Mashaal Demands Jiziyah, Threatens Terror & “Open Battle” With Israel

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* Just imagine, 2 rival gangs go to the godfather and make peace with each other. Then they demand a huge payoff from the neighborhood they’ve been terrorizing, along with welfare and social services, otherwise… well otherwise they will terrorize you and whack a few more until everyone gives in to blackmail and extortion. Normally, in a sane world, you would use law enforcement to deal with these people and lock them up, because they are criminals and they belong behind bars.

But when it comes to dealing with the Islamic nightmare, with the so-called ‘Palestinians’- the world is deaf, blind and dumb.

Thugs in suits

Moscow – Hamas politburo leader Khaled Mashaal called Tuesday for ‘fundamental change’ in the Quartet of Mideast peace brokers and warned of ‘open battle’ with Israel and Islamic hatred toward the United States unless Washington resumes aid funding.
‘The Arab and Islamic world need a fundamental change in the politics of the Quartet,’ Mashaal said of the group of Russia, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, in remarks made during a Moscow visit and quoted by Interfax.
Mashaal added that the ‘Arab world demands’ the international community react positively to an agreement Hamas struck earlier this month with rival faction Fatah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that promised to pave the way for a future Palestinian unity government.

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Meanwhile, in Gaza they keep diggin’… 

3 thoughts on “Mashaal Demands Jiziyah, Threatens Terror & “Open Battle” With Israel”

  1. Masaal is a punk, pure and simple. Who’s he trying to kid? Cesspoolia already hates the US even after the billions it has wasted on it. I say take your demands and shove them up where your brain is.

  2. Why dosn’t any filthy stinking ME country give money?
    The ME takes so much and gives so little ( except death and violence).Stew in you’re own filth ME and especially the pali’s.

  3. Palestine is the first place to ever democratically elect a Government of War Criminals. Both Hamas and Fatah have sponsored attacks specifically aimed at unarmed civilians ie conducted war crimes. We should respect Palestine’s choice, but we should make it very very clear – that we don’t deal with war criminals and we certainly won’t reward a people who knowingly votes for a government by war criminals by giving them aid, recognition or anything else. It’s time to call an end to the open ended financial and diplomatic support we have given to these war criminals.

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