The angry reactions from the ‘moderates’ came even before the show went on air:

Muslim Council of Britain fuming over mosque documentary

Documentary footage of jihadist preaching inside British mosques aired in Britain last night. But oddly enough, the Muslim Council of Britain, the “moderate” group, is unhappy. You would think that a group of moderate Muslims would be cheering the exposure of jihad sympathizers among them, but they’re instead sounding all the familiar themes of selective quotation, etc. etc. etc. But you know, in most circumstances, no matter how selectively one quotes not much can be made of the result.

“TV documentary accused of misrepresenting UK Muslims,” from Arabic News (thanks to Doc Washburn):

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is accusing Channel Four commercial channel of attempting to foment division and sectarianism among Britain’s 1.8 million Muslim community.

A documentary, being screened Monday, goes undercover at mosques to find what it in its advance publicity are “preachers condemning integration into British society, condemning democracy and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.” MCB said the Dispatches program “mischievously tried to prove that key Muslim institutions are teaching the exact opposite to Islam commanding Muslims to deal positively and peacefully with those around us.”


The producers were “resorting to the dishonest tactic of selectively quoting from some recorded speeches for the purpose of misrepresentation,” MCB secretary general Abdul Bari said.


“Their aim is to attach guilt by association. This continuing demonization of British Muslims and the risible attempt at promoting sectarianism among British Muslims will be firmly rejected,” Bari said.


See, hear, listen. Just watch what they do. Are they ‘guilty by association’-  or are they all working towards the same goal: The Caliphate?


Their leaders tell us. They hate us. They teach their children to hate. They came to conquer and to destroy. They invaded to take Liberty, Democracy and the Rule of Law away from you and me, to be replaced with the sharia.

And it us demonizing them?

Who do you believe? Yourself or your lying eyes?

Quite a show, this one. Don’t miss it!

When will internment & mass-deportations begin?

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

5 thoughts on “UK JIHAD ON VIDEO”

  1. wow!!! this is unbelievable….. where is Wafa Sultan when we need her ?
    what would she think of this !!! ? The question is: Muslims have been living in the UK for decades. Why all of a sudden are they in the spotlight ? Why didn’t we realise all of this was going on years ago ? Or is it a recent phenomenon ? Why don’t these Imams move to Afghanistan ?

  2. Makes me think of Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men”.

    “You (read – muslims ) can’t handle the truth”.

    And when we find out about it, it really gets your pig,,,er,,goat!

    More people will find out each day what RoP really is. Keep this shit coming, muslim councils. You prove us correct each day.

  3. atheist,

    Wafa Sultan is a very rare and eloquent lady. She wouldn’t last a day in the ME and in America she will not be heard, there are just too many ‘experts’ on Islam and the ME and like you said earlier: There is too much money involved.

    Why didn’t we realize this was happening years ago? Our ancestors all knew. Churchill knew, William Jefferson knew. 300 years ago we were beating the Ottoman Turks back from the gates of Vienna, otherwise Europe would be Islamic already. This war is 1400 years old. Never in history has any nation allowed the enemy to invade in large numbers in order to subvert and to destroy the existing civilization and history. Our politicians failed us.

    Why don’t these imams move to Afghanistan?
    There are no dhimmies there, there is no booty, no welfare and no free health-care.
    The world MUST hear the call to Islam, its the only commandment in the Koran.

    But there are still people in our society who worry about ‘fundamentalist Christians’…

  4. I couldn’t bear to watch all of it.

    If this is what educated, intelligent muslims think, i.e. islam has all the answers to world problems, all of Uk should convert then it is appalling. They have ideas that don’t belong in the west. I think they should live separately in muslim countries. They don’t have to right to impose their ways on the west.
    We all know they want the world and that is why they don’t live is muslim shithole countries but prefer ours.

    What is the koran’s solution to AIDS, world poverty, pollution etc etc?
    I have not seen such a bunch of “educated idiots” in a long time.

  5. Brings to mind Adolf Hitler and his looneys.
    Particularly Adolf ranting at his lectern and his spittle spraying all over the audience….

    Just kill ’em.

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