Euro-Dhimmies already caving in: ‘They will pay the Jiziyah’- sez Khaled Meshaal

European states will send money to new gov’t: Hamas

By Alaa Shahine 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

CAIRO (Reuters) – Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said on Friday several European states have pledged to send money to the new Palestinian government, adding that key peace mediators could also challenge the U.S. decision to shun the Palestinians.

Meshaal said the United States was no longer able to convince other members of the Quartet of the Middle East mediators to maintain financial sanctions imposed on the Palestinian government after Hamas’s surprise victory in a 2006 general election.

“There are European countries that have already decided on their annual financial support to the Palestinian government and have contacted Palestinian officials,” Meshaal told a news conference in Cairo.

“The international community has started to take steps to break the embargo,” he said.

But he declined to name the countries that have made the pledges and did not say whether they would wait for an official decision from the quartet — the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia — to lift the sanctions.

* Lets hope nobody confirms it and that its just another Arab fairytale.

But everything is possible with the appeasers…

Read it all…

And Charles from LGF exposes the Hamas shill Karin Laub, who regularly smears Israel as ‘USrael’ and sux real bad with a mind-bindingly worshipful puff piece on the leader of a genocidal gang of mass murderers:

Hamas’ Haniyeh a ‘popular politician’



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  1. People in Europe need to wake up-their hard earned money is being extracted by high taxes so it can be given to the worst scum in the world. Are these palestinians grateful for this money? Hell no. Do these palestinians use this money to build their nation in Gaza? Hell no. Then what the hell is going on with all these billions being wasted on these supreme losers? The bigshots pocket the money like their hero Arafatpig did and what’s left over goes to buying weapons to commit atrocities with. These bastards should be left to rot because they do nothing but contribute death and destruction to the world in their insane quest of their mythical homeland. Not even termites cause as much damage as this verminous bunch does.

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