Andrew Bolt takes another sip of Cool Aid: Calls Muslim President ‘A brave and wise man, and worth supporting’

After heavy censorship on his blog, which makes it almost as antiseptic as an operating theater, Australia’s most outspoken ‘right wing’ journo Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun makes another attempt to put lipstick on a pig:

By Andrew Bolt

A brave and wise man, and worth supporting:

In a report to be considered by imams at a meeting this weekend, Lebanese Muslim Association President Tom Zreika likens the unpopularity of Muslims to attitudes to communists, and urges spiritual leaders to improve the image of Islam in Australia.

* The ‘image’ of Islam. That’s what concerns him. Its not what Islam does, not the worldwide atrocities daily. What bothers him is ‘the image of Islam in Australia’…

Mr Zreika says in the report, commissioned by the powerful LMA, that Australians have “had enough of us”.

* Indeed. We’ve had a gut full…

“It would be great to see a turbaned imam fighting fires alongside other bushfire service volunteers,” Mr Zreika says in the submission to the Australian National Imams Council, which will meet for its first official conference in Sydney on Sunday.

* It would be ‘great’ but we will never see that. Sheik Omran, Feiz Mohammed, Al Hilali, are you hearing your presidents call already?

“Organisations like the Surf Life Saving Association … should be joined as a matter of course by the imam and his followers.”…

* Talk is cheap. Can you imagine having sheik Hilali give you mouth to mouth?

Mr Zreika blames the bad English-language skills of some imams for poor understanding and “bitterness” towards local Muslims.

* The moment their lips move they lie, in English and in Arabic. What’s the difference?

“We have become the new communism, particularly in the West, and some people in our community are so repulsed by our actions, it is making life unbearable for us and our offspring,” he says.

Andrew sez: That’s taking responsibility. It’s just a worry that it needed saying.

* Read the comments: Nobody buys it. Andrew must be the last fool left on the planet…

Apart from GWB (couldn’t resist adding that on)

Update: Hilaly critic needs police protection

5 thoughts on “Andrew Bolt takes another sip of Cool Aid: Calls Muslim President ‘A brave and wise man, and worth supporting’”

  1. Out of all the worthwhile stories relating to islam in just the past few days AB goes for this one. Pathetic!

    Just another piece of taqquiya to keep the ignorant happy, IMHO!

    The moderators of the ‘blog said they would not publish personal ‘blog links. I also interpreted that as a form of censorship.One doesn’t have to click on a link of one doesn’t want to.

  2. Being a longtime Bolta fan – as in reading him in dead trees years and years ago and only discovering blogs through one of his columns – my first thought was “Who’s got to him?”

    Because his blog does have a particularly nasty strain of moonbats at times, he may have been told to pull his head in for a while.

    He has done it before, after all. He was the only columnist in Oz I thought would have the balls to print the motoons, but he didn’t. Instead he gave lipservice to the editor’s weaselling out of it and directed his readers to Tim Blair.

  3. Seems he has posted something today (Thursday). And lots of comments in the Forum.
    heroyalwhyness: yes that is a good one. It needs to be said frequently and by lots more people.

  4. Bolt is a dead loss, he doesn’t know jack shit about the evil ideology of Islam.

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