Don’t worry: It’s okay to dislike Islam!


Not every Frenchman is quite ready to follow the frog in the picture:

There are some who understand what the Muhammedan invasion seeks to achieve and they are telling us that it is perfectly cool to dislike Islam.

Like David Thompson on the Charlie Hebdo verdict
One of the creeping, unanalyzed myths of our time is that it is somehow wrong to dislike Islam, or any part thereof, and wrong to take a dim view of its tenets and demands, and wrong to take a still dimmer view of the figure who founded it. I can practically hear the distant tutting and grunts of disapproval. Poor Islam. Poor Muslims. Their beliefs are being mocked. How hurtful. How ‘racist.’ How terribly unfair.

No. It’s not unfair at all. What’s unfair is a demand for unearned deference and a unilateral exemption from the testing of ideas. What’s unfair, indeed despicable, are efforts by Islamic groups to cow dissent and stifle criticism with a well-rehearsed pantomime of victimhood and the projection of false motives.

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