will protect my People.

    Islam has declared war on Christiandom.
    I am not remiss.

  5. Explain please….

    Who is the ‘we’, whereof you type?

    That particular ‘we’ who intend to implement a ‘re-education program’ for all Mohamedans who agree to abide by the laws of a secular society….

    Australia is not a ‘secular society’, Mr Sheik.

    In Australia, the Church of England is the Established Church.

    Repeat: Who is the ‘we’ whereof you speak?
    An NGO, perhaps?

    Questiion 2: How is my being honest about who and what I am, and what I stand for, in any way going to ‘discredit this site’?

    Tu Qoque, Monsieur?

  6. Mother:

    ‘We’ are the people.

    ‘WE’ have to become a political movement. So far no western nation has stopped or reversed Muhammedan immigration. No Western nation has outlawed Islam and the Koran as a violent, hateful and destructive ideology. To achieve that we must do exactly what you suggested on another thread: To write letters to our elected politicians, to raise awareness among the people we know. To make our voices heard and to take part in government. But we must also offer an acceptable solution to those Muhammedans who are willing and able to integrate- therein lies the problem. We have now 350.000 Muhammedans in Australia, if we don’t reverse immigration and deport those who resist integration we will be outnumbered in twenty, thirty years time.

    The Church of England will not help in this endeavor. Prince Charles has already declared that he wants to be seen as ‘a protector of faiths’ rather than protecting the faith of his forefathers,- who would lock him up in the tower if they knew. Charlie is an open admirer and a closet Muhammedan.

    We will not get the ball rolling if we go around calling ‘kill all Muslims’- let them do that (thats what they do best) and that will work against them. If we would do the same we would be seen as Nazi’s, bigots and worse. It just doesn’t work. The Cronulla riots were totally discredited by the ‘racism’ tag – we handed the Muhammedans a victory which has emboldened them and weakened us.

    I hope this helps you (and us) to find a constructive perspective and strategy.

  7. I have not ever called ‘kill all Muslims’.

    Much else that you write in your post above is incorrect.
    I assure you, Mr Sheik, you are much mistaken about many things.

    The Family Day at Cronulla Beach was not ‘discredited’ by Islam’s cry of Racism.

    Au contraire: Real Australians are well aware of the truth and have been for decades.

    Hence The Family Day Rally.

    Merde a toi.

  8. Mother,
    you are welcome to prove me wrong and I’ve been looking for enlightenment all my life, let nothing stop you.!
    But a blanket statement that I am ‘incorrect’ and ‘much mistaken about many things’ will not help me improve.

    Give it another shot!

  9. G’day Sheik! I have just clicked on as I saw you on the Andrew Bolt Sudanese-rapist thread. I haven’t had a good look at this site as yet, seeing as I am using dial-up (Fred Flinstone!) but it looks quite professional.

    Where are you based? Have you read any of my posts on the Bolt blog? There are some f*cking dropkicks on there! I just read Sammer asking why people are associating a rapist with his religion (muslim)? DOH! Don’t leave this comment on here, as I need to check this site more yet.

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