Mossad, CIA & the evil Jooozzz hard at work …

From Kashmir to Darfur, from Mindanao to Chechnya, from Afghanistan to Iraq and from Nigeria to Sudan those evil Jooozzz are tarnishing the image of the Religion of Peace.

True story! Now they even started bombing Algeria, (again!)

What you say? There are no Jooozzz in Algeria? Really? What happend to them?

Algeria hit by bombings, six dead: agency

By Larbi Louafi and Zohra Bensemra
SI MUSTAFA, Algeria (Reuters) – Seven bombs went off almost simultaneously in Algeria on Tuesday, killing six people east of the capital Algiers in an elaborate assault by suspected Islamist rebels.

Residents said four of the attacks targeted police stations.

“I was woken by a huge blast. I thought it was an earthquake,” said Aaref Jumaa, a resident of Si Mustafa village close to Boumerdes town 50 km (30 miles) east of Algiers.

Jumaa, standing near the blast-pocked walls of Si Mustafa’s police station, said the bomb went off at 4:15 a.m. (0315 GMT) beside the building, which is directly across the street from his home.

Pools of blood lay in the gutter of the main road.

“From now on I will sleep with fear in my heart,” said a woman clearing debris from her kitchen.

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  1. Yeah, people should sleep with fear in their hearts wherever there is Islamania. It’s the bogeyman come to life and far more deadly.

  2. With so many Jewish homocide bombers in the world they should all be quaking in their boots/sarcasm off.

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