How Al Reuters makes something out of Nothing


Rice faces uphill battle to revive Mideast peace

* Read the headline, take a deep breath and sit back. Just think ‘uphill battle’- and take a deep breath again, then let it sink in: ‘revive Mideast peace’…

As if the daily BS and the dissemination by the PC brigades and the MSM were not bad enough already!

Here you can see how a hapless, clueless twit (Condi) shuttles to and from the Middle East without knowledge and understanding, encouraged by an administration that is equally clueless. Yes. And then the fat boyz in Washington sit down and wonder why the Arabs don’t sing ‘kumbayah’ in unison with us.

Here you can see what effect it has when we ignore everything about dealing with the Muhammedans, the soldiers of Allah, for whom black females are nothing more than slaves or domestic servants or prostitutes. All our wonderful ‘new world order’ and all that multiculti’-BS is wasted on the Arab-Islamo-fascists who suck the hatred in with the mothers milk and see only one thing:

Defeat of the West. Destruction of Israel.

Decadence, self-hatred, consumerism, emptiness as in ‘devoid of a value-system’ encourages the Muhammedans in their quest for dominance and supremacy. Cowardice, self-censorship and a beggar-like servility combined with a boycott on our own reproduction has the thriumphalist Muhammedan invaders in a state of euphoria. They believe it will happen tomorrow. They are circling like sharks before a feeding frenzy.

Womens liberation has (quietly) accepted the burkha. It seems they never had the slightest problem with it. ‘Wenn Du zum Weibe gehst vergiss die Peitsche nicht’- said Nietsche. Muhammedans whack their women with a vengeance and western women convert in droves to get a piece of the action. Mohammed gave instructions on how to whack your wife(s.)

So far there is not ONE women-organization that criticizes this misogynistic, Arab supremacist cult of Islam. The only criticism you hear is the one from the likes of Germaine Greer on Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. What you get is the naked, barren, post menopausal spinster, bitter and twisted, alone and demented,- attacking a man who lived his life to the full.

Penis envy at its most perverse!

Right. So much for today’s rant. Condi may or may not shuttle to and fro the Middle East and kick a dead horse as in ‘peace process’ and ‘the Palestinians deserve their own state’- if she does or doesn’t it makes not one iota difference.

We, the people, deserve better. We deserve a leadership that has studied the tenets of Islam, the attitudes of Arab Muslims against unbelievers and Jews. The concept of Dhimmitude, the strict separation in believer and unbeliever.

The perpetual warfare against the kuffar to make the world Islamic. That has to be understood. We have to deal with them with knowledge, not with stupidity.

More later…

3 thoughts on “How Al Reuters makes something out of Nothing”

  1. It is not about “reviving Mid-East Peace”, but Mid-East Peace Process.
    Two entirely different things.
    The former is a mirage and the latter is a Jew-killing carneval – with or without Arafat.

  2. When will people understand that the Pallys simply don’t want peace? They have said it often enough.

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