Moonbat Wankfest Downunder: ” Oh Muslim, Here Is The Jew, Come & Kill Him”


Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.’” [Hadith collected by Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177 (

Incredible Malice and Reckless Endangerment: Misrepresentations and journalistic malpractice by the Cairns Post put a man’s life in grave mortal danger:
In a rabid display of extreme left wing lunacy, a reporter for the Cairns Post accuses a well known businessman of ‘the man behind an anti-Muslim website campaign’ and puts the mans life, existence and family at risk, by naming him 5 times, listing his property holdings and businesses. The website itself was previously smeared as being a ‘hate site’

The allegations are evidently absurd: Winds of Jihad may be satirical, comical-cynical, and at times dripping with sarcasm. It focuses on the daily atrocities committed in the name of Islam, but most of all it is educational. It accurately presents unpleasant news, which rags like the Cairns Post and the MSM carefully avoid to do. But Satan hates to be mocked and ridiculed. However, what Winds of Jihad doesn’t do, is ‘vilifying individual Muslims’- it merely attacks a totalitarian belief-system that uses terror and violent jihad to conquer the world, since its inception 1400 years ago.

Winds of Jihad doesn’t incite, it doesn’t call for bloody murder, it doesn’t fly jets into buildings, it doesn’t cut off the heads of innocent hostages in front of video-cameras with rusty knives and it doesn’t engage in suicide bombing. Winds of jihad doesn’t call for Genocide and wholesale slaughter of unbelievers and Jooozzz…
Winds of Jihad doesn’t indoctrinate children to become ‘martyrs’ and to kill themselves and others for Allah…

Beheadings, suicide-bombings, killing people, that is what’s vulgar and awful. Winds of Jihad reports these things, like many other websites like it. The Cairns Post doesn’t. Neither does the mainstream media.

Hundreds of websites spring up everyday by organizations and individuals who are fed up with the lies and the distortions of the mainstream media. They want to know the truth. They learn what the Gavin King’s refuse to do: To educate themselves and the public. On most of these websites you are free to comment and you can ask questions. Thank G-d for the internet.

What does the said businessman have to do with Winds of Jihad? Does he comment in the comments section? Maybe. Maybe not. Who’s business is it?

Just take a close look at Gavin Kings smear: ‘Businessman who owns an expansive (?) house in ***** Beach, several commercial properties in the CBD and a shop at the Cairns International airport’.
Sure thing Gavin: For you, a staunch member of the pink brigades THAT in itself is a crime. God bless the child that’s got his own…

A quick Google search on Gavin King confirms that the guy is the prototype of the ultra-ignorant moonbat species:

America is the enemy, Bush-Hitler /Howard Satan. Democratic society inherently evil and must be replaced with some totalitarian cult, either socialism or Islamo-fascism. Rabid anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred, is a given, is part and parcel of this mental baggage. Here we find him, the ‘embedded reporter’ trooping through a (mental) desert with some fringe ‘Christian’ anti-war wacko’s who organized a demo against security installations, they get caught, kicked out and thereby get their 2 minutes of fame, kumbayahhh….

Then we find King again with the peacenix, demonstrating against a US-navy vessel, harassing the crew over WMD… LOL

Childish nonsense. According to Gavin King, GWB is ‘worse than Saddam’… you get the drift.

In his bloody minded rage against his own culture, society and civilization this useful idiot becomes an informer for any Muslim thugs who believe they will go straight to the 72 virgins if they kill an ‘enemy of Islam’.

Gavin King cannot feign innocence or total ignorance:

He admits that he knows what a fatwa is and of course he knows about Salman Rushdie. Who doesn’t?

After 9/11, Bali 1 + 2, Beslan, Madrid, London, multiple train bombings in India and thirty (plus) jihad war’s in the world today you would think that by now even blind Freddy would know enough to smell the coffee and shy away from exposing anyone to terror and assassination.

No: Gavin King incites and encourages the soldiers of Allah to do their religious duty. Gavin King wants to see the blood in the street. For him the obsession to smear and to bring ruin to a businessman (the ideological enemy) who objects to the Islamization of Australia, is the most important thing. Nothing else matters.
Extreme malice. Reckless endangerment by a misguided fool. A despicable coward, this Gavin King.

To smear, to vilify, is the first priority here. The question of whether or not a mosque should be built in Dunn Street and how it impacts on the community is not addressed.

To question it is heresy, ‘RACISM’- what else?

But which race is Islam? Last time we checked it was an ideology, not a color.

Islam, like Socialism, Communism, Catholicism, Capitalism or Nazi-Fascism is an ideology.

A totalitarian Ideology. One that strictly divides the world in believer and unbeliever. Islam teaches that unbelievers must be forcibly converted or killed until the world is Islamic.

That is what Islam teaches.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

A longstanding member of the Cairns business community is now exposed to violent reprisals by the members of the ‘RoP’ –by a ‘useful idiot’ who, in Churchill-speak, hopes that the crocodile will eat him last.

Or could it be that Gavin King is already a ‘revert’ to Islam, one who said the ‘Shahada’ and joined up with the Islamo-fascists and now must prove his devotion to his new found religion?

Go ahead, folks: Ask Gavin King!


His e-mail is right here:

19 thoughts on “Moonbat Wankfest Downunder: ” Oh Muslim, Here Is The Jew, Come & Kill Him””

  1. What a despicable act by Gavin King, the narrow-minded, self-righteous bastard.
    He has put the lives of this man and his family at risk for the crime of reporting on the worldwide jihad.
    Gavin King, educate yourself about Islam, its history and the life and deeds of Mohammed, before you get someone killed with your irresponsible behavior.

    God forgive you if the Mohammedans do what they usually do to critics of Islam.
    You stupid, bloody moron.

  2. Gramfan

    Yes, that’s me.

    I haven’t posted anything big for a few months now. I’ve been too busy doing local stuff here where I live, the biggest of which was a look at immigration into my home town since 2001. Gave the results of that at a local political [:)] meeting. Went down a treat (well, it didn’t, but you know what I mean).

    Currently looking at the Council’s spending on “worthy” causes. This is a priority because it’s needed for electioneering – next local elections are May 3rd.

    Gandalf is the administrator for Reconquista

    We’re in a war, and the war has to be fought on many levels, one of which is propaganda. We’ll make no progress until we get our own people on-side.

    I read your comments too. We’re making progress. If you speak to ordinary folk you get an entirely different attitude from that put across by the media and politicians.

  3. Sir Henry:
    thanks for confirming, and thanks for your comments. Thanks also on the warnings for Sheik.
    I knew I had come across you before and that you had written some great posts on JWDW. I understand you are busy.

    I am a mere housewife who is fighting the mujahadeen when and how I can, which isn’t much!
    However, it s better than doing nothing whatever.Good to hear from you:)

    yes good site shame there are so many of them.

    what is happening is beyond disgusting. They have endangered you. Can you sue them? Can you expose this idiot?

    Maybe you should let many of us know what is going on.By this I mean let the word be spread all over so that our “circle of resistance” can get the word out.

    Take care Sheik:)

  4. That bastard should be thrown in jail for endangering someone’s life like that. Why isn’t doing something like that considered making terroristic threats? If it isn’t it damn well should be.

  5. Dig your heels in mate and go as hard as ever by getting pamphlets out to all and sundry, you’ve joins the likes of Nile and Hanson by calling for preventative measures. You have every right objecting to council about this eminent noise pollution coming to the neighborhood and this Gavin King, well he’s just another cowardly journalist who fishes for sardines whilst the sharks are circling…

  6. Sheik,

    News of this reporting disturbs me. Jihad watchers know the consequences of publishing the man’s name and business enterprises. Public knowledge is a direct threat to the man’s physical security and also to his property even in nations like Australia. Theo van Gogh found out in the Netherlands…

    Sheik, please communicate my empathy to the brave man and extend my best wishes for his continued health and safety. In the face of danger and threat continued counter-jihad is necessary but poses grave risks. Tell him to take protective measures. The jihadists can figure out how to hurt him or his livelihood now and they most certainly will do so.

    Sheik, please also let the gentlemen know he’s not alone. I have been trying to get a literary agent for a novel I’ve written which is critical of Islam. I’ve been rejected 100 times now and realize that I will have to self-publish and promote it myself. I’m going to do this in 2007 with full knowledge of the consequences of someone discovering my true name.

    I will protect myself as best I can, but the threat of being attacked isn’t going to stop me from getting my novel published. Some things need to be said. Freedom needs to be protected. Belief systems like Islam need to be exposed and destroyed through both words and deeds.

  7. Here is the copy of my email to that sewer rat:

    Dear Mr. Gavin King,

    I am writing to you from Denmark in order to tell you that I, with all my heart and mind, wish you a very, very long life.

    Now, please don’t misunderstand me. It is not because I like, or respect, or agree with you. Not in the least.

    In fact, I am revolted by you and despise you most profoundly for the wicked, despicable act of delivering your fellow Australian and his family to the hands of ruthless, homicidal fanatics, who already on many occasions have proved their extreme deadlines. Nothing can excuse such a wicked, vile act.

    Thinking about it, you could just as well have sent him a letter bomb.
    But you are too much of a sneaky coward to do a dangerous job yourself. No, you prefer to destroy a man and ruin his life without risk to yourself by informing the raving, pathological murderers where to find their prey, so they can do the job you are afraid to do alone. You found a hit man ready to do the job for free!
    In fact, Al Qaeda, or some local Jihad mutant may soon pay YOU the equivalent of the 30 pieces of silver.
    And, no – I am not trying to evoke the image of that New Testament scene in order to suggest Sheik’s similarity with Jesus. Rather, I am pointing towards your perfect likeness to Judas. Or to the bunch of informers tipping the Gestapo where to find the resistance men.

    Well, while Judas had the minimum of conscience and shame to hang himself, our (European) traitors enjoyed the profits gained through their betrayal until the end of the war. You see, they bet on Hitler as a winner. Just as you are betting on Islam to win over the West thus securing your and your descendants’ career in the Islamic Republic of Australia.

    And that brings us to the beginning of my letter.

    Really, why should I wish a long life to a detestable scumbag like you?

    Well, the reason is that I hope there still is a chance that the West will wake up and realize that we are in the middle of war thrust upon us by Islam and, unless we strike back, our civilization, our wonderful freedom and everything we love and cherish grounded in that freedom will be destroyed.

    Perhaps the future will show I was deluded, and the silly, confused, castrated by its “intellectual” “moral” elites West will enter a long night of dhimmitude.

    BUT it may also be that the West may insist on go on living the way we love to live, meet the Jihad face to face and break its neck. It may take some time, nobody knows how long, but it just may happen. It is with the thought of that possibility, however remote in time, that I want you to be around when the war is won by us.

    As you know, when a war is over and the country is liberated an important part of the victory celebration is getting the Quislings – people like yourself. And, according to the tradition of the given land, have them hanged, shot, or tarred and feathered. Whatever.

    Really, may you live a 150 years if it should take so long for the victory to arrive.

    They say everyone should be entitled to a 15 minutes of fame. In my, and many other simple folk opinion, you have, through your despicable act, earned an eternity of infamy. Just like Judas and Quisling and his ilk.

    Your name is already being mentioned on many blogs around the globe and I will do my best to ensure that it may not be forgotten until the reckoning day.

    One thing more. I forwarded the details of your act to my acquaintance here in Denmark who incidentally happens to be of a multiculturalist persuasion. I asked what he thinks of the morality of your act. He replied with a resounding; “ the man is a moral spittoon!”

    So, in the spirit and appreciation of the aptness of his observation I will bid you farewell by spitting you in the face a million times.

    Christian West

  8. What a right bastard king is, I don’t believe he is a moron I believe that sick bastard knows exactly what he is doing, this depraved fuckwit wants to so sir up some serious trouble and to see this man or his family and friends killed. This man should be arrested straight away for deliberately putting this mans life very great danger. I hate them stupid brain dead Mohammedan terrorist sympathizers George Galloway is an other brain dead bastard I hate very much..

    A interesting and funny video about a Mohammedan terrorist sympathizer and Jew hater, pig Galloway video, a must see!

  9. Christian West:

    The Quislings, the collaborators, the enablers, the informers. Oh boy oh boy oh boy I’m going to enjoy that.

    Seems we will have an after-olympics use for that waste-of-money stadium they’re going to build in London … maybe the Taliban did have a useful idea or two after all. Only need to adapt the ideas for our own purposes.

    Hope I live long enough to see it. Hope I’m still in good enough nick by then to participate.

  10. Sir Henry;

    I do hope you will have the opportunity to watch that time-honoured sport event on the stadium of yours. Denmark doesn’t have such an impressive site like you do, but having a much smaller population we also have less traitors, so we will have to manage with a few good old street lanterns.

    And yes, please do stay fit to be able to participate. One more reason to eat healthfull food and excercise!

  11. It’s scary to think we’re not allowed to state objective truth any more. Islam must be revered and treated as the “Religion of Peace”, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    I suspect Gavin King is scared, as anyone who has made even a cursory study of Islam would be, of this bloodsthirsty barbaric ideology, and reacts to his fear by siding with the barbarians. Initially it seems safer to do that than oppose them and risk violence. However, history has shown us that appeasement is never the right choice because it emboldens the barbarian. We really only have one choice: to confront manifestations of Islam whenver theyappear, until they realise they will get nowhere and no special privileges, but will be treated like everyone else in Australia.

    If they don’t like it, there are lots of Islamic countries which openly discriminat e in favour of Muslims

  12. Cassandra,

    I think you are wrong thinking G. King that the motivation behind G. King abominable act is fear of “that bloodthirsty ideology”. You are giving a completely undeserved credit to that abominable person.

    During the Nazi occupation of Europe the fear of Gestapo was shared by practically everybody. Yet it was only a very few who would actually actively try to destroy their fellow country men by turning them over to the enemy. They did it out of ideological conviction, opportunism, cynicism, material gain or the combination of all the above. Certainly not out of fear. The same was true in the Communist Eastern Europe.

    If G. King is scared of Islam he could write on a million, other than Islam, subjects, run a pizza parlour, or try creative crocheting. There is no end of career opportunities for an able young man to pursue. But he enthusiastically, openly and out of free will informed Islamic Gestapo on whereabouts of a resistance man. He did not have to do that. He VOLUNTEERED in the service of the enemy just like those Danish men who joined “SS Viking” during the war. You certainly don’t think they did it out of fear.
    Mr. King is an idealist – just like the multitude of Nazi and Bolshevik followers of the ideas proposed by Hitler and Lenin. He is a TOTALITARIAN adherent to the multicultural creed.
    Being a totalitarian he would destroy anything and remove anybody opposing his messianic vision. That is why he hates the West and wants to silence those who fight for its survival. He recognizes that Islam has the same objectives and, quite correctly, sees in it the natural, albeit short term, ally. But he figures that short term ally is better than no ally at all.

    He may, or may not realize that an Islamic Australia will be anything but multicultural. If he doesn’t then he is a moron. If he does, then he, like so many of the leftist maniacs before him, figured that massive Islamic immigration will destabilize the West to the point where it can offer no resistance not only to Islam, but to his own multiculti creed. He may also see that at that point his multiculti idealists may have to compete with Islam for power, but he is too stupid to see that in that competition the multiculti flock has no chance against the Sharia boys.

    No Cassandra; when you are suggesting that G. King did what he did out of fear you are suggesting incorrect and completely inapplicable to G. King’s crime mitigating circumstances.

    G. King has opted for treason not out of fear, but out of a total identification with an idea and fanatical hatred of those who oppose it.
    A fascist is a fascist is a fascist.

  13. I just read again the main posting and discovered that ludicrous line:
    “Islam, like Socialism, Catholicism, Capitalism or Nazism is an ideology.”

    ???…Who wrote that nonsens?

    Is capitalism an ideology? Since when? Capitalism was around long before the concept of ideology was even developed.

    And whoever places Catholic “ideology” next to Socialism or Nazism doesn’t know what he is talking about.
    Well, goodbye Winds of Jihad.

  14. To:

    Subject: Your comment

    I just read again the main posting and discovered that ludicrous line:
    “Islam, like Socialism, Catholicism, Capitalism or Nazism is an ideology.”

    ???…Who wrote that nonsense?

    Christan West:

    Your comment is appreciated. Your e-mail bounced back. Indeed an unfortunate construct to name Catholicism in one sentence with Islam or communism. You are quite right. It was not meant to hurt your feelings. However, the Christian religion is also an ideology. Or how would you describe ‘turn the other cheek?’ In more ways than one similar to Ghandhi-ism, inventor of the peaceful civil disobedience and non-violence movement.

    Many Jews view of Ghandi are influenced by George Orwell caricature of him:

    …Gandhi’s view was that the German Jews ought to commit collective suicide, which “would have aroused the world and the people of Germany to Hitler’s violence.” After the war he justified himself: the Jews had been killed anyway, and might as well have died significantly.”

    Some Jews go beyond Orwell and call Ghandi an anti-Jewish Nazi sympathizer. Orwell just thought him stupidly naive.

  15. I hope G. King, is reading this site.
    If anything happens to the parties he mentioned I would hold him personally responsible.

    If he feels this way about islam maybe his next target will be Pauline Hanson?
    This “journo” hasn’t a clue. He is obviously not interested in the future of Australia or any western values.

  16. Sheik,

    Thank you for your kind response and assurance the sentence was not meant to hurt my feelings. I never thought so in the first place, so I wasn’t really hurt.

    I think you are mistaken about Christianity as an ideology.
    An ideology is not just a set of ideas. If it were so then every religion, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Taoism…and indeed every collection of moral concepts and injunctions, including the Ten Commandments, would be an ideology. In fact, the term “ideology” would become almost meaningless.

    What makes a set of (usually philosophical) ideas an ideology is when it actively seeks to transform the existing social, economical, political structure of a land and its institutions to become the tightly coordinated parts of an apparatus that implements these ideas in every aspect of the social life while removing ideas and ideals it deems incompatible with its vision.
    To accomplish that an ideology needs to acquire a total control over institutions and the population of the land. In short it becomes totalitarian – with all its unpleasant implications. In fact it must become totalitarian for its survival.

    It is very important to realize that it imposes its vision “from above”, which means it changes, often violently, the social structure, order and rules of the society and presents the bewildered population with the “fait accompli”. The average member of society had never anything to do with the change and in most cases, but not always, did not welcome it. He will have to adapt. Period.

    But Christianity’s growth was “from below”, so to speak. Its injunctions, including the “turn the other cheek” were, like each one of the “Big Ten”, always personal. It never presented a blueprint of a social structure with institutions enforcing and inspecting “cheek turning” or “enemy loving” duties. Whatever Moses, or Jesus insisted on was always; Thou shall, or Thou shall not. It was personal not only because it was addressed to a person, but because it was only concerned with inter-personal relation. Of course, it was only natural that when enough people take such commandments to their hearts, live and die for them, pass them on, sometimes betray them, sometime rediscover them, they will eventually and over the ages build that unique civilization called the West.

    Another thing that makes Christianity so starkly contrasting with “ideologies” and Islam is its acknowledging the division between the religious and secular life. Give God what is God’s and Caesar…etc. This may have been many times ignored and violated, but it always stubbornly surfaced again and again, often at the expense of the power of the church. That “duality” created the unique for the Christianity “creative tension” that, to my mind, made the West develop and grow in arts, science, technology, economy to the degree no other civilization, or ideology could possibly attain.

    Islam, like Nazism or Communism, doesn’t differentiate between secular and religious. In Islam secular must submit to god’s laws while under the Communism and Nazism it is the other way round. The goal of all three is to convert “from above” and by ANY means the rest of the globe to comply with their respective truths. While that “dreadful trio” aims at changing the heart of man by altering his world, Christianity changed the world of man by altering his heart and mind.

    And it is true that Gandhi was a highly controversial person. In some ways a visionary and in some ways a perfect idiot. Whatever.
    He may have proposed a certain doctrine, or rather strategy (of civil disobedience) to deal with a particular situation, but he never presented a comprehensive ideology.
    Again, he was a leader of a mass movement to achieve a definite political objectives. That was not what Jesus was busy with. Although both insisted on “no violence” that similarity was only incidental.

    I think I got carried away too much. Excuse me. I hope you had the patience to read that to the end.

    Best regards

    You said “the email bounced”. That is strange. I sent an email to myself in order to check and it worked OK.

  17. Hi Sheik,

    I have just sent the following email to Gavin King. I wish you all the best and may God protect you from Islamic scum and leftist moonbats.

    Tim Burton

    Dear Mr King,

    I have read with increasing disbelief the story of how you exposed someone who dares to tell the truth about the growing menace of Islam to the danger of assassination. I cannot believe that someone in your position who presumably professes journalistic integrity would stoop so low.

    I don’t expect a response from you but I do think you should re-evaluate your chosen career. You are clearly not cut out to be a responsible journalist.

    For your information the menace that Islam poses is real and it is growing daily. It is a malevolent cancer on society and on the world, and if it is not suppressed it will consume us all. And that includes you and your family and any descendants you may have. Someone has to take a stand and speak out against it.

    So maybe the crocodile will eat you last. I hope that gives you some small measure of satisfaction.

    Tim Burton

    PS here is an idea for a T-shirt.
    Because the Devil
    hates to be mocked

    Tim Burton

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