King Quisling knows Best: IT’S US! We are “Blogging Off to Hatred”

The latest from Cairns very own expert on Islam: Gavin Kingimg0921.jpg

Nobody likes a traitor.

The ‘King’ doesn’t like the nasty feedback he got from bloggers all over the world. He wants to be loved for being ‘Wanker of the Week’.

In a lukewarm follow-up to this he tells us that WE ARE THE PROBLEM:

We are “Blogging off to hatred:”

‘These-Anglo warriors whip each other up into a frenzy of fear and hysteria, not realizing they are engaging in the same kind of narrow minded extremist discourse they accuse their Islamic enemies of. The reality is very different’- of course….

Gavin King doesn’t like to be spat upon.

Isn’t it better to be spat upon than firebombed or assassinated Gavin?

Live with it. Its better than a beheading or being shot and stabbed in the street like Theo Van Gogh. Its better than living in hiding like Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Aly Hirsi or Geert Wilders.

Lest we forget: This is the same Gavin King, extreme left-wing Cairns Post fly-by night reporter, the same guy who is in bed with THIS, who assured a Cairns businessman that his privacy would be respected, only to name him five times (!) and smearing him in his fish-wrap as ‘the man behind Sheik yer’mami’ , listing his possessions and business including his residence in clear violation of any journalistic ethics and morals. Now he whines and tells us that ‘Blogging off to hatred will not achieve anything and makes us just like them’…


The ‘tiny minority of extremists’ must be laughing their asses off over useful idiots like that.

More later!



What we are missing is anything about the proposed mosque. What happened to that story? Who will finance it? Is the money coming from Saudi Arabia? What will they teach & preach there? Will it be the Wahabite variety?

Questions, questions. But don’t wait for Gavin King. Very unlikely that he will give you the answers…


The murder of Theo Van Gogh didn’t deter Gavin King from from instigating the RoP members to do what they must: To kill the critics of their cult. King projects his hatred, his anti-semitism onto his own society and culture like a proper Nazi-denunciant. What amazes is that he seems to be too dumb or ignorant to even feel shame about it.


In the words of Winston Churchill:

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you with only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is not hope of victory at all, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

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  1. Oh great. Seems Gavin has been busy again.

    Doesn’t he get it yet that his biggest mistake was deceiving you, lying to you and putting your family at enormous risks?

    What kind of “clear thinking” is this for a journalist?

    I hope he does a little more research into islam: it wouldn’t hurt to know what he is actually pretending to know about!

  2. If there ever comes a time when people throughout the world finally have had enough of Islamania and rise up against it with violent action the pigs like this Gavin King piece of crap MUST be dealt with first, ahead of the actual jihadists. The treatment Mussolini got in the end is too good for the likes of such traitorous scum.

    Journalism might have been a noble profession in the distant past but nowadays it attracts nothing but pond scum-creating “news” out of thin air, openly siding with the enemy and endangering people who merely tell it like it is. Religion is no longer the last refuge of scoundrels-journalism is.

  3. What a hugh piece of shit this guy is, I can only
    hope that he reeps what he sews.

  4. Gavin King needs to read the koran, and visit the sowdis. let him see where the money is coming from, what kind of cult he is giving a free pass to. traitors within our midst! hope he gets more emails from free thinking people!

  5. King is a first prize wanker, and he got the extra large wanker crown for first prize wanker award, king is a very dirty bastard. That wanker should have been arrested and fired from his job. I think king done it deliberately to stir up shit, he is definitely an islamo sympathizer and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a secret Muslim convert or potential convert.

    What I call king.

    King wanker, King of the wankers, King Pig shit heap, King Bastard, King Stupidity, King super wanker.

  6. This reporter is correct about you and your cazies follower that fear without reason First I was taught the basic about Islam and other religious belief in Hight School World History Regeant class by than treacher who visit the middle east. Sadly in americian school they no longer treach world history or anything about over cultures. I frind 99.99% of the muslim I meet are peaceful friendly type of people so I became than Muslim after 9-11 an before the illegality invasion of Iraq by Big Bully Boy Bush and very Little Bully Boy Howard. I know that you in your hately way delete this post. I will be 57 year old this year and I was 17 year old in 10th grade.

  7. Brian, you may have been taught some version of history, but your grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired.

    And as a muslim convert, I’m sure that you are fine with the idea of beating your wife. How does she feel about that concept?

    Aside from that, Gavin King broke his word. From where I sit, neither he nor his editor can be trusted, as he editor has allowed this to continue.

  8. Brian C. Hoff –

    A 57 year old should know better than to become a muslim. You poor fool.

  9. Brian C. Hoff:

    Most men make those sort of decisions when they are in their mid 20s. So you must be a fool or a liar, but only you know which you truly are. But now that you have defended this Wanker I am sure you will not mind if we watch and see if anything happens to him. So go ahead a post your address and we will all know who to go to later. C’mon, show the courage of your convictions.

  10. This monkey King is self-hating human garbage. What he deserves is for someone to get a photo cropped up of him tearing up or pissing on a Koran, then put it all over the web and send photos to the Mosques and Jihadists in his country and then around the world. Maybe I dreamed it, or maybe I heard somewhere that once when drunk Gavin King called MuhamMAD a pervert, a pedophile and a terrorist, and that Australian Imams were rapists of young girls and that most tended to be gay or bi. Well, at least he speaks the truth when he’s drunk.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    admire dhimmidiots

    hug a terrorist today
    for they all just want peace

  11. Btw, from the look of his writing ability, command of the English language, and general usage of common responses from Islamist apologists, I would bet that the aforementioned ‘Brian C. Hoff’ is actually a Jihadist or a sympathizer from the MidEast, he’s not originally from an English speaking country. Brian Hoff, you monkey, we’re on to you.

    Oh yeah, thanks for contributing to the great tune ‘Winds of Jihad’ – LISTEN TO THIS EVERYBODY!

    God bless you and stay safe!

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    infidel bloggers

    getting truth out makes him mad
    keep the people in the dark

  12. Brian Hoff?


    He is as Brian as my Labrador is a parakeet.

    Really, I assume that an 57 years old Australian, especially someone called Brian, should be able to utter at least one short English sentence, however idiotic, in …well…in English, or some approximation of English.

    Of course, there is a chance that Brian is a seriously retarded individual – (which could explain his embracing Islam at the ripe age of 57) and being as obtuse as he is it took him almost a life time to identify a religion where stupidity of the followers is not only welcome, but absolutely essential to the survival of the religion. He found Islam and Islam found him, what a perfect match!

    Another possibility is that the very act of conversion to Islam adversely effects brain’s cognitive faculties, attacks its centers of writing and speech so, if Brian once was just plain stupid, the conversion made him into a first rate, complete imbecile.

    But it may also be that Brian is anything but Brian and most possibly a Mohammed, Abdullah, Aisha, Gorilla, Fatima, Azziz, Osama, Rectummallah…

    If anyone of the bloggers can think of some other explanation for the striking dissonance between Brian’s English/Irish name and his atrocious English please do share it with the rest of us.

  13. Gavin King will live to regret this – of that I am sure.

    Somewhat off topic –

    If you have a few minutes to spare . . .this is a very enlightening lecture:

    You can listen to Evan Sayet deliver this lecture at this link:
    Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals “Think”

    It is a keeper.

  14. heroyalwhyness:

    I had a look at that link. Now I get it . The US actually invaded Iraq for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. LOL. I loved the bit too where Sayet bags the UN – the favourite pastime for the right wing looneys since the US’s illegal invasion of Iraq. His speech well and truly exposed how pathetic the right’s “black and white” narrowminded view of the world is.

  15. “His speech well and truly exposed how pathetic the right’s “black and white” narrowminded view of the world is. ”

    That should read:

    “Atheist well and truly exposed how pathetic the left’s “black and white” narrowminded view of the world is. ”

    He confrims it every time he posts.He can’t think for himself: he bags anything he perceives to be “ring wing” which in fact many times it is just plain commonsense.

  16. “the US’s illegal invasion of Iraq”. What law is this? In order to be illegal there must be some law that is broken. The Congress and the Prez voted for the war, so that makes it legal under the America First policy. We elect our people to look after the USA first! We don’t elect them to look after you. If you think we are in the wrong, sue us! Otherwise, shut the hell up. Saying that the war was ‘illegal’ makes you look a ill informed, and a tad ignorant.

  17. Gramfan;

    “he can’t think for himself”.

    Yes, he can!
    Have you already forgotten his claiming “intellectual superiority” (shared with Einstein) by virtue of his being an atheist? Now, to whom, but himself would such a thought occur? Let’s be fair; it was entirely his own thought!
    I am sure the bulk of the atheist, especially the bright ones would rather have him among the theists! It is nice to see they are stuck with him. Serves them right!

    About his most recent contribution;
    A few things are more ridiculous then a twaddle of someone whose intellectual horizon stops at the left-right duality and whose argumentative prowess boils down to robotic incantation of a few discarded, shabby slogans when he talks of other’s “black and white narrow minded view of the world”.
    Atheist is obviously too dense to realize how laughable he is attempting to criticise others for something which is his own unmistakable hallmark.

    But, as said before, the guy exhibits intellectual subtlety of pork chop.

  18. Quadolama,

    “If you think we are in the wrong, sue us! Otherwise, shut the hell up.”


    Atheist thinks that the UN has some kind of moral authority that allows it to judge the legitimacy of the USA actions.
    From where does an organization comprising in 90% by representatives of the most corrupted, bankrupt, fascist and mostly Moslem regimes whose very existence depends on American taxpayers derives such authority?
    If, as many hope for, one day the Yanks should tire of feeding that bunch of knaves the UN will fall apart in a matter of hours. Let the bums reassemble in Ryad, Cairo, or Paris. Let’s see what a UN can do without the US.

  19. Christian West:
    Good stuff as always.

    But to put Einstein in the same sentence as our “Atheist” is sacrilege!
    I fear we have offended Einstein’s!

  20. Of course!

    But that was never the main point of my postings.

    The main point was, and still is, that regardless whether Einstein was, or was not, an atheist you are a cretin.

    BTW, are you a masochist?

  21. the posting above was an answer to Atheist question whether I still believe Einstein was not an atheist

  22. Gramfan,

    Yes it is sacrilege, I agree.
    But I count as much on Einstein’s indulgence as on his well documented impatience with pompous fools. So, I think we are forgiven.

  23. I was born with than brain damage speech center but the Regeant High school degree is the hightest Hight School dregree grant in NY State in America. I got than 98 in world history. I put off not convert to Islam to avoid hurting my mother feeling. Islam doesnot allow wife beating this is than lie spead by hate monger like Robert Spenser. In fact Arab woman will not toleat than wife breater and beating your wife is ground for than muslim woman to ask for divorse from her hushand. In El Paso Texas many of the people are starting to say that invade Iraq was than major mistake. Iraq wasnot behind 9-11 or have WMD. CAIR is than good orginate they have no trie to terrorist and the HolyLand Found have no tries to terrorist so that Jewist Senator must either apholise or be remove from the Senate.

  24. So you are brain damaged, that would explain your conversion to islam. Well El estúpido, again you miss the point of going to Iraq. The purpose in going there was to fight islam there and not here. See? It’s working, it was a great idea!

  25. CW :))))

    Quadolama IMHO, and I repeat, only IMHO those WMD’s are in Syria.

    I say this because many chemical suits were found in Iraq after the invasion and I wonder why Saddam needed them? Maybe we will find out one day?

    Having said that I am now wondering if the troops should be brought back to fight on our homeland soils because it seems to me this could well be more important. Perhaps the Sunnis and the Shi’ites should “take care” of themselves?

  26. Chemical suit arenot proof of chemical weapon and chemical weapon are not WMD like bio or nuclear weapon. Many military and police and fire units have them in case of chemicial fire of accient. In my youth I was helping than chemicity treacher one saturday when showing some emerald school student than science show and lad workshop. I was sent to get new steel wool from the storage room I return with the steel wool corrupty and ihe said he want the new steel wool and I said this is the new steel wood so he went with me in the storage room he saw the old steel wool all rust in one place and the new steel wool that came in the day before all greenish in color in one place. Then he saw the choline gas tank with than small opening getting larger. The acting
    schooling master refuse to evalutlate the building so I went other to fire alarm and pull the level drown. I have to wear than cloth gasmach soak in two chemicial which arenot good for you either pushing the tank on a cert with than maintian man. The acting schoolmaster said I would be arrest for setting the fire alarm off. When the police and fire department arrive and the fireman wearing chemical warfare suits took the tank from me with than man from the chemicial supply company also wearing than chemical warfare suit. The acting school master pointing me out to the police liefent so he can arrest me for pulling the fire alarm instead the police lief said may be you should be arrest fornot evalution the building. When the school master got back he have than few words to say to the acting school master.

  27. Brian C. Hoff: You are a lier sir. You have never attended school in the USA. You are uncovered! (meat)

  28. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!! (tears dropping on the keyboard).

    You guys are really cracking me up today,lol! Especially Quadolama!

    Brian C. Hoff – sorry. I had trouble understanding most of that last post.

    And I repeat: IMHO! The proof may be found one day,,probably in Syria.
    And FYI WMD can be chemical, biological, nuclear – whatever. Like fertilizer, peroxide etc.
    A suicide belt is a WMD as far as I am concerned. Perhaps you know of a few more? Do tell.

  29. Brian C. Hoff:

    Stick around!

    We gonna have a lot of fun!

    But tell me, aren’t you the guy who used to post as ‘Defender of Islam’ on Jihad Watch?

    Somehow I recognize the dialect…

  30. Brian C. Hoff & atheist

    The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Psychotronic Moonbat Hammer
    This message is to inform you that a VRWC Psychotronics Mind Technician has connected with your subconscious. We have detected alarmingly high levels of Pathalogical Paranoid Thinking (PPT). If you would like to seek treatment for your condition you are most welcome to communicate in a non-argumentative, polite and honest manner. If you are unwilling to communicate in a non-argumentative, polite and honest manner, a Special Psychotronics Operative (MIB) may be assigned to modify your thoughts. If you persist in this behavior for a prolonged period of time, your condition may become irreversible. (like my raincoat). However, you may be eligible for a Ba.Sci-Fi. In the interests of the Rovian Empire (and public safety) the VRWC will continue monitoring your subconscious in the hope that you will not become a danger to yourself and those around you. We suggest you seek immediate professional treatment. (and if you have patience, seek a Jedi Master named Yoda.)
    Whatever you are thinking, superior minds already know.
    Promoting a united anti-conspiracy alliance of independant thinkers. For the study and advocacy of; honesty, integrity, accountability and balance in the Print and Online Media. Say “PROVE IT!” to Conspiracy Theory “Drug Pushers”!
    The VRWC Tin-Foil Award for Conspiracy Junkies. Viva la Echelon! VRWC Otdel agitatsii i propagandy.

    Ex-KGB Agent Gen. Boris Ratnikov Interviewed – News Article
    RIA Novosti December 2006 Ex-agent reveals KGB mind control

    AIA – KGB connection to the mind of Madeleine Albright
    …pathological hatred of Slavs discovered!

  31. Yo Sheik,

    This King person needs to be exposed on the world stage. Elric 66 over at Dhimmi Watch had an excellent suggestion. By all means contact Fox News.

    Hope you and yours are well. I know it may be difficult but do try to keep your chin up while keeping your head down.

    If there’s anything ye olde Beastie can do, let me know.

  32. Let me get this right. This idiot reporter not only gave out Sheik Yer’Mami’s real identity, but also gave the location of his home and that of his business properties? King’s a journo – he knows how these thugs react to any criticism. It seems to me that by providing such unusually detailed information he is actively inviting Muslims to carry out intimidation or attacks.

    If any such events occur – and I pray that they don’t – then I hope that the Sheik can find a good lawyer and sue the arse off this creep’s newspaper. Doesn’t Australia have a privacy law, or a newspaper Code of Practice?

    I found the Cairns Post website, and read King’s original May 8th article. In it, he complains that the Winds of Jihad site: “also urges opponents of a mosque being built at 31 Dunn St, opposite the Pioneer cemetery, to launch a public campaign against the development.”

    Have I missed something? Are public campaigns no longer legal in Oz? Has Australia turned into dhimmi Europe?

    To the Sheik I offer best wishes and encouragement – keep battling away, mate. Publicise this outrage as widely as possible. To Gavin King… all I hope is one day that you or a member of your family experiences the reality of Islamic tolerance for the non-believer. Let’s see how you feel then…

  33. Sheik, this situation is a disgrace. Every right-minded (not right-wing minded) person supports you 100%.

  34. This is the email I just sent to Gavin King:

    Mr. King,

    It is 1893, in the southern US. Lynchings against blacks are common. Lynchings against blacks who stand up for their rights and dignity are common. The KKK has spread a pall of fear over the south, not just over blacks, but over anyone who would dare support their right to equality under the law.

    There is a man, a black man, who prints a small single sheet newspaper fighting against this situation, a newspaper that prints stories of injustices commited against blacks, makes links between certain government officials and this secret “unofficial” government of the KKK. It has a large readership among blacks, even among a few sympathetic whites.

    You are a reporter. You write a story about this man, identifying him by name, giving the location of his shop, where he works, everything.

    Because of this, he might be visited by hooded figures in the night.

    Do you call yourself a journalist, or an assassin? Or an instrument of assassins?


  35. Quadolama I was born in USA and educateb in public school before they went down the tude. Visit the Islamist School in El Paso today pre k to 4th grades 35 kids and 4 treacher today the kids are getting than good basic educration without the supid quais-legal public school heading when than kid does than minor rules breaking act like talking out of turn. Than prime explame was New York City Public School was ready to suspence than 5 year old boy for one year for kissing than 6 year old girls who wanted to be kiss. When it was reported around the world it make the School system look supid. Some of the far out woman liber where happy that than boy was caught and being purminent for kissing than girl who want to be kiss. Finaly the New York Chancellor of Educrate forced the City School Board to ended the suspence and remove it from the boy permanent record or he will remove the member of the school board from office which very rarely happen but can be done. Since the parent are paying for this the parent have than interested in makeing the kids behavor in class.

  36. Brian C. Hoff:
    Bullshit Brian, you’re a lying dog! Not one of your ignorant expressions is related to the US. NOT ONE! We don’t now, nor have we ever, had a school head master. And that’s only one of your false claims. You are not from the USA, nor did you ever attend school here in the USA.
    But just to give you a head start, why dont you tell us your address in the US? You have mentioned a madrases in El Paso, and that is your second reference to El Paso, so I take it you live there now, or have an Islamite friend there. As for me, I live in Rolla Missouri, at 1103 Oak st, and I pray every day for a visit from an Islamite. But as I belong to the true religion, the Callipygian Faith, we seldom have our prayers or supplications answered. But we are the true religion of piece. Up the Callipygians!

  37. C’mon there Brian C. Hoff, post your address so you and I can sit down and talk face to face, down there in El Paso.

  38. Dear Shiek yer’mami,

    Its been a long time since you and I have chatted, hope you recall who I am. Just came to know about what happened since I have surfed the sites in a while. Sorry to hear about the ruckus and this idiotic reporter who caused it all. If he thinks Islam is so peaceful then why doesn’t he leave the troubled west and live in the North West Frontier with his peaceful Islamists.

    Anyways, you are in my prayers.

    Take care my friend,


    Ayo Gorkhali!!!

  39. Hope you are bearing up well, Sheik.

    This act by this reporter is a serious harm to Sheik Yer’mami as well as to other bloggers and harms the public. Each of these harms is significant and important.

    The revealing of a person’s identity who has commented on Islam is a change of state for the individual. They now have to consider that they are a potential target. Some people receive government protection when this happens. The newspaper acted in such a way as to try to block the object of their publication from receiving such protection.

    The newspaper’s actions imply to any law enforcement officer who gives protection to the target of the newspaper that they will be subject to attack and they too may be revealed and made a target.

    This suggests a pattern of activity to deny the target their civil rights. Damages to the victim include acting to deny them equal protection of the laws, not just putting them at risk from jihadis. There is an attempt to make their target an outlaw in the sense that any jihadi can harm them without the police providing protection prior to receiving the harm.

    The paper needs to print an appeal to law enforcement to provide protection to their target as an act required of them to mitigate damages. The newspaper has a positive duty to mitigate damages from its actions. Their damage includes intimidating law enforcement from providing protection. Only publication can remedy that implied threat to law enforcement to provide protection of the laws to Sheik Yer’mami and others including his family.

    Failure to mitigate damages can be admitted as evidence of intentional malice. It can also be used as evidence of conspiracy. The finder of fact may conclude based on this evidence alone both malice and conspiracy. This is particularly when it occurs over a period of time with written notice on the internet of the dangers and harms the newspaper has subjected its target to.

    Good luck.

  40. When a legal entity engages in illegal activity or to subject targets to potential physical danger from others, the action by itself is contrary to law. In licensing legal entities, the government licenses them only for lawful purposes. When they act for other purposes, then the actions of those involved is not an action intended by the government in licensing the legal entity.

    Thus the individuals involved in the acts are acting as separate entities in conspiracy with each other and the legal entity whose licensed purpose they are misdirecting.

  41. Damages or harm can apply based on the law of each jurisdiction where the target may receive the harm. All of them can be considered at once in any action in law or equity.

  42. Cases like Rushdie and Ali show that the harm is world wide and that changing jurisdictions will not alter the threat. Thus the newspaper has acted to harm the target in every jurisidction world wide.

  43. Harm can include physical assault, loss of business, interference with relations, etc. These can be with Muslims or non-Muslims. Any act of malice with respect to one harm can be used to infer liability for the others. This includes interfering with police protection.

    Interfering with police protection is a foreseeable harm from the nature of the newspapers publications and statements. It is certainly foreseeable after publication here. Failure to mitigate this harm after the newspaper is advised of it, can be used to indicate intent, malice and conspiracy with respect to all the harms.

  44. Sheik,
    I believe you have grounds for a lawsuit against Gavin “buttlicker of Islamists” King for malicious misrepresentation.
    Gavin should at least be tarred and feathered.
    Yours in Liberty!
    John D Infidel

  45. well, I’m busy translating this story into german so it can hit the blogs over there and contribute to the fame of King’s name..

  46. ps/ I must agree with quadolama, Brian C. Hoff is a dud, 100% –
    it’s actually past the point of funny, these vile islam-loving straightgaynazicommunists are just here to spread some taqiya and the accompanying confusion that can go with it….yak yak yak.

  47. Shiekh,

    Don’t be afraid of these Muslim dogs. They live on fear. If you’re afraid of them, they’ve already won. Stand up to them. If one of them syas something to you on the street, challenge him. Like idiot bullies, idiot Muslims usually back down.

    Also, be smart. Get a dog for your house and a gun for protection.

    Shiekh Ja-bootie

  48. Wouldn’t Kings ‘reporting’ actually be deemed to have a ‘chilling effect’ on free speech?

    Sheik, seems like this is also a civil rights violation.

  49. I love the athiests. I mean they make a religon out of not having a religon, you gotta love the irony. I don’t believe in god, but I didn’t seek an alternative religon like the Athiests seem to do. Its usually a religon of leftist hate America.

  50. Brian C Hoff you are a funny guy. Claiming to have a speach problem is classic. You may not have noticed but you are typing. I may be out on a limb here but that would not be affected by a speach problem.

  51. I heard what happened with Gavin King. It is the essence of journalistic integrity to protect your sources no matter what you may think of their opinions or activities. Moreover, even when a source is not confidential, nobody in their right mind would ever reveal that person’s home address and property holdings unless they were pertinent to the story, which, in this case, they were certainly not. That was a clear attempt on King’s part to bring some sort of retribution on you. I’m sure they have private investigators in your country. My recommendation to you is to arrange some retribution of your own. Find out if he’s cheating on his spouse, where he goes on saturday nights and then shuffle it on to places like Little Green Footballs and your own site.

    The book is open for me on whether Islam is a redeemable cultural system. It seems to me that peaceful Muslims are like medieval Catholics who supported indulgences. It’s all well and fine, but when someone comes along with a clear scriptural argument showing that the practice in question (in this case, abstaining from war against the Infidel) isn’t supported by the Holy Book, they really can’t come up with a response. If Wahabism is the Islamic equivalent of the Protestant Reformation, then the quality of the texts the religion is attempting to more faithfully observe becomes dispositive of the issue. In that case, since the Qur’an and Hadith are substantially more bellicose in disposition than the Bible, it would seem Islam doesn’t need a return to “first principles,” but instead the rise of something akin to Unitarian Universalism, which, forgive me, but I believe this is the case, doesn’t make much of the text at all in its doctrines.

  52. One of the best written articles I have found is the one from the ‘Sectarian Strand’- which aptly names Gavin King ‘Dhimmi of the Year’- although I might have preferred something stronger:

    Here it is, nice reading:

    Wednesday, March 28th, 2007…12:50 pm
    Dhimmi of the Year 2007
    Jump to Comments
    Dear Fellow Hatemongers and Anti-Moslem Fanatics,

    It is rather early in 2007 but the The Sectarian Strand Award for Dhimmi of the Year goes to Gavin King of the Cairns Post for a series of articles on an Anti-Mohammedean Blogger in Cairns.

    The first article, mentions a supposed Federal police investigation into the website Winds of Jihad by Sheik Yer’mami for the ”offensive and racist” crimes of publicising the various quirky practices of our Moslem brothers and for opposing the building of Mosque in Cairns.

    The next article, entitled “The Man behind Sheik Yer’mami”, breaks an emailed promise of anonymity and gives the Sheik’s real name, where he was born, and the location of his house and businesses – thereby putting the “Sheik’s” life and welfare at the mercy of the local Mohammedans and possibly at risk of the next outbreak of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.

    And the third and last article, rather incoherently titled “Blogging off to hatred”, makes the idiotic claim that Mohammadanism isn’t the problem – that anger is the problem. Apparently the well deserved abuse Mr King received from outraged bloggers and readers was similar to the anger felt by Islamic ”extremists” – despite the distinct lack of headchopping, suicide bombing, and death threats from anti-Moslem bloggers.

    No, the problem of Mohammedan “extremism” wouldn’t have anything to do with the clear prescriptions of violence towards unbelievers in the Koran and its long history of acting upon these prescriptions. After all, Mr King has met the leader of Cairn’s Mohammadeans and found him as “dinki-di Aussie” as himself – something which is, sadly enough, probably true.

    Where would Australia be without such insight and journalistic integrity? I know that “Sheik Yer’mami” and the rest of the population will be able to rest a lot safer knowing that such a journalist is willing to bet their lives on his incredible insight.

    Your Sincerely,
    Mild Colonial Boy, Esq.

    P.S. For more detail on the subject, Readers may like to go to Foehammer’s Anvil at here and here. The Vanishing American has his own comments to make on the situation here and here. The Illustrated P.I.G offers Gavin King his own accolade.

    P.P.S. Those wishing to extend their appreciation of Mr King’s gallant efforts may email him at:

    P.P.P.S. (01/04/07) Finally the news has hit some larger websites – Little Green Footballs and A Western Heart.

    P.P.P.P.S. (01/04/07) In a new surprising development the Australian Press Council backs Gavin King, accuses Blogger of ‘no analogous consideration for the safety of the journalist”. Apparently, the Press Council feels in that in Magical Equivalence Land that there is an equal chance of violence from anti-Mohammandean writers than there is from Muhammadeans. I know which group I would prefer to be threatened by.

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