Hateful, Black, Racist & Islamic too: Imam Musa’s rants against ‘Zionists’ & America

Imam Musa
The former Drug-dealer, jail-bird and black panther activist describes himself on his website on myspace:

“In Algeria, he came in contact with several exiled Black Panther leaders such as Eldridge Cleaver and Pete O’Neal, as well as many prominent figures active in the decolonization struggles of African countries. After returning to the US, he turned himself in as a wanted fugitive and was sent to prison. While incarcerated, Imam Musa accepted traditional, orthodox Islam before his release… ”

Here’s his website:


And here he accuses Robert Spencer & Daniel Pipes of having hacked his website. A little bit like ‘The US did 9/11’ or ‘The government blew the dams in New Orleans’…

Islam doesn’t come without conspiracy theories…


3 thoughts on “Hateful, Black, Racist & Islamic too: Imam Musa’s rants against ‘Zionists’ & America”

  1. What a complete and total loser this guy is, even by the depraved standards of Islam. Why would anybody bother to hack this idiot’s site-doing so would give it undeserved publicity. Better to let it die from lack of attention.

  2. Saw this guy being interviewed on Fox(Hanity) and it makes me wonder how the hell anyone gets taken in by these islamic charlatans. They lie, and lie badly.

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