You Don’t wanna be an Interrogator in Gitmo

Because the BS you have to put up with would probably sent you to the nut-house or worse. Imagine having to deal with these jihad-monkeys on a daily level, to have them throw urine and feces at you (without you being able to retaliate) Then they curse and swear at you on end, just to keep you in good spirits. You serve them halal burgers and make sure they have clean clothes, that they can do their ritual ablutions without killing you, but chances are that YOU will be accused and interrogated over an endless catalog of prisoners ‘rights’ violations, like touching, handling, kicking or squatting over a Koran:

No kidding: This is the kind of stupidity the US- administration and an army of ‘human rights’-subversives forces on US-prison-guards who are there to do an important job, and that job is is protecting us.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t wanna be an Interrogator in Gitmo”

  1. The only rights these miserable prisoners should have is the right to be beaten anytime they act up. The fact that terrorist scum is living better in jail then when it was free on my tax money irks me no end. The US should hire some former KGB interrogators to handle them.

  2. “Muslims are the followers of Satan and they lie instinctively”

    “It is not an insult to say Muslims are not humans”

    “As long as Muslims are Muslims they do not deserve to be treated in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

    From Ali Sina’s ‘Faith Freedom International’…

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