Get out NOW!


Mission accomplished?

You bet!

The mission was accomplished long ago. It was accomplished when Baghdad fell.

When Saddam Hussain was dragged out of his hole the mission was ACCOMPLISHED.

Who ever came up with this idiotic ‘lets go to Iraq for nation building?’

Who suckered us into this madness?

‘Democracy’ – ‘Light upon the Muslim nations’- foggeddaboutit!!

The very moment we agreed to ‘democracy under sharia law’- the whole f*#kcing thing went down the gurgler!

Why don’t we do what we must, and leave them to it?

Why must we spent scarce resources (which must be husbanded instead of squandered) to prevent the -inevitable- slaughter of the shiites, -those rafidite dogs-, or vice versa, the slaughter of the Shiites by sunnies, those Wahabite financiers of the global jihad?

Neither of them is a friend (or an ally)  to us infidel kuffars, no matter how much they pretend and screw us out of our money.

Enough is enough. Let nature run its curse:

London-based Sunni historian: Iran plotting to annihilate the Sunnis, establish global Shi’ite government

3 thoughts on “Get out NOW!”

  1. But you just know, that once the US pulls out and Al qaeda setup shop in Iraq, the whole thing is going to come back and bite us on the ass, again, and again.

  2. Al Qaeda have already set up shop in Iraq. Also, the Taliban in Afghanistan have resurged to their pre Oct 2001 levels and Al Qaeda is thriving there. We cut and run in Afghanistan and look what has happened. The job should have bee done there properly rather than focusing in Iraq . Then they should have gone into S Arabia where the money flows from.

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