British Government Accused of ‘Striking Fear in the Hearts of the Muslim People’

That’s right. Because, you see: We Muslims follow our religion, and resistance against the will of Allah is useless. Only dirty kuffars who happen to be ignorant of Allah’s religion will stand in the way and prevent the establishment of the caliphate.

These infidels have the hide to stand in the way of the peaceful takeover of their country! Totally unacceptable, that is terrorism! What are they trying to do? Strike terror in the hearts of the Muslims?

Raids seen as con trick to demonise Britain’s Muslims
Andrew Norfolk
February 03, 2007

TO wander the streets of Sparkbrook, a suburb of Britain’s second city, Birmingham, from shabby corner shop to proud, white-domed mosque, is to enter a world where conspiracy theories are the breath of life.
Many ordinary Muslims do not believe that this week’s arrests were an act to foil a terrorist plot aiming to visit unspeakable barbarity on a young British soldier.
Rather, they see the entire operation as a giant con trick. This fits a growing perception of a post-9/11 world in which innocent Muslims are demonised and the terror threat is manufactured to suit the dark designs of the West’s Judeo-Christian elite.

The decision to distribute 5000 multi-lingual leaflets, carefully setting out details of the anti-terror operation and the events leading up to it, may have sought to offer a well-intentioned reassurance “that the police are not targeting communities or faiths, but suspected criminals”.

For many Muslims, that message has fallen on deaf ears. At least in part, they are listening to a very different message from mosques across the city.

Take the Birmingham Central Mosque, where up to 4000 people attend Friday prayers.

Dr. Naseem – Honorary Doctorate received for ‘interfaith dialogue’ from Birmingham University

Its chairman for the past 32 years has been Mohammed Naseem, a past champion of interfaith dialogue who for many years was regarded as a voice of Islamic moderation. A year ago, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Birmingham.

Dr Nasseem, 83, said he was sure the nine arrested men were innocent of any crime and would eventually be released without charge.

Wake me up if you ever find a ‘guilty’ Muslim, will you?

Read it all, it gets better:

18 thoughts on “British Government Accused of ‘Striking Fear in the Hearts of the Muslim People’”

  1. Boy, am I glad I don’t live in the UK. As bad as things are in the US regarding Islamania we haven’t reached the stage they’re at it. This must be some kind of punishment for the British controlling so much of the world at one time-either that or the natives have a strange way of saying thanks for lifting them out of misery.

  2. “Striking fear in hearts of (otherwise fearless) moslem people”???
    So what do they fear now? Risking jail when caught with a bomb strapped to their moslem body? Reprimanded for calling the moslems to wage war against Christians and Jews (and against just about everyone else)? Facing criticism for “honour killing”, genital mutilation, or gang rape of infidel girls? Terrible, terrible, terrible…
    One really worries that when the “fear” reaches an intolerable level we may witness a stampede of moslems out of Britain and into the greener, friendler pastures of the humane moslem world. Somalia, for example.

  3. “Mohammed Naseem, a past champion of interfaith dialogue who for many years was regarded as a voice of Islamic moderation.”

    Hmm, why is he “a past champion”? Did he realize that we have nothing to “dialogue” about, or got tired of the sham?
    Or rather was he advised by fellow mohammedans to stop sabotaging the work of preachers of jihad in the “british” mosques if he doesn’t want to end up as a main character of the next beheading video?

    Whatever. It seems that basically mohammedans fall into two categories: those who are ready to kill us and those who say it is not a big deal.
    The “champ” is too old to be in the former so he joins the latter. It is his own modest contribution to the jihad.

  4. Here’s a link to this ‘interfaith’ champion:
    Dr. Naseem – Honorary Doctorate

    CHAIRMAN of the Birmingham Mosque Trust, Dr Mohammad Naseem, has received an honourary doctorate from the University of Birmingham for his interfaith work. Dr Naseem was awarded the accolade by Professor Evelyn Ellis on Dec 9 at the university. In her introduction, Prof. Ellis presented a brief history of Dr Naseem’s life and his commitment to ‘freedom of expression, rule of law and democracy since his formative years’.

    The degree was awarded in recognition of his services to interfaith dialogue, social cohesion and communal harmony. Naseem, 81, was said to be pleased with the award. The former GP worked in the NHS until his retirement in 1994. He has been a member of the University’s Chaplains’ Committee since 1960 and Chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque since 1975.

  5. If anyone has the right to feel fearful it is the Jewish Population in the UK.

    Watch out for a replay of 1939, coming to a city near you!

    It will be an easy step for the UK govt to kick out the Jews, and I wouldn’t put it past them. All they have to do is nothing,,,,the Jewish people will have to leave of their own accord for their own safety.I bet the UK will do nothing to stop this wave of anti-semitism. Then the Mo’s will go after other minorities,,,then the majority.

    Where will theJews go now? Israel doesn’t look too safe right now.

    A much harder problem to rid themselves of the islamic cancer and they have already proved they are not going to do a thing to stop the UK becoming islamic.

  6. And Howard and Downer and Ruddock are honorary members of this Islamic cult in Australia. Already we have sheiks of each islamic sect all over the place being funded by Howard to spout their anti-Australian anti-world crap – and Howard and Downer & Co lap it up – and then turn on aussies and take away our personal freedoms – in order to give Islam free reign. It truly is the most extraordinarily disgusting phenomenon.. Regardless of how bad the Fed ALP are, at least voting them in would break the current dynamic due of Howard and the Sheiks, ruining Australia.

  7. Tony, please post evidence of your claims. Nobody is happy with the situation, but when compared with the rest of the world the Howard government has said (not necessarily done) more than anybody else. I haven’t seen the opposition present a program that reverses Islamic immigration and unless that happens I stick with what we’ve got….

  8. Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad Watch on Muslim soldiers in the British or American Army:

    “not even a small word about that Muslim who died in Afghanistan Hugh?

    Unbelievably and sadly, the Muslim soldiers are despised and seen as traitors by both the JW crowd AND the extremist muslims.”
    — from a posting above

    Don’t be idiotic. I was listing problems, including the known traitorous behavior (including desertion, and the murder of sleeping fellow soldiers), with Muslism in the American army. Furthermore, it is absurd to think that I must simultaneously list any example of any Muslim soldier either who served, or who died, in Iraq and Afghanistan. The soldier you mentionj is Jabron Hashmi, who was killed by the Taliban, and he has received a huge amount of media attention in Great Britain, as you know perfectly well. Indeed his brother Zeeshan Hashmi, who also served in the army, was interviewed at length yesterday on the BBC. By the way, outside of his family, how many Muslims supported him — really supported him? Here’s a comment from some fellow Muslims:

    “In Birmingham, near the Hashmi family’s home in Bordesley Green, some young Muslim men also spoke out.
    ‘I don’t see how any Muslim can be in the British army, not with all the shit that’s happening in Muslim countries. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not right. There’s no space for Muslims in the army,’ said a 25-year-old who would only give his name as Saleem. ‘Of course it’s a tragedy and I feel for them [his family]. But what was he doing over there? He was an Asian dude fighting a white man’s war. Basically, we can’t be like the goreh [white people] and they can’t be like us.'”

    One must draw conclusions, and make policy, not on the basis of one or two or even ten or a hundred exceptions, but on the basis of the the clear doctrines of Islam, and of the observable behavior and atittudes, express and implied, of Muslims.

    And this is what is now, at long last, being done by thinking people all over the Infidel West. They are beginning to observe. They are beginning to read, with understanding, not only the Qur’an, but the Qur’an with the doctrine of naskh in mind, and not only the Qur’an with the doctrine of naksh kept firmly in mind, but with the realization that in English and French the Qur’an is far more mild than it is in the Arabic version — and some have begun to study that matter. And they have not limited themselves to the Qur’an, but just like Muslims, have begun to understand the significcance of Muhammad, as the Guid to Conduct, uswa hasana, as the Perfect Man, al-insan al-kamil, and are less gullible, less ready to swallow the nonsense peddled by apologists for Islam, the assorted armstrongs, espositios, sellses, ernsts, and all the rest.

    One cannot simultaneously make the texts of Islam — Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira — available to Muslims world-wide, and not expect the Infidels to listen in, to read over the shoulder of Muslims. One cannot permanently prevent Infidels from finding out about Islam. It can’t be done.

    Not everyone will remain as wilfully misunderstanding of Islam as, at least in the first year or two after the 9/11/2001 attacks,Bush and Balir did and, judging by their wishing to remain in Iraq, still do.

    Others, many others, have come to their senses. And many more will be forced to do so.

    Your comment is ludicrous.

    Posted by: Hugh at February 2, 2007 11:14 AM

  9. gramfan,
    couldn’t help notice your post….
    you do realise there are 3 synagogues in Iran and up to 40 000 Jews living there (same number as Jews living in Sydney ). There is even a Jewish member of parliament. Yes there is a certain amount of discrimination but not too different to the anti-semitism that you see in most of Western Europe where Jewish cemetaries and syngagogues are regularly attcked (not always by muslims I might add ). FYI there are also up to 40 000 Jews in Turkey. Question is: why are the muslims in Iran not “slaying these Jews wherever they find them ?” How can it be that 40 000 Jews are living and working in Iran ? Pleeeeaaaaze explain….

  10. depends where you get your figures from. Still wondering why those 20000 Jews ( wikipedia says up to 40 000 – whatever ) and 3 synagogues still exist in Iran.

  11. Firstl, Jihadi

    I read ALL of wikipaedia with a grain of salt as it can be re-written and edited easily. I suggest everyone should.

    What do you think of these examples?

    I know there is a “token” Jewish member of parliament in Iran,,so? Is this supposed to show how tolerant Iran is? One out of how many MP’s?

    “Yes there is a certain amount of discrimination but not too different to the anti-semitism that you see in most of Western Europe where Jewish cemetaries and syngagogues are regularly attcked (not always by muslims I might add ).”

    I know that. Nothing has changed much in 2000 years.

    I also know most Jews have been expelled from muslim lands.Saddam did it too. He held a public hanging of some of them.

    As far as Iran has not killed all their Jews (yet): I wonder why they keep threatening to destroy Israel? I think most muslims can’t wait to see this happen.
    Oh yes,, I forget. A Jew is different from a zionist by arab definition.
    Sorry I don’t buy that nonsense! Pure semantics! It just makes it easier to define Jews politically rather than by religion which would make muslims seem intolerant, rather than being politically opposed to some ideology which is ok.

    Here’s another interesting site:

    Lucky the Israeli’s are tolerant, like Iran. Some arabs actually want to live there! And there are qute a few arab members of parliament in Israel. I would guess a better proportion than in Iran.

  12. Tony
    I think Howard et al are doing more than most western leaders, which may not be enough .
    However, since the islamic community is always accusing of them of being divisive I guess they are doing something right!
    Also remember Costello’s declaration that there will never be sharia law here.

    I DO think they go to far at times: e.g having an islamic advisory board. No other minority to my knowledge has ever been afforded this luxury.

  13. So there are still 20000 Jews in Iran? Great! The fact that they are still alive surely testify to the wonderful life they enjoy under the Islamic rule. Otherwise they would have all left Iran, right?
    In 1998, Jewish businessman Ruhollah Kakhodah-Zadeh was hanged in prison without a public charge or legal proceeding, apparently for assisting Jews to emigrate. One wonders if that may have something to do with Iran’s Jews reluctance to leave their country…
    There were vastly more than 20.000 Jews in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen etc., yet very few of them tried to “emigrate” from the camps. Again, one wonders why. But, perhaps, they were quite comfortable there? That would confirm the official Iranian (and probably Jihadist’s) denial of the Holocaust.
    In 1979 before the Islamic revolution there were 80.000 Jews in Iran. Those who could, mostly people of means, escaped leaving behind their property. According to Jihadist they surely overreacted. After all what is wrong with being a despised and scared to death dhimmi?

    But Jews are not the only ones who flee Islamic rule if they can. After the Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza the wave of Mohammedan terror, harassment and intimidation spells clearly that there soon won’t be Christians left in the very cradle of the Christianity. Yet another place where a civilization is replaced by the Mohammedan barbarity.

  14. Christian West

    Good post! Let none of us forget that we are all in the firing line, even if we believe in fairies at the bottom of our gardens!

    (I sometimes wonder how many muslims are also trying to escape from their terror-saturated environments – i.e. radical imams who would just as easily kill them also if they disagree.)
    Maybe Jihadi is one of them? naaah,,with a handle like that I guess it is unlikely.

  15. Gramfan:

    “We are all in the firing line.” Absolutely.
    Yet the infidels stupefied and emasculated by the decades of leftist/liberal brainwashing and daily guilt injections are afraid to call spade a spade and islam barbarism. The leftist cancer got us believe in the idiotic mantra that all civilizations and cultures are equal (well, except judeo-christian, which is evil) and that multiculturalism is a law of nature. Yes, we are all in the firing line as long as the Mohammedanism is sure that we have no will and are too confused to fire back. The day we stop Moslem immigration to our lands and start deportation of anyone who as much as hints jihad sentiments the picture will end totally. Our greatest enemy is not Mohammedanism, but our paralysis. Paralysis resulting from the doubt in value, uniqueness and endless superiority of the Judeo Christian West over Islam. When I say “fire back” I don’t mean bombing, invading, conquering and controlling. I mean SEPARATION..
    Mohammedanism is a parasitic “culture” and, just like tuberculosis bacteria, can not grow without host organism. It is a menace only because it penetrated our world, or the West’s organism. Without access to our wealth, not only material, but technological and scientific, it would once again be sucked back to that 7th century time capsule from which we so thoughtlessly extracted it a few decades ago. So, let’s do the separation now and let mohammedans realize that we will adjust the level of our alms-giving to their behaviour. And they can do absolutely nothing about it.

    About Jihadi…
    I think he is your everyday, predictable, boring, sometimes even annoying (but never exciting), troll. Whether a troll of the Mohammedan, leftist, or nazi persuasion is for one to guess. If one has nothing better to do.

  16. Christian West
    Agree with all above.
    People have stupidly ranked islam as one of the world’s great religions and we can see nothing is further from the truth.

    One can only hope the left becomes enlightened sooner rather than later: you are right about that also.

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