Nablus under curfew after Israeli raid

And the IDF is still using rubber bullets…


AFP Photo: Israeli soldiers search a building during an incursion in the West bank town of Nablus….


by Imad Saada Sun Feb 25, 5:40 PM ET
NABLUS, West Bank (AFP) – Israeli troops stormed Nablus on Sunday, arresting 20 Palestinians and triggering clashes that left eight people wounded in the largest military crackdown in the occupied West Bank in months.

Israeli troops rode into the centre of Nablus in dozens of jeeps and armoured vehicles, imposing a curfew and surrounding several buildings including two hospitals, witnesses said.

Israel called the raid a pinpoint operation aimed at quashing a “terrorist hub.” Palestinians warned the “outrageous aggression” would undermine efforts to revive the peace process.

*The usual crapola: When Pali-Arabs shoot rockets into Israel its ‘resistance’- when Israel returns fire it is ‘outrageous aggression’. “Peace-process”- anybody?

“This aggression by the Israeli occupation government is like cutting the road forward after all our efforts to find peace,” Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s office said in a statement.

The operation, the largest in the West Bank since a January 4 raid in Ramallah killed four Palestinians, was aimed at finding weapons caches and arresting wanted militants, according to the Israeli army.

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  1. Once Israel gave up “outrageous aggression” with the 1993 Oslo Accords it set itself up for a whole lot of problems that go right on to today. Israel needs to remember Rabin’s pre-Oslo words: “break their bones” because this is the only sort of thing these losers understand and respect.

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