Why Are Aussie & American Passports Found on Live & Dead Jihad Fighters in Somalia?

Jihadist from Australia apparently killed in Somalia

“My son died four years ago,” said his mother, referring to the time of his “radicalization.” But here is another instance in which we’re only finding out about it after the fact. Why didn’t she warn authorities about him at that time? Maybe she did, of course, and they were indifferent, or felt themselves powerless to do anything to stop him from traveling across the world to join a jihad.

“Death ends migrant’s three-day journey into jihad,” from The Australian, with thanks to Hamuzi:

A MELBOURNE father’s mission to join Islamic jihad in Somalia ended with his death three days after arriving in the African region in December to fight Ethiopian-backed forces.
Ahmed Ali, 25, embraced fundamentalist Islam four years ago before travelling to Somalia with his wife and at least one child.

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Isn’t it strange how they are always so ‘concerned’ and surprised after it happened?

Could it be because of that dreaded ‘backlash?’

Remember: The fear of ‘backlash’ always scares the Muhammedans shitless, and then, a few weeks later, when there was no backlash, then they suddenly become very proud that their sons or relatives have become ‘martyrs’…

A rather common pattern.

If you’re still wondering why they do it and you have the stomach for it, watch this: Fiery sermon from Khalid Sheik Mohammed

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  1. The only good jihadist is a dead jihadist.

    I don’t understand all the anguish about this dead punk-they always claim they love death so much and to die for Illah is the best. Mommy should be happy as hell about this.

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