Abu Qatada finally got his marching orders…

It took more than 5 years and he still isn’t gone yet. The result of bleeding heart politics is seldom more apparent than here.

The irony is that there are many more like this waiting in the deportation queue.
Then there are those who will terrorize us if we do and if we don’t deport them.


Abu Qatada: Filth in human form

Which (somehow) makes me wanna quote Frank Zappa:

“May your shit come to life and kiss you on the face,”- and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Abu…

The Home Office won a key legal victory yesterday in a five-year battle to eject a suspected al-Qa’eda terrorist leader from Britain.
A court ruled that Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim cleric described as Osama bin Laden’s spiritual representative in Europe, can be deported to his homeland.

Abu Qatada, a London-based imam, has been fighting Government efforts to remove him to Jordan since 2002, claiming he faces torture or death.

And who would have a problem with that?


Sheik yer’mami comments:

Islamic punishment for Koranimals, why argue with that?

Allah knows best!

3 thoughts on “Abu Qatada finally got his marching orders…”

  1. * And here’s Mr. Hugh Fitzgerald’s take on this:

    Why did it take so long? How much money was wasted extending every legal courtesy that the Western world has to offer to a primitive who utterly rejects every detail of the legal and political institutions of that same West, and is working to destroy them? How much government money was spent on him, on his upkeep, on the lawyers on both sides, on the judges, on the heating of the courtroom, on the recording of testimony.

    The Law is not an ass. But sometimes, as in wartime, other rules, quicker rules, apply. Niceties are no longer so nice. This should now be defined, or at least understood by many, to be wartime. It will save a lot of time, a lot of money.

    And do not be impressed, much less susceptible to their meretricious arguments, when groups wrapping themselves in the mantle of “rights — the ACLU for example — thoughtlessly take the side of those who, just like the Nazis, would undo or destroy everything of value in the Western world. What was once a noble enterprise now has a different set of people, less intelligent, less wise, much more hell-bent on promoting themselves and a certain ideology of mad tolerance of the real and very powerful enemies of tolerance in the Western sense. Many of the groups — not all, but many — that like to call themselves “human rights activists” or “civil rights activists” have been taken over by those who would not be recognized as such by those who founded those organizations, a hundred or even thirty years ago. They are now, these people, in many cases — and the ACLU is one — in the “rights racket.” Don’t help them, don’t lend them support or credibility, but mock and expose them and their tendentiousness, so that the true, as opposed to the false, defendes of individual liberties, can proceed.

  2. I agree-apply the punishment for infractions by Muslims as called for by the Koran. If not that, then the civilized world needs to find some remote islands to deposit these jihadist losers on. Deporting them to the ummah won’t work (because of the Internet they’ll vomit their crap from afar) and jailing them for life is an unfair burden to taxpayers (especially when these losers get what they want in jail anyway). Goodbye Gitmo-hello Devil’s Island!

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