Hicksteria continues…

A while ago I wrote ‘Harry the Taliban’ for guys like Hicks, Adam Gadahn, John Walker Lind & Jihad Jack. The song is here:


I won’t bother to write much anymore about this Muhammedan jihad PoS who named himself Mohammed Dawoud and joined the Taliban to kill Americans. This creep made a conscious decision to fight in the global jihad from Bosnia to Afghanistan to make the world Islamic.

We were all young and pretty once….

Don’t you hate to see all those misguided useful idiots, church groups and left-wing nutroots jump in the ring to ‘defend his rights?’ Never before in history have traitors been afforded such a forum of support.

His slobbering, attention-seeking father Terry (pictured above)
plays every register to drum up support and compassion by putting pictures up about this fine boy in his early youth.

We were all young once, weren’t we?

Dishonest, disgraceful, deceptive and despicable.

Those with a big heart should save their compassion for those who deserve it. Hicks is not one of them. A bullet or the rope should have done him nicely.
If you wish to catch up on the latest check out this link:

3 thoughts on “Hicksteria continues…”

  1. Both truly must have the LOSER gene.
    Any one read VIZ magazine?
    There was a character in it called Terry Fuckwit and that describes old man Hicks.

  2. If my kid was a traitorous, terrorist pig I would disown him without hesitation. Obviously, the old man did a poor job raising his stupid punk kid
    in the first place-only losers flock to Islam like flies to a turd. Unfortunately, in this day and age people are proud of disgusting behavior and can flaunt that fact shamelessly. Like father, like son. Both stink worse than a turd.

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