“Out of Context…”

For Keyzar Trad, Sheik Al Hilali’s spokesman, it has become a standard phrase. He is using it all the time. He has to, because we stupid Kuffars are just unable to put anything in context.

Robert Spencer on Jihad Watch ” If any of these guys ever admits to being quoted in context, I will faint dead away.”

Don’t. Stick around, Mr. Spencer!
Sheik yer-mami prefers honest Muhammedans like Sheik Omran, who clearly tell us that their religion doesn’t allow them to coexist with us, and that we’ll have to ‘ship out’ once the sons of Allah reach critical mass. But nowadays these honest hate-preachers don’t always speak out when a reporter comes with a camera, so what do you do? You go with a hidden camera and you get much better results.

Like this one: Islamic Prejudice, Islamic Denial

“No one loves the kuffaar, not a single person loves the kuffaar. We hate the kuffaar,” he said.
Usamah – who also claims women have “deficient” intellects and that gays should be “thrown from a mountain” – preaches that Britain should become an Islamic state.
And although he claims to condemn terrorism, he has predicted that “the time is fast approaching” when Muslims will win the jihad, or holy war, against non-believers.

Daniel Pipes has an interview with another hatepreacher here:

And this: Abu Usama…

7 thoughts on ““Out of Context…””

  1. Maybe I should just email you some of the stuff I get from my little network,lol? Is your email working yet?

    So much on the ‘blogs today: so little time! Blood Pressure going up, yikes!

  2. The Poms not only get beaten at cricket but they will get beaten by mussies.Their self hatred astounds me.Hasn’t any Pom read what Churchill said about mussies?
    The left have to be destroyed before they get us all killed.
    I just don’t understand the left.Don’t they realise that getting in bed with mussies will only get them killed?
    I really fear for my 5yr old sons future,if there is a future……………

  3. D.T. has it correct-the left is a big part of this whole Islamania problem. Getting rid of the lapdog enablers is an important step in dealing with the cesspoolians themselves, because it’s the lapdogs that shield them and encourage them to get out of control.

    If Islamania does capture the world the lefties will be given the usual sign of gratitude-death. They are too blind to realize that.

  4. D.T

    good to see you:)

    I agree. Sadly I think it is too late for Europe already. I went to Italy in 1996: I will never go to Europe again, not now. Not even if I win the lottery.

    The left are as loony as the “mussies” and I can visualize Julia Gillard/Hilary Clinton in a burqua just to get some temporary comic relief. Not really funny.

    I also fear for my kids although they are in their 30’s, and possible future grandchildren.

    My only hope is that no one has as yet successfully predicted the future.

    And also, since islam is so contrary to humanity, evolution, and all human instincts – meaning their love of death, matyrdom, let alone in-breeding – I can only hope all their evil will come back to bit them where it hurts most; and really HARD!!
    The situation in the “disputed territories” is a start. Sunni versus Shi’ite also.
    Maybe I am too much of an optimist?

  5. “There is none so blind as those who will not see”.

    It is better to be anti- American, anti-Howard than to face the reality we are facing now. Poor sense of priorities.

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