University of Toronto: ASC Promotes Genocidal Hatefest against Israel

ASC of course stands for ‘Arab Students Collective’- and the event is called

‘Israel Apartheid Week’ with thanks to Little Green Footballs:

This is the graphic used to promote the event and is hosted at the official University of Toronto web site.

Take a closer look: Could it be that Israel is missing from the map?


The university’s official statement here: Ooops, looks they’ve taken it off!

But we have it anyway:

Concerns have been raised by some members of the community about an upcoming series of events to be held on campus by the Arab Students’ Collective under the title Israeli Apartheid Week. Those opposed to the content of these events have urged the University to force the Arab Students’ Collective to cancel its activities. We will not. To do so would violate the University’s fundamental commitment to freedom of speech. …

The very fact that the Arab Students’ Collective and other campus groups exist speaks to a central value of the University of Toronto. As an academic community, we have a fundamental commitment to the principles of freedom of inquiry, freedom of speech and freedom of association. In this context, campus groups avail themselves of campus facilities for activities. …

With respect to the events planned by the Arab Students’ Collective, the University has no reason to believe that the activities will exceed the boundaries for free speech as articulated in the Statement on Freedom of Speech. The U of T upholds the fundamental principles of open dialogue and tolerance within its community. The ability to question, examine and comment on issues of the day, even when such commentary may be repugnant to some, is central to the mission of the University. Having said that, all University activity is subject to the laws of Canada, and behaviour or speech that constitutes hatred or incitement to hatred against any group will be dealt with quickly and appropriately.


Advocating the destruction of an entire nation: hate speech, or wonderful example of tolerance?

All of the usual crypto-fascist “peace” groups are represented; Christian Peacemaker Teams, International Solidarity Movement, Al-Awda, etc.

And this Friday, the Arab Students’ Collective is proud to feature America-hating fraud Ward Churchill

One thought on “University of Toronto: ASC Promotes Genocidal Hatefest against Israel”

  1. Apartheid? These idiots are looking at it all wrong. It’s the MUSLIMS who WANT it-they want their own sections of cities, their own beaches, their own bathrooms,etc in the infidel world. That must be OK by these empty headed students. I’m not surprised-they buy any BS the peaceful ones can concoct. Hell, they probably believe that a Wermacht of 6 million Jews attacked a peaceful and prosperous nation called Palestine in 1948 in order to enslave and exterminate the good citizens there (the REAL Holocaust of course) and errect in its place Nazi Israel, the most oppressive and racist nation the world has ever seen. It’s getting to the point where university faculty need to be reeducated because the crap they’re teaching students nowadays is not only wrong and stupid, but dangerous.

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