Jihad Close to Home: Mosque Development Application for Cairns!



The Cairns City Council has received a Development Application for a mosque in 31 Dunn street, Cairns North 4870

Objections must be submitted before 9th of March 2007 to the Chief Executive Officer, Cairns City Council, PO Box 359, Cairns QLD 4870

Get involved! Lets Stop this NOW!

Contact Sheik Yer’mami if you support action against the spread of Islam in Australia:


I’m trying to find out as much as I can. Please back me up on this:

We need to bring attention to how this will impact on the neighborhood and Cairns as a whole.  I will print fliers and warn the neighbors and launch a petition to the City Council:

Lets STOP the Mosque!

19 thoughts on “Jihad Close to Home: Mosque Development Application for Cairns!”

  1. Thanks for the tip off, Sheikh

    We’re on the job now even tho’ we’re not local. It can only add to the objections if out of towners too find this completely unacceptable

    best wishes


  2. What needs to be done, Sheik?
    (I am not local either). Is there a large islamic presence in Cairns? I haven’t been there recently.
    Do you think an online petition would help?

  3. I’m on your side too! My brother and father are up there so I get up about twice a year.
    I have actually driven by that block with the old house in Dunn Street. Just to see what it was like. It is so close to the city centre. I think I will send some letters to the editor.

  4. Back again,
    I think there will have to be some sort of a legal/town planning reason as the basis of any objections.
    Emotional ojections will not play a part in stopping the mosque.

  5. How about “It will F*** up the tourism industry”?

    Guys, apologies.

    1) I am old enough to swear.
    2) Every day something seems to happen re islam.
    3) The weather in Victoria is disgusting.
    4) Fighting the mujahadeen on the ‘net all day is hard work! I wonder how
    long I can keel it going .

    Hats off to Sheik for his valiant efforts!!

  6. I’m in Sydney and I’ll also send in a submission along the lines that it will F-up your tourism industry. When I go on holiday I want to get away from the crap of Sydney. No reason to go to FNQ if you’re also subjected to the strains of diversity.

    Hijabs, burqas, Muslim beards, rat-tail haircuts, mosques, bedsheet couture – they’re all marks of separation and only serve to divide the community. There goes the neighbourhood.

  7. Contact the environmentalists and tell them the FNQ Aussie is an endangered species that needs protection. Rally an Aussie-hugging demonstration … bring out the chains and hook the ferals up to Aussies in the endangered neighbourhood.

    Or at least they might find a rare frog on the proposed site in danger of extinction.

  8. Ask the city council people to raise some stupid objections so that they put things in limbo. They should be more than helpful.

  9. A little ‘ol’ house in Dunn street has been used as a mosque now for a long time. These folks are going to demolish the house and build a flashy mosque, right across from the Christian cemetry….bizarre. Not really sure what kind of submission I can out in. I live here so they won’t give two hoots about me…..I think.

    I think that the mayor was hounded by this wacko lebonese chap whose name is ‘Hawash.’ He runs the Bungalow car wreckers in Bungalow Cairns. So He, the mayor will be either scared off or be onside with this.

    Shiek…what do you think?

  10. Have to sort out the terrain first.

    Don’t know who’s friend or foe. What will you do to support me?

    We need fliers, persistant callers to radio stations.

    We need to get it into the papers and on TV.

    Drove by this morning.

    Still collecting info.

    We will do whatever it takes to stop them from spreading their tentacles…

    Stay tuned!

  11. I have quite a few email addresses and I have sent an email to each councillor in each name. Only takes a few minutes, there is a drop box with all the councillors addresses.

  12. No joke, that guy at the Bungalow Car wreckers had pictures of Bin Laden on his wall as you walked in the front shop area. I also know he owns (or may have sold it now) English St Smash Repairs.

    Getting sick of this religion infecting the country, Australia is becomming nothing but a melting pot of aggrivation and violence brought on by multi-culturalism that the government likes to think is the best idea in history.

    To bad Cairns post only put something in the paper a day before the application closure, wankers.

  13. I agree with this position. The Muslims have been on one side of almost every war in the world, even before Sept. 11.

    I believe 90% of Muslims are peaceful, but does anyone doubt that some subversive activity will happen in this mosque? Why give them the foothold?

    Let’s not appease this enemy.


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