Suicide Bombers Family: ‘We are very Proud of Him…”


The mother of Muhammed Faisal Saksak, the 21-year-old suicide bomber who carried out Monday’s attack in Eilat, said she was aware of her son’s plan to blow himself up and that she had wished him “good luck.”

*Sheik yer’mami made a song about it: Philistine Child 

Dozens of Palestinians, chanting slogans against Israel and the US, converged on the family’s home to “congratulate” them on the success of the attack.

More from the Jerusalem Post:

4 thoughts on “Suicide Bombers Family: ‘We are very Proud of Him…””

  1. Yet these people keep telling us how much they love their children…..
    I always thought as a parent you show love by protecting you’re children,not wishing them luck strapping on explosives.
    But then again I’m probably some kind of islamophobe?
    Where’s palestine again?

  2. If you have the stomach for it, then I recommend this.
    It fully explains the disgusting mindset of these “vermin” as Sheik calls them.

    They teach their children to hate and become martyrs from an early age.

    I cannot think of any race or creed that I have come across in years of studying history that have used their children like this. (Except during the Iran-Iraq war when they used small boys to walk through minefields. Same religion!)

    The more they kill in their mission – the better! I wonder if the saudis are still giving the parents $US20,000?

  3. The mother of nine said she was proud of her son for carrying out the suicide attack.

    “I pray to Allah that Muhammad will be accepted as a shaheed [martyr],” she said shortly after hearing about the Eilat bombing.


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