Beyond Bizarre: Inside North Corea

You won’t believe what you are seeing here: Authentic pictures from the socialist workers paradise where a megalomanic midget emperor rules with absolute power. Is there no way to send our own moonbats for a bit of reeducation, at least for a year or two?

3 thoughts on “Beyond Bizarre: Inside North Corea”

  1. at least they don’t believe in some make believe God or worship a paedophile like the Muslims do . Sooner or later change will come from within just like it did in Eastern Europe. Just a matter of time …

  2. That’s actually worse than the whole Islamic cult !!! Jesus Christ!!!!!!
    In the name of all that’s good in this world, this has got to stop.

  3. This is some bad and fucked up shit I have to say, I feel for the poor North Korean children that suffer the most. That little prick should be removed quickly, ya can’t have dictators like this oppressing people and making life a living hell for people. The North Korean ideology is sick and fucked up , but the Islamic ideology is the worlds undisputed worst ever worst noting will beat islam when it comes to Insanity

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