Aaron Timms: Moonbat of the Month

* Aaron Timms does the three monkey trick in the Sydndey Morning Herald:

All’s well in France, children still eat baguette,  nobody shouted ‘Allahu akbar’- he was not beheaded and he was not forcibly converted to Islam.

That,- so he says, simply means that having 10 %  Muhammedan infiltration is all good for diversity. For a moment I thought about giving him the ‘Asshole of the month’ award, but for that he has to get in the queue. Lets just call him ‘Moonbat of the month:

Then he disses Professor Raphael Israeli:



Last week Raphael Israeli, an Israeli academic, gave us the answer: keep the proportion of Muslims in Australia below 10 per cent of the national population. About 10per cent of France’s population is Muslim, and it is too late: France is now unequivocally French. Take a quick stroll through Paris, and you’ll see incontrovertible evidence of the devastating effect the Muslims have had – children can be seen skipping joyously down picturesque back streets with half-wrapped baguettes under their arms, people ride mopeds, French is widely spoken.

 Vigilance can foil a French future

Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun rips him:

Riots? What riots? 

Denial doesn’t come more absolute than this, as Aaron Timms, eyes wide shut launches into a jokey, candy-colored, sugar-coated vision of how things will be here with more immigration of the recent kind.

Here’s the link: