France: “Extremely Far Right Extremist”-just like “Islamophobic”

Puzzled? Who wouldn’t be. The idiotic wordplay above is what ‘Socialists’ use to scare people away from those who make more sense then them.

In France, for example, it is the (hopefully losing) left wing tosser Ségolène Royal who keeps attacking her rival Nicolas Sarkozy bitterly. But lets take a closer look on what she considers ‘extremely far right extremist:’

“An example: twice — so it wasn’t a momentary lapse — he (Sarkozy) denounced the slaughter of sheep in baths by certain Muslims for the festival of Eid. That, it’s odious, it’s the vocabulary of the extreme Right.”


Did your get that? If you happen to disagree with the revolting practice of halal butchery in the bathrooms of the Banlieu’s or in Paris proper you can consider yourself an ‘Extremely Far Right Extremist”- shame on you! You must be Islamophobic!


Royal launches bitter attack on Sarkozy

By Peter Allen in Paris
From the Telegraph/UK

Ségolène Royal, the Left’s candidate for the French presidency, made her first personal attack on her bitter rival Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday, describing his views as “odious”.

Her attack came as Jean-Marie Le Pen, the far Right candidate, laid out his manifesto vowing to halt all immigration.

As she drew neck-and-neck with Mr Sarkozy in the polls, a revitalised Miss Royal was asked by Le Parisien newspaper how she judged him.

Refusing even to use his name, she replied: “I don’t judge the man. The candidate, him, he’s extremely Right-wing.

“An example: twice — so it wasn’t a momentary lapse — he denounced the slaughter of sheep in baths by certain Muslims for the festival of Eid. That, it’s odious, it’s the vocabulary of the extreme Right.”

Until now both candidates have refrained from personal references, but Miss Royal’s words will undoubtedly strike a chord with the notoriously combative Mr Sarkozy.

France is home to some five million Muslims — the largest population in western Europe — and, following riots in suburban housing projects dominated by immigrant youths in late 2005, Islamic integration is expected to dominate this year’s elections.

While Miss Royal has pledged to finance job creation schemes in underprivileged satellite towns, Mr Sarkozy has displayed a less sensitive approach.

As well as calling on Muslims not to slaughter animals at home, he has been criticised for referring to rioters by their race, calling them “scum” who should be washed away with a “power hose”.

At a rally in Lille, northern France, yesterday, Mr Le Pen described immigration as “the major cause of the overall impoverishment” of the French people. He called for “strict immigration controls and the return of illegal immigrants to their countries”.

Mr Le Pen, 78, said the next president must heed the “Non” verdict of the 2005 referendum in which French voters rejected an EU constitution.

A poll published in the Journal du Dimanche yesterday showed Miss Royal (up 2.5 points) and Mr Sarkozy (down 4 points) on 28 per cent of the vote each in the first round, scheduled for April 22. Mr Le Pen stood at 11.5 per cent, up 0.5 per cent.

8 thoughts on “France: “Extremely Far Right Extremist”-just like “Islamophobic””

  1. I suppose Royal has no problems with a little snipping of the clitoirs? If not, then let it be done to her-THAT might give this idiot something to think about regarding Islamania.

  2. Can you imagine the mess slaughtering of a goat or a sheep in a tub? The blood would be everywhere. But since it is government free housing, who cares. How far the French socialists have fallen, aren’t these people allied with the peta people? How can that be possible that they eagerly embrace their barbaric muslims and reject the peta gang? The same as rejecting freedom of speech when it comes to Muslim sensitivity? I hope Sarkozy wins. Royal would be a royal disaster.

  3. If this idiot wins this election, it will become a blueprint for what happens when western countries freely let muslims enter & give them democratic rights. If they don’t win with jihad (which they won’t) they will beat us at our own game – democracy via votes. The answer? Block immigration as Jean-Marie Le Pen proposes.

  4. France has a long history of committing atrocities against people it colonised, anyone remember algiers, vietnam???
    look up the number of atrocities the arrogant french committed in order to further its agenda to make money and steal resources from other countries….well guess wot…
    the french appeased hitler, and allowed hundreds of thousands of inocent french jews to be deported to their deaths, informed on resistance members ….
    The french are receiving a bit of payback for the slimy way they have harmed so many in so many ways…
    The french in their political correctness, gutless cowardice allowed people unrestricted illegal entry into their country and did not close their borders, and allowed people into france whom had only one desire- to (paybacks a bitch), and to make money, and to swamp the education welfare and economy…welfare benefits were like winning lotto for them from dark corners of tribalism and satanism….french allowed them in and now cannot get rid of them….security police cant enter huge swarthes of france – pathetic isnt it…france is all but muzzie now sucked in….french people are migrating to australia in droves to escape the muzzies…
    french are getting what all those whom are cowardly and pathetic appeasers deserve- dhimmitude and being overthrown into a muzzie euroarabian nightmare- so much for liberty egality and fraternite
    vival la suckers!!!!wheres napolean when you need him eh?
    sad thing is political correctness is destroying freedoms of speech and freedom to protest everywhere
    communistic socialistic thought police have ensured that europe is doomed to the 7th century ideology….I thinka religious crusades of islam against christianity is comihg sooner than we think

  5. That statement should backfire on her. I highly doubt that the vast majority on Frenchmen look kindly upon th slaughtering of animals in private bathtubs.

    It’s not a very sanitary procedure either.

    Most Europeans do not want the associated public health risks either.

    If this royal pain thinks she can get votes by using this type of rhetoric then she must really be desperate.

    I do think this election will be groundbreaking for all of Europe.

    It’s either back to Values of the West [Sarko] or more of the same and worse [Royal].

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