France: ‘Racism’ used to shut down Freedom of Expression

Update on this story:

Mohammed in the picture crying, sez:

‘What did I do wrong to have such idiots follow me?’

Cartoon row goes to French court

By Tom Heneghan

Paris – The row over Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed will be replayed in a French court next week when two influential Islamic groups sue a Paris satirical weekly for inciting hatred against Muslims by printing the caricatures.

The two Muslim associations aim to show that reprinting the cartoons was a provocation equal to anti-Semitic acts or Holocaust denial that are already banned under French law, Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Paris Grand Mosque, said on Friday.

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“Free speech is not the issue here. The issue is that, in France, racism is not an opinion, it is a crime,” said Francis Szpiner, lawyer for the Grand Mosque, which has sued along with the Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF).

“Two of those caricatures make a link between Muslims and Muslim terrorists. That has a name and it’s called racism.”

*Perhaps he should be asked to explain verses in the Koran like this one:

Qur’an:3:150, “Soon We shall strike terror into the hearts of the Infidels, for that …’ – ‘Terror made me victorious…’ said Mohammed-, and there is heeps more where that came from. Check our ‘Islam’ section on this blog!

During the cartoon controversy, offended Muslims demanded an apology and a ban on criticising Islam. President Jacques Chirac accused Charlie Hebdo of willfully provoking Muslims.

*Chirac of course was and always will be a whore for the Arabs and always in their pocket, so it is of little relevance what he says.

But Szpiner, a prominent Paris lawyer, said the Grand Mosque’s complaint was not about blasphemy because it singled out only two of the 10 cartoons printed by Charlie Hebdo as racist.

“We admit that one can caricaturise the Prophet,” he said, expressing a view contrary to a widespread belief in the Muslim world that images of Mohammad are forbidden. No French court would accept an argument based on that Muslim belief.

*Right: If they can’t shut free speech down with a ‘blasphemy’-charge then they play the race card.

The issue is not the principle of caricaturising the Prophet, but a racist aggression against French Muslims, telling them they are terrorists,” Szpiner said.

*Right again: Intimidation, death-threats, mass-demonstrations, French intifadah, torching 10.000 cars, burning people alive and firebombing 500 businesses is not enough. If all fails, play the race-card, that will do ’em.

Stupid infidels, why don’t you surrender already?

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  1. If racism is a crime, there wouldn’t be enough prisons to keep all the racists locked up. What an idiotic lawsuit-how much is being wasted in tax money for this foolishness. Talk about beating a dead horse-nobody does it as well as Islamaniacs.

  2. In 2207 some Muslim will probably file a lawsuit over this issue-Islamic madness knows no time barriers.

    Assuming France still exists in 200 years.

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