Ex-Gitmo Jailbird Mamduh Habib to run in Australian Election

Hmm, just wondering when his trial is coming up: You think he can govern from behind bars?

Ex-Guantanamo inmate to run in Australia election
By Andrew Cleary Thu Feb 1,

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian once detained in Guantanamo Bay on suspicion of helping al Qaeda said on Friday he would stand for election to the New South Wales state parliament.

Mamdouh Habib, released in January 2005, was held in Guantanamo Bay without charge for almost three years after he was arrested crossing from Pakistan into Afghanistan three weeks after the September 11 attacks on the United States.

“We’re here in Australia, this has nothing to do with Afghanistan,” Habib told a news conference in Sydney called to announce he would run as an independent in the March 24 contest.

“This has nothing to do with terrorism — we have no terrorists in Australia. If you want to talk about terror then talk to the U.S.,” he said.

Sure Mamduh, sure. The Americans are the terrorists…

Habib’s candidacy comes as the gulf widens between Australia’s small, mainly Sunni, Muslim community of some 280,000 people and the rest of the country, leaving many Muslims feeling besieged and trapped between two cultures.

Anti-Muslim sentiment has been inflamed by Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly, the mufti of Australia’s biggest mosque, who has compared unveiled women to “uncovered meat” and said Muslim Australians had more right to the country than people descended from convicts.

Habib denied his views were extreme. He said he was standing to fight against racist attacks on minority ethnic groups including Muslim Australians, Aborigines and migrants, and to take care of the community in which he lived.

“The aim of the campaign is to reclaim our diminishing human rights, negated every day by the state and federal governments, and to organize people who are prepared to fight for them,” his campaign manager, Raul Bassi, said at the news conference.

Habib will contest the seat of Auburn in southwestern Sydney, an area with a large Muslim community, and said he was confident he would be well received by local voters.

New South Wales state Premier Morris Iemma (the dilemma) dismissed Habib’s chances in the election. “The voters of Auburn, like Australians everywhere, won’t put up with lunacy, no matter who’s putting it forward,” he said in remarks broadcast on local television.

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  1. Another crazy Muslim, what is his intention and why can’t he go to the country where he belongs to?. If he hates U.S.A, then he hates Australia, what does he think, are the Australians crazy like Muslims in Middle East?, no man. You should know that Muslims will never be able to tolerate the values of Europe, America and Australia as it is based on Islamic faith. The Western civlisation is totally different, which is based on human values not on any faith.

  2. Can one run for parliament when one has been imprisoned? (Yes I know he hasn’t been convicted as yet.)
    I hope no one votes for him and both parties have said they will not exchange preferences.

    Perhaps he could join forces with the “delightful” Mundine??
    The pugilist thinks Aboriginal people have been treated as if the government is run by Nazis.

    This is quite offensive to many. Also it shows how ignorant he is. Obvioulsy he has no idea what Nazis ever did. The word “nazi” has been misued so much lately, and usually in the wrong context.

    Mundine controversy
    Boxer Anthony Mundine has sparked fresh controversy, this time by likening Australia’s treatment of Aborigines to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

    He’s also called for our flag to be scrapped and replaced by a new national emblem, which better represents Australia’s diversity.

    He says Australia needs to learn from how Germany reasserted itself after the Nazi era.

    Mundine says, to him, the Australian flag symbolises the murder and rape of the native people.

    He says that’s why the Union Jack can be seen burning in his controversial rap video, as he wants to wash away what he calls the dark past of Australia.

  3. Thanks Gramfan.

    Looks like these 2 good muslim brothers are following the same ideology anyway. To smear the government with trumped up charges and accusations in order to get the entitlement brigades behind them is not exactly a new strategy..

  4. Pleasure, Sheik:)
    You are doing a great job!

    Both are really pathetic! The “usual victims”!

  5. Yes, I’m sure Habib knows how to “take care of people” – he would have learned that from the Taliban. Why did the Howard government embrace this criminal and terrorist and all round bludger, and bring him back to Australia? Why doesn’t the USA and Australia deem Islam a cult made up of many sects defined by Mafioso Freak Sheiks.. and stop funding with hundred of millions of dollars every year.? Why are the governments of Australia allowing Islam to ruin our lives (the UK looks like a lost cause – civil war beckons). All muslim business and people should be blackbanned…Saudi money should be prevented from funding these ratbags…….So far nothing……

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