Hicks tries New Shtick: Drops Islamic Faith, Lawyer sez…

The Hicks aka Dawoud saga continues:

England wouldn’t have him, the child-photos didn’t find enough bleeding hearts, his annoying, obnoxious father ran out of sympathies, so what’s left?

Will he now become a born-again Christian?

Hicks drops Islamic faith
Mark Dunn from the Herald Sun

DAVID Hicks has renounced Islam, his American military lawyer confirmed yesterday.

Major Michael Mori declined to say why Hicks was no longer a Muslim, saying it was a personal issue for the suspected terrorist.
Hicks adopted the name Dawood when he converted to Islam in Adelaide in the late 1990s.

He was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and has spent five years in the high-security US military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

A former Guantanamo inmate has claimed Hicks was denounced by Muslim prisoners for his change of faith.

Major Mori, who spoke to 300 delegates at a human rights conference in Melbourne yesterday, later condemned Australia’s law officers.

He described as “strange and foreign” comments by Solicitor-General David Bennett, QC, in the Federal Court that a general obligation for the Federal Government to protect citizens abroad “is simply something that the law has never recognised”.

“It’s frustrating for me to see an Australian being abandoned and being pushed towards a cliff for this system that is not acceptable for Americans,” he said.

Major Mori said Hicks might have to wait another three years to face trial if there were a Supreme Court challenge to the legitimacy of the military commission.

Major Mori will speak to Victorian MPs today.

* Does he know that the punishment for apostasy is death?

Update: “Hicksville” from Piers Akerman


And an interview with his pathetic father: 

7 thoughts on “Hicks tries New Shtick: Drops Islamic Faith, Lawyer sez…”

  1. “It’s frustrating for me to see an Australian being abandoned and being pushed towards a cliff…” – Major Mori

    An Australian?! What makes David Hicks Australian?

    The only thing that connects him to Australia is the fact that he betrayed her. Send the scumbag to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, or Somalia. If he gets his head lopped off for apostasy it will be a matter between him and his coreligionists.

  2. Agree, Christian West.

    One thing is for sure: he a chameleon of opportunity.Check this out:


    Now they are saying he wanted to join the Aussie army but didn’t have the brains,,well,,duh! Thank goodnes for that!

    Also, in this article, it Major Mori mentions armed militias in the US. Maybe your thoughts re some political coup are not that “pie in the sky” or far away after all?

  3. He gave up Islam? Well-I think we should be errecting Gitmos on every empty plot of land and cram them full with the peaceful ones. And they say prison doesn’t reform people!

  4. “And they say prison doesn’t reform people! ”

    Hicks will do ANYTHING to get out. You may have a point!
    Heck,,he might even have a ham sandwich to celebrate!

  5. This Major Mori sounds like he should be watched very carefully by the U.S. as his sympathies are for the terrorists.
    This is why I hate lawyers.

  6. D.T.
    they get away with all sorts of things. I think Mori is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this. They just want to win at all costs. Worse than whores at times.At least they are more honest.

    Trouble is the left will only be happy when hicks is aquitted.
    (my brother-in-law is a lawyer!! aarrggh!)

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