Abu Mazen on Wild Goose Chase…

Euro-Dhimmies still won’t pay the jiziyah, not yet…



Angela Merkle told him (to piss off) and to come back after the ‘Palestinians’ stop jihad and recognize Israel. Well, not exactly in these words, but…

France supports Abbas’ coalition plan

Well, not quite:

Palestinian unity rule ‘first step’ towards ending sanctions: Chirac

PARIS (AFP) – French President Jacques Chirac has told Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas Saturday an agreement to form a Palestinian unity government was a “first step” toward having international sanctions lifted.
By ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press Writer
PARIS – France pledged Saturday to cooperate with a coalition Palestinian government that would include the militant Hamas, in a key boost for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But Abbas’ European tour failed to make headway on resuming aid for his struggling people.


* ‘Struggle’- as in jihad, which is ‘inner struggle’- as we all know…


EU not ready to drop Palestinian gov’t boycott

Wow! Even with all their Muhammedan agents in the EU they are not caving in yet? That calls for another jihad!


AFP Photo: Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas (L) shakes hands with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana prior…


BRUSSELS (AFP) – EU policy chief Javier Solana has told Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas that Europe is not yet willing to drop its boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

“The European Union is not boycotting the Palestinian people,” he stressed Friday.

Of course not, Xavier. If they make peace with Israel and stop the jihad you would be quite willing to pay the jiziyah. But we’re not there yet, not quiet..



Four Palestinians dead in Gaza clan clash (Reuters)

Hmmm, ‘Clan clash’- that’s a new one…

Reuters – Four Palestinians were killed in clashes between rival clans in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, hospital officials said, in the most intense violence since a coalition deal was reached this month between Fatah and Hamas.

2 thoughts on “Abu Mazen on Wild Goose Chase…”

  1. Looks like another wave of terrorism will be needed in Europe to loosen those purse strings.

  2. This is the good news in the bad news. The reason that they want the palestinky Arabs to behave like peaceful folk is that not until the Arabs behave in a more orderly fashion [less Islamic] can the Eurofascists come to Israel and demand negotiations and a full-fledged PLO state with a regular UN vote. Only then can the EU come and demand Israel drive more Jews out of their homes. So as long as the Arabs are intransigent, as long as they are truly Arab, the better.

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