Burkha to the Rescue:


From the Herald Tribune: 

A comment from a previous poster here on Winds of Jihad:
These muslim girls in the ‘birquini’ are they going to do mouth to mouth???

Seriously, are they going to carry a naked/half-naked person out of the water and give them mouth to mouth?

This is just propaganda. No Muslim who wants to wear the hijab, will get into that water and handle a half-naked male and give them mouth to mouth. So what is the point of all this?? It is just a propaganda stunt.

What do you think? Would you trust them to rescue you?

3 thoughts on “Burkha to the Rescue:”

  1. The Muslim women will only get the keep the look out in the watch tower job, and the men will decide who drowns or not! Anyone that drowns on that beach will be a non Muslim for sure!

  2. I am a father and grandfather an aussie battler with moari looking children and Iam absolutely disgusted with the way this country is moving. A volunteer organisation to save the lives of those whom see the beach as a cultural pasttime being hijaked by the poor me, look at me uneducated whom have nothing to do with our way of life, coming to this country and trying to change what doesnt and never has worked in their country and bringing it with them to force it on Australians. Give me a break or rather give me Pauline Hanson. These people put lives at risk. Their making it about them in stead of trying to save those from danger. The first sight of these paranoids, i wont let my kids or friends kids go to that beach. Oyeah from what i gather, the governments funding these people to do so. Something like $600,000. And Aussies have done this for the sheer joy and love of the beach and save lives at the same time while being VOLUNTEERS. This is no doubt many years of Labour and Liberals experimental multiculturalism in planing gone horribly wrong. Australia First for me. Even Fred is now seeing the take over of our country by the mislem hords. You want whats happened in Britain or France then put up their sheering shed in Cairns o sorry mosque.

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