Islamic School Update & the lunacy of the Islamic Scholar

DNC’s Imam Al-Husainy Melts Down on the Air

Imam Husham Al-Husainy, who delivered the now-infamous lines about doom, oppression, and occupation at the DNC winter meeting with party chairman Howard Dean standing at his side, was interviewed yesterday on Sean Hannity’s radio show.

Absolute must-listen mp3 of the DNC’s imam Husham Al-Husainy on Hannity’s radio show.

Hannity keeps trying to ask him two questions: Is Hizballah a terrorist group? and Is Ahmadinejad an antisemite? Note Al-Husainy’s reaction: not only does he squirm and dance, but he starts accusing Hannity of hating him, hating peace, hating God.
This is an extraordinarily common reaction, and is akin to the predictable response that always follows any discussion of the elements of Islam that give rise to violence, supremacism, fanaticism: instead of dealing with those elements of Islam and working to formulate some positive way to mitigate their destructive force, Islamic apologists routinely shift the focus to the one raising the questions, accusing him of hatemongering, bigotry, racism, “Islamophobia.” And there is always the accusation that the questioner is worse than, or equivalent to, the terrorists.
This is a very effective tactic, which is why they keep doing it. It makes naive and uninformed people turn away from the alleged bigot without considering what he is saying, and it deflects attention away from the Islamic roots of jihadist violence, so as to allow the jihadists to continue their work without harsh scrutiny.

Here are some of the things Al-Husainy says to Hannity — all in response to one or both of those questions:

You paid to talk like this.
God my witness, you are breaking the law and you are accusing me…Because you are breaking the peace of this world, you wanted to create animosity between the religions, Christian and Muslim and Jewish…

(Do you support Ahmadinejad?) I won’t answer you unless you just withdraw the question…

See? See now? See, “ducking the question” — this is an insult. See? …You are Christian, let’s follow Jesus’ rule. If you are a Jewish, let’s follow Moses’ rule. Please just follow God’s rule, not insult each other.

People like you, my friend, you are playing with fire.

Honest to God, you need to bring the peace to this world, you need to bring God to this world, you are out of the spiritual circle. You are justifying politics and the world is really burning. Let’s cool it down. Let’s go back to the law of Abraham and Muhammad and Jesus and Moses…But don’t insult, please. Don’t insult nobody.

You belong to a minority of people burning the world. You just have to come back to God. Go read the Bible. Go read the Torah. And let’s talk, is that the language, is that the behavior of Jesus and Moses? You are really away of your faith. So let’s go back to the moral value of the Bible. And let’s see: does the Bible teach [unintelligible] each other like that? We are Muslim, a billion and a half just like the Christians. Is that the way we aggravate each other, trouble each other? You are really making God mad at you, making Jesus mad at you, making Moses mad at you…

Give me time, I will answer it. But let’s respect each other. The trouble is, you are humiliating me and God is against that. Jesus against that…

You are. You are against prophet Muhammad. You are against the faith of Muslims. You are against Qur’an. And God is my witness. And God’s gonna get mad at you. Jesus gonna get mad at you. You are working against the unity of the world. And the unity of Muslims, and Jewish, and Christians. You are working against America. You are disturbing the peace between East and West. You are really, you are the anti-peace person.

And then the Imam hung up on Hannity.

And the imam had a shrieking, sputtering, complete meltdown. This one is a real hoot.

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  1. The fact of the matter is if the shoe was on the other foot the mobots would be screaming and yelling racism but its ok because its only the infidel they hate.Its good to know that the reporter reasures us that this hate speech isn’t being taught to the kids…..FU%#EN BS.

  2. this sums up it up:
    Hilary Clinton says the war in Iraq is a mistake and that wishes she could turn back time and vote again the illegal invasion.
    An imam that no one had heard of until last week says America is an oppressor and the right whingers go on a frenzy.
    Am I missing something here ?

  3. jihadi bitch.. you’re missing your brain that’s all. Und jetzt troll dich, Scheißkerl!!

  4. The only illegal invasions is all you islamonazi fools getting into the good countires. Only becaused our “leaders” insist on selling us down the river. The revoution WILL be televised.

  5. wow it is time we wake up to what islam is teaching and anyone who preaches this garbage sholud be deported or arrested could you imagine if a Christian called Jews pigs do you think they be let off this easy wake up England before this cult of Islam takes over the nation.

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