“Oops! Premature Shahidification!”

Caroline from Jihad Watch coined a new word:

* Premature Shahidification’- Spot ON!

From Al Bebeceera


‘Explosion kills two in Pakistan’

Police in Pakistan say two people have been killed in the province of Punjab after the bomb they were carrying on a bicycle accidentally exploded.
Police say they hit a road bump on the outskirts of a town in the province.

Deputy Superintendent Bashir Ahmed said they did not know whether the two men intended to plant the explosives or to carry out a suicide attack.

Correspondents say Pakistan has suffered a series of suicide attacks in recent weeks.

The two men died near Chichawatni, 120km (75 miles) north of Multan.

There is speculation that there were intending to detonate the bomb at a large cattle market, which is being held in the town.

Lets hope Pakistan is not running out of road-bumps anytime soon!

Well, no need to feel sorry for these two sorry-ass losers.



The actual story, the one that wasn’t reported, is right here.

And this is actually real good news:

The News You Don’t Read


Hillel Halkin – 2.22.2007
It made big headlines in Israel on Wednesday, February 21, but I don’t imagine it got more than scant attention, if that much, anywhere else.

“Police thwart major suicide attack.


Suicide Barbie Doll. Real Islamic ones are not that cute…
That’s not front-page news in America or England—unless, that is, it happened in New York or London. If it happened in Tel Aviv, you need at least a bomb going off, and preferably a death or two, for anyone elsewhere to sit up and take notice. And this explains a certain paradox: the more successful Israel’s army and security services are in preventing deadly acts of Palestinian terror against Israelis, the more the world looks upon the means of prevention as vindictive and unnecessary harassment of Palestinians on Israel’s part.

Read it all…

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  1. That Pakistan story was quite funny-I can just picture the two dopes pedaling and chatting about how many infidels their bomb would kill and how much fun this all was when it blew up. Made my day!

  2. Sheik – I’m flattered. But if you’re actually going to make a headline out of it then I would recommend, “Oops! Premature Shahidification!”

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